March 5, 2012

“Red-Hair Reaching a Roaring Rise” Thanks to a Couple of “E” named Celebs

A Lesson in Achieving Dynamite Red Hair from Killer Chemist
EVA    …………….  EMMA
#1 In answering a Question from one of our Group members, we begin the month of March with our 2nd question from a Group Member… Get your question answered by joining our group, learn a little about the Level System so you un-lock the secrets of hair color - - - I’ve had so many of you have “a-ha” moments while reading my Blog. Nothing could be more satisfying
eva-mendeseva 9 emma8                                                                  
So the discussion today is about becoming a redhead. Something I have avoided writing about for 5 years! The reasons? Hmmmm…maybe the fact that only 2% of the population are Red Heads, I felt there wouldn’t be many interested in reading them. There have been many reports about the fact that the true Redhead is on its way to extinction and I fear no one is fond of the hair color, but in the last couple months I have seen a mini resurgence in the flaming red hair some of us command.
Now, I am going to try something new for the month of March. I am going to be taking one of your questions from our Forum (Google Group), then post it here on the Blog and answer it, giving you the suggestions of which colors and which techniques to use. Any of our members may ask a question, or if you are new to the Killerstrands World (where have you been?) please join, our  Killerstrands Forum. Here os question Number 2 :
“ I have level 8 medium Blond hair and am interested in being the Red of star EMMA STONE (below), can you please tell me how to achieve that color without it looking faded, with your new line of hair color?  “ 
emma6               emma9
Well, I am so glad to hear people are beginning to desire the red locks, so many of you who turn to Blond would look so much more stunning with a head of red hair. I urge everyone to be a redhead at least once in life. You just never know. Emma seems to have chosen every color/tone we have in the swatch book!. Above is her current and most popular color.
Below she is a dark brunette:
And again as a Blond:
Lucky to find an actress that can afford us these photos to check out !
I happen to think she has found her home and that is as a redhead, don’t you think?? She looks the best as a flaming lock child…I would bet money that is her virgin color.
If you happened to catch this past weeks Saturday Night Live……Lindsay Lohan (of all people) was the host….and I honestly think they were trying to send her a subliminal message. She is this stark platinum blond now (just like Emma is above) and again > Lindsay is a virgin redhead. Now, in every single sketch – throughout the show - - they had her in a redheaded wig – at which time > she looked about a thousand percent better!  If she doesn’t re-watch the show and notice the difference….then they need to drug test her again…because she IS STILL HIGH !
But anyway, this particular question is fairly simple……a level 8 blond is about this:
One of the most bonus’ to this new line of color is that it has a wide array of “TONES” in each color and especially Reds. That wasn’t the reason I got it, but with this new trend towards Reds, I am certainly glad we have it. They have a Level 10 Red, which I have never seen or heard of, They have Level 6-7-8 “violet” reds….which is an excellent feature because it fights the GOLDISH tones I find in about every Red red98989Color on the market.
So for this issue you do not need to “fill” the hair, not when you are using high quality hair color. The only thing you “may’’ have to do….this depends on the porosity of your hair….. is apply the color you choose twice. All over, but 6-8 weeks apart. The “RED” pigment is the toughest pigment to get to “stick” so that it doesn’t fade. There will be some fading, its just part of having red hair, I never heard anyone complain about it. As a matter of fact so many of my clients loved the fact that it fades, because about every 2-3 weeks you have a new color ! Red hair fades beautifully…so you slide in one shade gently from the past one.
 For the exact formula to the Emma Stone color we see above I would us the following formula:
7.0 N  : medium blonde + 6.34 dark copper golden blond + 7.62 medium violet red blonde + 6.26 dark red violet blond ……+ 20Volume ( for permanent) or 10Volume (to make the color demi-permanent).   Mix equal part of the 4 colors in the bowl. Then be sure to calculate the ratio of Developer TO Color….which is 1 to 1.5 . 1 ounce of color to 1.5 ounces of Developer. Use a calculator if you have to ! That ratio is important. We are including a card with all orders that helps you figure out the ratio. The best way? Use a scale. They have them at Target and are very useful in the world of haircolor !
red 999
I think the color she is right now is a 6.5 ( six and a half Red/Violet/Brown). Depending on the porosity of your hair, and “IF” you do not want to change colors completely, you might need to reapply to the entire head of hair again. This question from this woman did not state her VIRGIN color so I cannot address how she would re-touch the new growth. If its darker you would mix the same color with 1 developer and if its lighter ( highly unlikely) she would use a different developer.
As I close this Post I just read the new ELLE magazine, who also has chosen RED hair as “the” color for spring. So hopefully you can take a look at our Group – and find it interesting enough to join….we have archives of 3 years of hair health and hair coloring advice from both my 3 managers and I that you will find interesting.
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  1. I love the chocolate-y colour that Emma struts where you said is dark brunette. How can I get that one?


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