April 22, 2012

Hi-Ho Silver! Covering Gray Hair on Blondes...#3

#3 in the:  Blonde, James Blonde series. This is a little talked about subject but an important one. Some people choose to go 100% gray and they look nice in it, but as a general rule I never recommend someone try it. Just as make-up improves almost anyone's appearance, so does coloring the gray. Gray hair lacks depth and warmth, which is what needs to be replaced in order for the hair to look perfect.

Now, remember that it is the percentage of gray that dictates the exact formula one uses on gray hair. One must get past the resistant outer layer of Gray hair in order o deposit which ever color one chooses. 

There are 2 ways to go with Blonding and Gray hair.....one is probably less popular than the other... not many's choice. 
  1. You CAN cover gray by going platinum and using an Oil-Bleach Kit  http://killerstrands.myshopify.com/products/killerstrands-oil-bleach-kits-on-the-scalp-application method, which will get you the Gwen Stefani/Marilyn Monroe look, but be sure of your coloring and the commitent that comes with this choice ... OR
  2. Using Medium color blond's say Level 8 are actually the best for covering gray than the lighter choices. 
Anything Lighter than a Level 8 is made to "LIFT" and what you are looking for is "deposit" when covering gray. Make Sense?  Pale blonde's just don't have the pigment necessary to replace missing depth and really apply coverage. Those lighter blond's can be used when you first begin noticing grays for blending but that is about all.

Something I tell Every One Who Has Gray & Is Navigating Through Their Options?  The Closest Color To Gray is Blonde so Going Blonde is an Excellent Option

What you won't want to use any higher than 20Volume, because again....you are looking for coverage - the higher Volumes create LIFT more than deposit....so always stick to 20.

A couple of Blond formulas from our permanent line of Color  that both cover well, you might want to try or run Strand Tests on are as follows:
> 8.0 + 8.3
> 8.0 + 8.10

If you would like the exact percentages of each, please write in the percentage of gray - when you place your order. There is a "Notes" section and we welcome input about your order.


2 comments on "Hi-Ho Silver! Covering Gray Hair on Blondes...#3"
  1. Dear KC,
    have been reading you precious blog since a long time. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful knowledge, and spreading awareness about SLS free shampoos.
    About me,south Asian female- late 20's fine black hair,little frizzy, wavy and I feel gradually over the period of 10 years they have thinned.
    I DO NOT use any hot heat tool,no color , use SLS free shampoo, and wash my hair 2-3 times a week.
    Until now I only oil massaged my hair before shampoo sometime and did not use any product.
    But recently I have given in to some products:
    Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lemon Sage Thickening Spray
    Alba leave in conditioner

    one of my greatest fear is using hair products will cause hair loss, and was wondering if you could give some feedback on these products.
    what can i do to look like a groomed female, without using heat, and hair damaging methods.
    any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


  2. DJ,
    If you have been reading the Blog, I would hope you would learn to follow the 14 Steps of 10,000 HEADS Protocol - which is designed FOR WOMEN - "with" thinning hair. Of course I would love it if you practiced all 14 steps, but I am also realistic...do as many as you can. They ALL - have been designed and really do work when followed religiously. Some of the steps take no money at all, but they take dedication.
    My number 1 recommendation for thinning hair is always THRIVEN & the Secret Supplement....HANDS DOWN most effective and EASIEST 'female' hair loss repair -ever ! I have witnessed first hand some of the most amazing recoveries after that 1 - 2 Combo, I cannot tell you.

    In my opinion you are using 2 many products for thinning hair, put all that money in an excellent shampoo like L'Anza's Stimulating Shampoo (my new favorite line) http://killerstrands.myshopify.com/products/lanza-stimulating-shampoo and Soma's leave-in Conditioner. Boom you-are-done.
    'Gleam' if you can manage it.
    I'm not a fan of the products you are using.


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