May 3, 2012

Chalk It Up to Hair : Semi-Permanent Color - Perfect For Tweens or YOU!

There is a new hoppin' Hair Technique that has been around the last month out here in crazy California they are referring to as: Chalking (I was hoping a new name would blossom). I tapped dance around the idea of carrying the Chalk I found to be the best...but there are already a million and one online stores carrying it. Some of these hair fads come and go so fast here in California - the feathers were in and out in 30 days I swear. ...I don't know what happens in the rest of the country. Please..........enlighten me.

What I did was find the chalk that works the best. This brand has 442 different colors and each stick is less than $6.00 ! I put together a kit that makes this particular chalk work to the optimum - we tried it with and without and I promise, the kit is not a includes my Instruction Sheet of how to apply so you look cool and not like you just missed the chalk board !

  • Malibu2000 Color Prep treatment packet - preps hair for brilliant color
  • 2 prs Gloves
  • Teasing brush - there is a trick to making the transfer from one color to the next is smooth
  • Setting Spray: This "sets" the Chalk in the hair and keeps it as brilliant of a color as you originally chose
  • Shower Cap (terry cloth inside)
The Chalk-it-Up Kit : $19.85

Finally I can get some of you to go a full week in between shampoos, because as soon as you have this in your hair you will be running from the shower .
As you can see below the Sennelier brand of pastel chalk is the dynamite one... NOT oil chalk.....that is a big "no-no" so careful on that one.
Sennelier Brand of Pastel Chalks ONLY

It looks sooooooo much fun, I cannot see why EVERYONE can't try it . . . bring out that artist in everyone of you.................and enjoy.

Killer Chemist 
The Bleaching series continues, with the next post...

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  1. Thought you would like this. :) HAIR CHALK FOR DOGS.


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