January 22, 2015

Attention: Oily Scalp and Dry Lengths Hair?

This is kind of a taboo subject, not many people like to think or talk about........ oily scalps,
but we must sometimes do things in life that are not always pleasant...........yet are necessary.
I am from the camp that believe the scalp is more important than the hair. What? Well I hope you remember some of my previous Posts that explain how the hair actually grows and what goes on underneath the scalp and how each individual hair strand grows.

It still absolutely amazes me the intricacy & monumental  job that actually goes into growing ONE single STRAND of hair. Which is why it is so very VERY important to care for your scalp.
Over the years I have worked with various clients and developed a few little tricks that help the Oily Scalp / yet Dry ends Hair Combination

#1.) Kaaral Scalp Scrub
#2.) Malibu 2000 Scalp Shampoo - another great choice
#3)  Scalp Treatment Packet by Malibu 2000

What you do when shampooing is, you put a dime size squirt of shampoo and add a little water and rub back and forth to create a lather in your hand then put that shampoo on your fingertips. Take that and try to just shampoo just your roots, 1st....... leave that lather on your roots for a few minutes (do everything else in shower) .....then quickly run the shampoo through the lengths very quickly....and rinse. The lengths almost never are very dirty -- because the dirt comes from the scalp, so the scalp is what you need to clean mainly.

Pointing that out helps many.

Leave the lengths out of this process.
Sometimes don't even add more shampoo to the lengths she just pulled the lather from the roots thru to the ends and rinsed almost immediately.........

AGAIN.......... the lengths usually are not that dirty....the dirt would have to travel from the scalp to the ends. .

Then once or twice a week use the KAARAL Scalp Scrub  which also has a conditioning effect when rinsed through. But it has little walnut shells ground up very small so it has a rough texture to it ( just exactly like facial scrubs I'm sure you've tried).
You can use a scalp treatment pack from Malibu2000  maybe every other week ....u will figure out how often on your own.

Then always - always a few drops of Gleam on the hands rub them back and forth really fast and hard it will make your hands HOT -HOT and it will heat up the few drops of Gleam and then just take your finger tips and put that oil on only the tips of the hair, it will travel down a little.....Gleam will heal those lengths if you continue to do this...

There you have the solution to Oily Scalp - Dry Lengths !


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  1. I shampoo every couple days and a dime size never seems like enough unless I shampoo twice? And yes I'm using sulf free.


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