May 16, 2012

To Dye-For Hair ColorTrends (this week !)

Smashing new Hair colors that are top of the Trends on stars and celebs. 
How I used to take these new trends and convert them to everyday people like you and me was to talk to each individual client when in my chair..and see how we could modify it to fit their lifestyle. Remember I have been doing what now has the name: OMBRE .... as Paint Drips and about 10 other "names" we all throw at different techniques we try,  since 1999. Every time I see the way OMBRE has been transformed on every single starlet. . .  well I smile. 

What I think about though is the"next"style - you never want to be giving your clients the trends everyone else is wearing today, you should always be thinking about what's next. Even for all of you at home. Even if you wearing one style, keep your eyes peeled for the next up coming color and cut!

                                                    Krazy Kolors

                      Bright Ass "Reds"

  Krazy Kolor extensions

 For Platinums there is the trend of going: ROSE?Soft of my favorites, just wish they had a way of holding that color on the heat for more than 7 days !


All the versions of OMBRE

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