May 31, 2012

Boxed Hair Color Versus Killerstrands Hair Color Education

I want everyone to take a look at GOLDWELL'S (haircolor)  new advertising campaign...

Where do you think they got this idea?



You wouldn’t do your own dental work or give yourself a tattoo, so why would you think it’s OK to do your own hair color?

Professional results are only available with a trained 
color professional. 
Learn about the advantages of a Goldwell Professional 
Color Service "


 Killerstrands receive's dozens of emails DAILY > You know what they forgot to say in the ad?

1) What happens when you have gone to every Stylist in your town?

2) What happens when you have tried every top Stylist in your  town as well as in a 100 mile range from where you live and every single one of them has destroyed your hair? 
 That is the single biggest complaint I receive.  
That is why everyone turns to KILLERSTRANDS.... to learn how to color their own hair. They want their results to be their goal. It really is a science. It is not guesswork as so many Hair stylists 'think' it is. It is a complete and genuine scientific formula. You put 'in' certain pieces of information and out pops the formula that will give you the color you desire. Its truly that simple. Of course you need some education, but its not much. We supply it all. We supply demo's, and on top of all of that, you also have the ability to ask for help in the group. Killerstrands will solve what Goldwell is missing. Many people have asked me about Goldwell over the years, I have always said the exact same thing....they are great at marketing
  - - - but the quality of their products pretty much sucks. 
This ad is no different, they have not assured you that they are  focused on educating the 20 million hair stylists who don't know what they are doing with hair color .....they have just come up with a way of slamming boxed haircolor....

Gee, I wonder where they got that idea............

Just because someone has a "Cosmetology License" does not mean they know how to formulate hair color.....and you know why?
They do not teach it in Cosmetology school.  Formulating hair color is an art and a science. 
You do not need to know how to formulate hair color to receive your Cosmetology license. 
Educators at hair schools across the United States do not know how to formulate hair color.

It is just heartbreaking to me that not one state requires that one piece of knowledge in order to obtain that states Cosmetology license. I feel bringing it out in the open will hopefully begin the path to solving the problem

Do you know that 2200 of the 3000 people in the Killerstrands Group are brand new Cosmetologists that have answered the questions to get in the group with the following words, 

" I did not learn how to formulate hair color when I went to Hair School..." so I need to join your group . .

Now, how does that make you feel about sitting in the chair of a color professional?

I would be terrified.

6 comments on "Boxed Hair Color Versus Killerstrands Hair Color Education"
  1. Go KC go! You are so right. That is exactly why I've turned to Killer Strands. I've gone to many, many hair stylists, and "color experts", near where I live and thousands of miles away in large cities when on business / vacation. I've paid $200 if not more to get my hair foiled only to wind up with orange hair. So frustrating. PS. I love your the new Killer Strands signature with all the colors at the end.

  2. Michelle,
    I see topics I bring up every so often... begin to make a difference... maybe this will too.
    Its not that the students don't want the education.... to the contrary, they all WANT TO upsets me that I am the one they turn to - it should be mandatory they learn how to formulate color in order to get their license, in every state in the USA.
    thanx girly

  3. Why do you think Goldwell sucks?
    I use Goldwell (I order it over the internet I am not a professional stylist) and am pretty much happy with the condition of my hair and color results.
    It fades nicely although for my color a bit too quickly ( I use demi color).
    Is that why it sucks?
    I just don't want to waste any more money on it if it's not good for my hair.

  4. - People that would come to me for Color Correction with Goldwell on their head for the 15 years I worked in Malibu Salon.
    - I receive thousands of emails/phone calls/Texts (which we no longer do btw), we have 3000 people in the group and 5 years of archives, I am bombarded with input from all over the world...the amount of input I receive
    - Hair Shows I would be in.
    - General Consensus.
    I have never seen a beautiful head of hair color using Goldwell, it does not mean there isn't one !
    - Stick with it then, if you found your answer - but get a tub of Thriven and some Gleam - Goldwell really dries the hair out and causes DD Delayed Damage ....

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  6. So what is the formula? A link or something would be nice. Otherwise I have no choice but to keep ruining my hair.


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