June 21, 2012

Hair Color Is Becoming An Art Form & Is Completely & Utterly BEAUTIFUL (see below)

 I was going to write you this cold Post about the statistics in the hair industry because I feel it is all relevant....It started like this......... The Total U.S. Salon Hair Care market rose 3.5% to 61.3 BILLION dollars in 2011 - - EVEN in a recession the hair biz rose -- which I think is hilarious. The Congress and the country better wake the Fuck up . .  because Hair color is becoming an art form and no one will be able to stop it. I AM JUST SO HAPPY ABOUT that thought.... Check the following Photos out. . . and be sure to tune in tomorrow. . . . I have some of the youth's idea on hair color.....its all just 'the bomb' ...if you ask me..

This photo wins the KILLERSTRANDS AWARD 
for just the BEST EVERYTHING :
hair- photo- make-up- model- haircolor - just everything. 
.....maybe she did it herself ? 

Killer Chemist

1 comment on "Hair Color Is Becoming An Art Form & Is Completely & Utterly BEAUTIFUL (see below)"
  1. I simply love Pravana, it's the only colour I will use save some manic panic here and there for fun. I love the Wild Orchid color (hence my name!)

    Blogrolled your blog. Fantastic content!


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