March 25, 2012

Great Hair is More Important than Great Body

Men say that having gorgeous hair trumps a curvy figure
Trying to decide between a pre-date trip to the salon or Victoria’s Secret, ladies? 
Go for the fab hair option. According to a recent survey conducted by Pantene, 60% of men surveyed would rather date a woman with great hair than noticeable curves — and 74% of them said they notice a woman because of her hair. In fact, a full 44% of male respondents said that hair was the first thing they notice about a woman… even before her clothes (26%), legs (25%) and makeup (4%). Most of the men who took Pantene’s poll also said they’d be more likely to approach a woman at a bar with great hair than one who was wearing a low-cut shirt.
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FYI.... I thought it was just my guy who noticed when my hair wasn't great!

Glad to know my priorities are in order!

Thanks Nik for that, I just HAD to post it out here for our readers to catch, although as a Stylist you do learn that over and over. What I think is equally as fascinating?? The stock that men put in how nice their hair is. I have always told people : Men care as much as you do IF NOT MORE, about their own hair. .......................They are just better at hiding it !


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