April 9, 2012

Sulfate-Free Shampoos Hits National Saturday Night Live TV Show

 What do Killerstrands - - Saturday Night Live and Sulfate-Free Shampoos have in common ? ? ?

Here is a hilarious copycat rendition of one of the MANY - mindless and misleading hair shampoo commercials on the tube......... day in and day out. This is what they say about it:

Sofia Vergara Turns Shampoo Commercial Vixen in SNL Skit! (VIDEO) 

 Modern Family star Sofia Vergara was a raucous hit on Saturday Night Live last night — but one definite highlight was her mock Pantene shampoo commercial with new cast member Kate McKinnon starring as Penelope Cruz. Naturally, the two sultry beauties are duking it out for the spotlight — but the script's confusing scientific jargon keeps giving Penelope trouble.

Its sooooo sad now. I used to be able to bring a U TUBE video over and share it with you .... NO MORE ! When there was one that fit our little world of hair that was funny or educative I would post it here for all to enjoy. Now, everything is protected by attorney's and BS wording all over it. If you already have HULU I would suggest using that to see an excellent re-run of the skit.

The funniest part of this whole thing to me and should be to Killerstranders . . . is that they are just completely RIPPING apart all the fake hair and shampoo ads on TV. They have the one girl that is playing Penelope Cruz, reading off the names of the ingredients that I have also been slamming for the entire 5 years ( anniversary next week btw !) . 

She reads off Sodium Laureth Sulfate, and all the chemical ingredient names over and over. I actually could not believe my mind when watching this. I had been in the hospital 1 week and truly thought I was dreaming when I saw it. But, then it made all the morning shows today. . .so it reminded me that I must get this out to all of you!

So my quest to get hair products clean - clear and unencumbered by baloney ingredients marches on and now is in the National news ( !! yeehaw!) and I truly hope it makes them wake up and think about how they are making their products.  The amount of hairloss and thinning is on those companies shoulders.  L'Oreal - -  Proctor & Gamble - - Revlon - . 
You know whats funny? ? ?  NBC would have needed to get clearance before airing that skit directly from P & G . . . I just cannot imagine why they would let that go down?  Don't get me wrong I am truly happy for our crusade to get Sulfate Shampoos OFF THE SHELVES completely, but WHY OH WHY would they think it was fine?

Their loss is our gain.

I am very sorry that I missed this new marketing idea referred to as:
 Small Business Saturday
. . .which began this past week. 
It is going to be a weekly event for us. I have not yet come up with all the ideas for it, but I have truly had it with big businesses ruining our way of life in America. I know we are smallish, that I cannot change something so large....but it has to start somewhere and I want to feel like I am doing something "more" when I work . . . something that will CHANGE the future of the USA for our young....Because the way it is now, it will blow-up and there will be no future in it for anyone that is not wealthy.  If we do not get back to our roots, small town America I truly fear for our youth. They don't know that they should be worrying....it is something our generation needs to at least MOVE ON ! 

Like I said, I will need another week to recover from a surgery that went completely 'wrong' - before I get the SBS really going.... . but we will begin some sort of fun & discounts even this week, on that day. Every week. Plus we will give you some education on how the Small business movement needs your help

Killer Chemist
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