April 30, 2012

Blonde, James Blonde - Blonde is a Science - its Not Guesswork

I’m Furious w/ Gwen Stefani – James Blonde Series #5

Lately, Gwen Stefani has had commercials running swearing she lightens her hair at home with some fricken’ L’Oreal box-o-crap. There are very distinct ‘laws’ against that type of advertising in our country and the Hair business is not immune from them, I wish someone had the (b)alls to fight the ‘false advertising’ aspect. I know – that is not what she uses. She wears a wig in the commercial, and the one and only reason I care is because I want “YOU” the consumer and hair aficionado not to follow in her footsteps. If you do you will NOT end up with her hair color, I promise you. When I began this Blog 5 years ago, I had a completely different take on the whole idea of commercials – I know they are illusions – I worked on dozens of them, my daughter works on hundreds of them. But for me… 5 years later and thousands of tearful emails from you – I’ve learned my lesson to guide you more than let you think the advertisements are authentic.

Lets say we took 20 people – all 20 of them wanting Gwen’s gorgeous hair color – 19 of them will have horrific results – that 1 that is left began as a VIRGIN Level 8/9 to begin with, had NO prior color on her hair and I promise you she had the luck-of-the-Gods at her back. There is a science to the art of lightening hair, it is not guesswork, I promise every single one of you.
Normally, I would not bring the false advertising to YOU, which only gives it MORE publicity….but she herself … busted her own deception to you the unsuspecting public. Play both . . . see if you can see what I am referring to. But, PLEASE – PLEASE do not run out and purchase this product because it is on my Blog it is here to show what NOT TO DO.

In the 2nd Video, is the final commercial. It’s a wig. I’ve done commercials like this, I’ve used wigs. We all do it. I am guilty as well. I never knew what damage it was doing, until I jumped the fence, and came to the side of the consumer. I am happier here. It’s a wig. I am certain the way around the lie is:she would claim she uses the color on “her wigs”…. like so many rock stars she has an entire room devoted to her wigs/hairpieces. How do you feel about that ? ?
Remember, when someone is worth millions, the very last thing they will do is send their assistant to CVS / Target to buy a box of hair color. IT JUST NEVER HAPPENS. Please don’t fall for it. I hope to explain this week all about going Platinum – and why this could not be the case: Gwen Stefani ‘leads’ you to believe..
Many people think the Art of hair color is guesswork…I’m here to tell you: it is not. What do you think happens if a ‘virgin’ redhead, a medium blond, a light blond, a brunette, dark brown and the most common color in the world: Black haired person runs into Wal-Mart and purchases the same Platinum box hair color? Each person will have a different result…and as I said only 1 will be OK. The rest will come to this web site or the local Hair Colorist in tears looking for help in covering up the disaster. Terrible…..don’t you think?

The Science of going Blond

I know that we all wish the rules for hair coloring were : just apply and “POOF” it was the exact color you desired….but unfortunately they are not. There are a set of rules to go from point A to Point B….so choose the set that apply to YOU & never lose them.
Platinum Hair
If you have previous hair color on your hair …….you must follow 1 set of rules.
If you have previous hair color on your hair and the color is a Level 8 or lower ……. you will follow another set.
If you have previous hair color on your hair and it is a Level 8 or higher – you would follow yet another set of rules.
There are 4 classifications of lighteners:
  1. Powder Lightener
  2. Cream Lightener
  3. Oil-Bleach Kit Lightener
  4. Hair Color (Tint)
All 4 are useful for specific techniques..so one cannot say one is better than the other…that is not how it works.

Powder Lighteners are used primarily for ‘off-the-scalp’ applications – I would say right now in todays Salons across the country – is the number 1 lightener in use. It never was for me, because I spent a lifetime of trying to talk people down from the whole “highlighting” look….there are many other techniques to use besides that one. Powder lighteners are the quickest of all lighteners – which is why Stylists like it. The more people getting foils in one day the better. http://killerstrands.myshopify.com/products/framesi-decolor-bleaching-powder

Cream Lighteners are used for more ‘control’. They don’t drip, they are infused with oils and conditioners, they work a little bit slower, but I never worry about speed. You may use foils if you want to hurry the processing time up, the heat generated by foils (is why we use them) .http://killerstrands.myshopify.com/products/framesi-decolor-bleaching-cream

Oil-Bleach Lighteners: are the only one used for on-the-scalp. http://killerstrands.myshopify.com/products/killerstrands-oil-bleach-kit

High-lift Colors or Level 8–9-10-11 & 12 : in a professional line of color are more for a subtle blonding effect. Remember, these are used to lighten and are gorgeous but their effectiveness really only works on hair that is virgin (no color). Many times that is why they cannot being used. If you have virgin hair, I always encourage these first.
More in depth blonding advice this week. Stay tuned !  http://killerstrands.myshopify.com/products/x-factor-hair-color

Killer Chemist
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