April 12, 2015

BECOME A CRIB COLORIST -- Learn The "Level System" - Its Very Important to Know What Level Hair YOU Have ?

The Level System
What level are you?

Everyone MUST understand a few of the basic rules of Hair Color, they are not difficult, they are easy. I want you to understand them so a much larger percentage of women will be able to color their hair at home and it will come out correctly. There are just too many people having their hair destroyed by BOXED HAIR COLOR KITS. The big corporate guys will hate me for saying this, but as long as all of you continue to support me, they can't wipe me off of the face of the web. Those boxed hair color ( I call it Crap-in-a-Box) should be banned by the FDA in my opinion.

This is why Crap-In-A-Box doesn't work.......
In each box color you are given 1 Volume of developer. From what you have learned through me and my teachings, how could 1 Volume developer work for each and every person that picks up that one box when there are so many to choose from? What if they put 20 Volume in that box and you needed 40Volume? That is why so many who use Box Color - - end up in a Salon for a costly, lengthy Color Correction session
Using the Level System gives you more flexibility, so you are not given a set bottle of hair color with a set bottle of peroxide ( that come in those damn Kits) for everyone.
 LEVEL is the unit of measurement used to identify the lightness or darkness of a color; it is sometimes referred to as value or depth. Colorists use the LEVEL SYSTEM to analyze the lightness or darkness of a hair color (See chart 02-01).
Hair color levels are arranged on a scale of 1 to 12, with 1 being the darkest and 12 being the lightest ( not too long ago it was 1-10 ;some new HIGH LIFT Blonde's added 2 more light levels). The names for the natural hair color levels may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but they each use this chart as the base.

What I want you to learn here is simple....try to get very comfortable with these Levels and especially:

KNOW YOUR OWN VIRGIN (without color or anything on it) LEVEL OF HAIR COLOR
that is an important piece of info and will be important for the rest of your life(even though it will change as you turn grey!)
Please figure that out right now and email to me ______________.

If you are a redhead (as am I) its a tiny bit more complicated, you still use the same chart to figure it out, you would just draw your finger across the chart to the different "hues" it goes from Gold/Red to Red to Red/Gold to Red/Violet and keeps going as well.
For example:
which means my roots or virgin hair is a LEVEL 8 Red/Gold (or Light Copper). Knowing that piece of info helps me be able to figure out more accurately what to use to color my hair with hair color.
You will impress the Hell out of your Hair stylist as well, if you go into your next appointment spouting off the "levels" - they will be very impressed. I have run into many a Hair Stylist that still have not memorized them (but they should).

Using and knowing this chart really well, is what you need to learn in order for you to become a good HOME HAIR COLORIST.

I'm going to plaster this onto your brain this week. .. by showing you many different ways to memorize and relate it to your hair...
So get ready!

8 comments on "BECOME A CRIB COLORIST -- Learn The "Level System" - Its Very Important to Know What Level Hair YOU Have ?"
  1. I used to read your blog on vox, but I was told you are also here. Nice to read you again. You have great info.

  2. Thanks for following me and reminding me.... I will put a forward over there.........good idea.....it was too hard to be in 2 different places...
    Be sure to check in on the sister PLOG !! Picture + LOG!! ha ha

    I'm on a mission to teach pro hair color to the home colorists of the world as impossible as it sounds!
    Thanks for coming over!

    Killer Chemist

  3. Hi! You wrote to me on Yahoo Answers and got me interested.

    I tested "Natural Match no-
    ammonia by L'Oreal 7N Dark Blonde" on a lock of my hair but I couldn't see any change. Then I tried the Natural match 7N Dark Blonde and it and saw a nice change... It seems to look good. But it's hard to tell since a small patch of hair is different than how it will look on my whole head: I'm scared! I have virgin hair and I don't want to mess it up. I don't want orange hair but I don't want lifeless yellow either. Since it's described as "cool" I'm think that means "ash".

    I have something between a level 5 light brown and a level 5 dark blond according to your chart. My hair has very subtle red on the surface, but the shadows seem to have an almost invisible drab green tone Overall my hair is mousey. Does ths make sense? This is my natural hair color and it's confusing me since both color oppose each other on the color wheel. I want level 6. It's not terribly lighterthan my hair already is so I think it would look good on me.

    Please help. And,, wow thanks for having this site. It's so big I can get lost here.

  4. Oops wrote same info twice-- The SECOND L'oreal Paris Natural Match I used is "8C medium ash blonde cooler"

  5. hello =) i was wondering if you could help me?

    why do they not include 'ginger' hair on the colour chart? i'm a natural 'ginger' and i want 2 go white blonde (which i have done before) but i always wonder why they never include my hair colour on the level system?

    any help would be greatly appreciated ^___^


  6. It was certainly interesting for me to read that blog. Thank you for it. I like such themes and everything connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

  7. It is certainly interesting for me to read the article. Thanx for it. I like such topics and anything connected to them. I would like to read more soon.


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