April 6, 2012

Killerstrands Professional Hair Color ( at home) - Top 10 Suggestions for Success

 Vibrant, Professional Hair Color is possible without visiting the Salon. Just follow these 10 Steps to ensure you get the results of your dreams ( and not your nightmares)

Prepare a "Color Cave", that you plan to use each month. Use old towels, old t-shirts & an old sheet for the floor. Hide anything and everything that's within dye splashing distance. Now that I am a Crib Colorist myself. . .  I play with different methods every 60 days !  Remember if your formula is correct then it should surely last 60 days. Last months Color was done with old Beach towels spread out over all my bathroom shelves and products (a great result).  Be sure to invest in a hands-free... rear-view mirror if you don't have help with the back of your hair. We have the one I use - personally, in the store. These mirrors are also wonderful for blow-drying and styling hands-free.....never go out of the house without a look in the "rear-view mirror" ! I have had be for 20 years, you will wonder how you ever made it without it after trying it for a week. You earn your money back in a single month by all the tricks you can do with it.

Begin with clean, dry hair that's free of styling product build-up - for super gunked up hair - I have used many of the products by Malibu 2000 for many years . . .  Such as COLOR PREP Treatments packs, when doing hair color for big photo shoots or TV commercials we will begin the process with an application to have completely stripped down hair. 

The advantages?

why you need it

  • readies hair for unprecedented color absorption, coverage and retention
  • extends vibrancy
  • prevents brassiness, dullness and discoloration
  • accelerates color-processing time
  • protects scalp from itching and burning caused by harsh oxidizing chemicals

key benefits:

  • 100% Vegan, food-grade, Ecocert, wellness ingredients
  • features a highly advanced blend of vitamin antioxidants and botanical nutrients
  • activates on the spot for maximum potency
  • free of preservatives, parabens, propylene glycol, salts, DEA, gluten and fragrance
  • hermetically sealed, eco-friendly, travel-ready packaging
  • safe for all ages, all hair types (except white, non-pigmented hair)

key ingredients:

  • ascorbic acid – nature-identical vitamin C, freshly activated for topical use – removes damaging water deposits and purifies hair and scalp
  • betaine - improves hair’s texture and softness with superior, penetrating moisture retention
  • panthenol -  pro-vitamin B5 absorbs deep into the hair shaft to repair hair and improve moisture retention

The 24 hour Patch Test. There is a lot of controversy about this step... legally - it should be applied before every single color service, although if it was, 90% of clients would stand up and walk out on you. I learned that the hard way coming out of Academy. Therefore, what to do??? 
24 hours before applying color and especially if you have any type of sensitivities / allergies to products of any type - I highly suggest mixing up a super small batch of the product you'll be using to check for an adverse reaction. Smear a small amount behind the ear and covering it with a band aid for 24 hours, its only 1 little day. If any irritation occurs, wash it off ASAP and do NOT use...Yes, its rare - super rare ... but if you are the one .. it can save you some heartache.

Strand Test. The difference between its cousin - -above?? One is on skin........ the other on the hair. Big difference. The one above you are testing to make sure your skin/hair will not have a negative reaction to the hair color. For this little guy you are testing to see if you get the color you desire with your present idea for a formula. I am very much in favor of this one. I will get emails all the time, from people who have destroyed their entire head of hair......I always ask: 'did you run a strand test' ?? THIS TEST WILL SAVE YOURSELF A WORLD OF HURT when NEW to Professional Home Hair Color. TAKE THE TIME TO RUN THIS - it will take you all of 1 hour.  For "strand tests" - apply a tiny batch of product to the hair in the back of the ear and underneath, using a foil to cover,process for complete time. Be sure to set TIMER, checking twice throughout developing process. The sun, products, and previous color can all affect your results and timing ... it will give you an idea of the final result before you commit yourself.


Plenty of product.
 If hair is long or thick, have 2 tubes of color on hand you can always use the 2nd tube next time if you don't need it all, pr the best news is our NEWEST Star Hair Color, that we refer to as X.Factor - -  the tube is a whopping 3.5 ounces - its HUUUGE! It is almost 2 tubes in one for a super good price. Best part about it? Shiny - long-lasting hair color. A couple people have had a bit of a learning curve with the new ratio it comes with. Which is 1: 1.5. So with 1 ounce of haircolor you are to use 1 and a half ounces of developer. We are now enclosing a business card you can put on your fridge - which spells out how much you should use at every level !  Saving partial tubes are done all the time in professional color or remember tinting your eyebrows is always recommended by the top pros. Its no longer having the carpet match the drapes, its having the shutters match the drapes! Even more desired!

6 Barrier Cream application is mandatory around hairline, to prevent color-run and to soften the color hairline . Always applying the color up to & over the hairline for security. Using this cream prevents the dreaded skin stain which results from a clients very dry skin & new color application. We have a couple different types of this . . . the one by Repelle is my fav., it is like a giant Lip Balm stick making it easy to crank up and draw around the hairline. To me??? Time is always money!.
You know. . . .  I've tried lots of the 'home remedies' - - honestly - something made just for the occasion is easier and more effective.


Proper Tools make life easy and home coloring possible. Be sure to have at least 2-3 "tail" combs at all times for hair coloring. That and the # 11 comb for parting and distributing dye throughout the hair and scalp - which we give to you free ON REQUEST !      Plenty of strong 3 inch clips (longer hair), foils, hand towels, tint bowls, tint brushes, Timer, measure cup, etc. All supplies are inexpensive and can be purchased for very decent prices at our store.


Never leave Tint on for longer than recommended time - that's not how it works, and it won't give you a richer, darker shade. The manufacturer's directions are on the "inside" of the box normally- they have tested their product and know it well - if you follow them exactly you will have the best results. Rinse in the manner it quotes, and 'when' you should, so make sure you have that timer visible from your Color Cave!

Always use a Post Color Treatment. Our own INTENSIVE is as GOOD as there is...the way it fly's outta here, you would think it was free- it is a triple-threat.....1) conditioner and 2) pH balancer and most importantly 3) a Color Lock..... I speak about it frequently, this step is out of my "SUCCESS IN COLOR ARSENAL - I never thought I would reveal. Neither of my mentors practice it and I've always felt it was a true healthy hair gold mine of yours truly, the dear Killer Chemist. Since I revealed it - I fully expect you > to run out, buy it and USE IT !! 

ooooops, if you do have a mishap,  we have a couple of Solutions to help . . . 
~ we have the GROUP......join that for support - research & questions
~ you may TEXT the store.......
~ you may ask simple questions when submitting your order

Be sure you have read and followed my directions-advice and writings....I am finding what I call Color Cowboys, they decide,"yee haw" what the Hell, it can't be that hard.....and they just power through without reading a thing. OK, I take that back, they have read 1 or 2 posts and decided they have got it down. Where the rest of you have been good students - reading - asking questions, signed up to the Forum/Group.... then made your attempt at being a CC > Crib Colorist!...with wonderful success.
I WANT YOU ALL TO SUCCEED, I swear . . . .so I have tried multiple different offerings for different types of people 

We have a couple disaster stories displayed yet I have received many more success stories than disasters - I didn't have the Forum going yet.

For everyone interested in discussing
  • hair color

  • hair health

  • hair education of products and their ingredients

  • hair styling & tools

  • hair growth ( women) 12 step miracle program

Please join the forum/Group that coincides with this Blog...of the same name: Killerstrands

Good Luck and Keep reading and Learning


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