March 2, 2012

Embracing That Inevitable Gray Hair

March Special: Killer Chemist Answering K/S Group Members Questions 

From one of our ‘down-under’ members:
HI All,
I'm back, I suspect many of us go away and try different things and
come back.

I am now a light salt n pepper in the lengths and white at the roots.
The last of my years of color was cut off a couple of months ago and
it was a relief more than anything.

I've had the Go Big or Go Home kit twice, the Thriven is wonderful and
I felt wonderful after using it.  I loved the Gleam as well - Gleam on
my hair, legs, arms just beautiful KS.

I'm saving so I can afford to the largest pack available of the
Thriven.  I'm not sure about the Gleam though.  Will it give my grays
and white a yellow tinge?

So what have I been doing in between.  Well, I've been seeking a
product here in Australia that does what Thriven does... the search
continues.  Most recently I went to Price Attack and explained my
issue with yellowing of the hair, the lady recommended a product and I
purchased it.  The next day I used the conditioner she recommended as
recommended and bless her, I ended up a member of the blue brigade.
Not what I expected or wanted.  Add to that my hair became more
brittle and suffered more breakage than ever before.  She wanted the
sale and got it.

I'm now in the process of getting that blue out of my hair and
returning to a local product that has a similar belief system to KS
(SLS and Paraben free).  It's produced in the next suburb to me and is
called Trichovedic - check it out and let me know what you think.

Today is day 1.gray4
Once my hair is back to its naturally healthy state and color again,
I'm going to give myself a head full of lovely thin dreadlocks and
between now and then I'll be back to shopify hopefully finding a
beautiful shampoo that will keep my white, salt and pepper hair away
from the yellow and allow it to continue its journey to the white.
Yeah yeah!
Now I'll be the old dragon with the dreads.

What shampoo does KS recommend for white/gray hair?
Is it available in 1ltr bottles?
As Thriven is green, is it likely to turn my white hair green?
Gleam also has a little color to it, will that affect the color of my

Yellow dreads on a middle aged women would look awful.
Wow, that is quite a Post and I thank you so much for writing these lovely have no idea how needed they were at this particular moment.
Thriven/Gleam/Intensive/ILLUMIN  all small miracles in my mind ...
I love to hear how my work has affected your life & your far away.

Let me suggest that you NEVER EVER purchase a hair coloring product at an establishment with names such as : Price Attack, Big Lots, 99Cents store, etc. I actually would suggest that you NEVER buy anything in the hair aisle at one of these stores. I am not just saying that to drum up business...I am saying it because this statement is NEVER more relevant : " YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR". I hear so many people who end up here after trying to cut corners…unfortunately it just doesn’t work in the hair world. Think of how important your hair is to you……….then shop at a store that equals the way you feel about it.
Top quality products do not turn your hair colors even if they appear a pleasant color such as Thrivens’ soothing Mint-Aqua color. The Color I use to color is so diluted and of such high quality there will never be a tint of any sort. I would bet money that what you used had actual tint in the mix.
We have hundreds of customers who turn platinum (Gwen Stefani style) monthly.....they all use Thriven/Gleam and there is much MORE OF A CHANCE of their hair turning a color from one of these products than your Gray hair.
Gray hair has a very characteristic is not porous….it is the opposite : Resistant. 
Gray hair "twinkles" when you look at it which is unlike any other hair color – the reason it twinkles? Is because of its unusual texture.......Bleach & Tone Clients hair is VERY porous, porous hair sucks up color like a starving lizard in the desert.
Gray hair's characteristic's make it RESIST the color.  What is the biggest problem for people with Gray hair? The color won’t stick, it fades too soon. Again, because of the texture.

The Color in Gleam is NOT COLOR. That product is 100% natural. There is not one drop of color in there. You cannot purchase or make Rosehips Oil – or any high quality oil -- that is clear. To get that you would have to refine it over and over and over until all of the xclent benefits were removed. You won’t see me doing that.
I checked out your local line you say is like mine & me. How can I put this nicely…..??? I do not believe in Brazilian or any other country’s SMOOTHING Systems and that is what his is based on. I’m just not on the bandwagon of frying the Hell out of your hair to make it smooth. I wish I could show you all the people who have written me with French Fried Hair that has all broken off – due to those systems. I find it weird that random people from around the world will write me to tell me what has happened after using one of these Straightening Systems. It is so sad to me…so just be very careful in trying new systems out. Do Your research….the Internet can be a wealth of information – sifting through it can be tough….but use your head.
Once you try one of the bazillion “NON-YELLOWING Shampoos (there are not that many that are sulfate-free) I think we carry all 2 of them. Alterna, & Pravana
I added the Litre size of the Pravana PURE LIGHT Shampoo to the store, I have seen it make gray hair sparkle – white…..only if you have tough to cancel that yellow they make a conditioner that is also the lavender color – so its ‘2’ applications of violet …but your hair really needs to be Resistant.

Thank you for your question and I hope I answered all your questions……  KC
Killer Chemist

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