June 3, 2012

Top 10 Habits That Destroy Your Hair + the 10,000HEADS Protocol !

Just a reminder, as there are always people looking for a quick fix to beautiful hair. If you notice in life that "QUICK-FIXES" do not really ever work. If you want something serious . . . you must commit.  If you want beautiful shiny hair. . .. you CAN have it. There are things that many of you will have to change though.  This list above is a good place to start. I have had this same list for 20 years.  It used to hang right next to my station in the Salon. So with that history you can imagine all the results I have seen.

The health of the hair is the first indication that something could be wrong with you. Health-wise that is. For many reasons cleaning up your act will not only clean up your hair . . .your body and mind will Thank You as well. 

I challenge every. single. one of you to begin a new day, with new goals .....                       your hair is worth it

Here is the STEPS of the 10,000HEADS Healthy Hair List !   
Strive for All These Steps

I cannot stress the importance of 2 of our products.) Gleam & Thriven   http://killerstrands.myshopify.com/products/gleam-hair-oil . . they make more difference in a person's hair that is dry/damaged/ or thinning than ANYTHING you will ever try.   These 2 were finished when I was in Radiation Therapy . . .You just cannot believe the results, not only myself - buy many thousands of Killerstranders whom have tried as well...being diligent with daily application...is the main requirement. Please just give a few steps a try at a time. .


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