January 16, 2015

Sassy Silver Hair On Saturday

One of the newest and hottest colors people are on the lookout for is "SILVER"...I have been coloring hair silver for over 20 years, that is how long it has been around ! As far as which products work the best, if you are seriously committed to the color is the only way you will truly get it right.

 A little bit of silver looks odd. 
Although Silver slices looks gorgeous, so I kind of take my own words back ! Slices are a technique the Sassoon academy developed many years ago and when looking for a great Sassoon Colorist, just ask them for this technique. Its unique, beautiful and what you see on celebrity/model hair

 The results of the Kenra SILVER METALLICS are in and as I usually do when running Strand Tests I let them develop for 90 minutes. Which I did for these as well. 

Unfortunately, my suspicions were correct. What I did was run 2 Strands on Level 5 hair, which is what you need to do........ to see if it is a truly a permanent hair color. A permanent color has the ability to Lift and Color.........otherwise the color you are speaking about is a Toner or Demi-Permanent Hair Color at best.
As you can see by the above boxes Kenra calls it a permanent color + slips it into the permanent hair color line they have. They have a demi line, the box is half the size and the color range is limited. What I found , is as I expected.

So I ran 5 Strand Tests.......
  • 8SM +40Volume on Level 5
  • 10SM + 40Volume on Level 5
  • 8SM + 10 Volume on Level 9.5 ( Its VIRGIN hair....so if you bleached the hair and applied this Color you may have a little better results because newly bleached hair is like a sponge and soaks up color like nobodies business.
  • 8SM +40 Volume on Level 9.5
  • 10SM + 10Volume on Level 9.5

The woman that is deciding if she should use these colors I'm afraid is going to be disappointed. I guess somewhere they have the direction to doing this hair color:

The color did not change the Level 5 color AT ALL. Which makes the color not properly categorized if you go by the Level System Rules. I mean there is not 1 organization that heads up the world of Hair Color. I think that would be a great project for someone to take up. I would if I wasn't so ill. They have a tiny magazine called Hair Color but the styles in the magazine are truly a couple years old. I watch Europe. I get my hair color magazines from Europe, I like to see where we will be in a few years. European women are just so much braver than Americans go as far as colour.

But lets look at what will turn Kenra's color into a Demi Permanent - why? BECAUSE IT ONLY deposits color.....and not very well.

As you can see the only color worth its cost is the 8SM.....and it is very pretty, If its applied on bleached out hair it will absorb better because newly bleached hair is like a sponge it soaks up color like nobody's business.

So, you can see here that there is NO lift with 40 Volume and either color, there is ZERO change, so this color is not a PERMANENT Color. It can be a Demi-Permanent color though because the lower numbers DO deposit.
The one Strand Test came apart when I was rinsing it so its kind of a mess but you can tell by the photo that it has not changed the color AT ALL. Both were on there 90 minutes and it is a warm day here as well.

This color is the best and it is beautiful , but again it is color deposited on blond hair, not a hard process to produce. I truly thought they had mastered a new technology.

So you want to begin with blond hair . Bleached lightened is best , so use our oil bleach kit:. Then apply the Kenra 7 or 8 SM

We have had nothing but compliments about SILVER BULLET in BOOST & BURST...
'these turn your hair Silver, they are the color SILVER, like they should be ! ! !

But at least everyone now knows exactly what it does.
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  1. You use hair donated to charity by children for your own "research". Do you see anything wrong with that?

    1. Good lord! Another PC Nazi. You should do your own research before hitting the send button. And grow some balls by using your real name otherwise your just another jealous internet troll!

  2. I would cut over 100 - 200 teens hair, complimentary... some times 2-3X a month, at events I would put-on. The amount of hair I took from 5-6 of the super thick pony tails would never affect anything, trust me.
    That's why they are referred to as 'strands'.

  3. So did you use kenra developer? I also had this problem with their 10sm color not lifting the dark areas it barely deposited on the highlighted hair. Did not use their developer and I was wondering if that could've been the issue?

  4. Yes, but 40 volume was too much lift, for there to be good color..........40 Volume never gives great deposit, lots of lift but its always light on the deposit. It makes complete sense..... think about the fact that no one else has even conquered the SILVER pigment in an oxidized hair color, I commend them for having 1 of these be dynamic! Bravo Kenra! KC

  5. Hello, I'm new to this trend, but I'm a bit confused as to whether the 8 SM +10V is demi-permanent?

  6. When you try to categorize hair color you really don't go by what's on the box....as on the box it says "permanent"........but when you use 10Volume on any hair color you have made it a Demi.

    So using it the way I did for the best color, has made Kenra be sold out in 8SM FOR a MONTH NOW! ! ! ! ! !

    I'm in L.A. and I cannot get 8 SM and have not been able to for a whole month ! But you need BOOST and BURST in Silver Bullet To keep it up.....have glowing reports about it ! ! ! !

    1. Hello! I am a fellow hair stylist as well. The thing that sometimes frustrates me with the silver process is that sometimes the end result can look green, due to the blue base in many silver toners. Hence the yellow tone of the freshly bleached hair, even at a level 10 pale yellow. I've been hoping that a color line would made a violet based silver toner that combats the underlying yellow pigment along with taking it to a deeper silver color like a level 8 or 7, while also allowing the hair to fade on tone between services.

  7. my SILVER HAS zzzzzzzzzzzzero BLUE
    Yes, I have made a Brand New Color for Silver Bullet Fans with Violet Ice Base,.....which kills ANY Brass then ........Silver Silver Silver..........Ditto for BBB (Breaking Bad Blue).....each has a bit of violet


    1. Yeah that sounds totally rad!! Where and how can I purchase? Is it direct? Or with use of developer?

    2. You need to use the new Silver formula I DEMO using the 2 Wella Color Touch colors.
      Then.....in your situation, besides adding 2 grams of 2/0 to 1& 1/2oz. of 7/89 = creates a strong silver
      Add to that formula: 2-3 grams of Color Touch RELIGHTS : in 0/68 ( which is Violet-Violet and it WORKS well be sure its 3 "GRAMS" !)

      When finished use BOOST & BURST in ICEY SILVER VIOLET, to finish off
      Tone with that AFTER Lightening to Frozen Butter Blond

    3. That's kind of what I did with a client yesterday actually. My salon uses alfaparf color, I mixed a toner with a level 10 ash violet and added like 3 grams of level 1 ash to the mixture for a brighter silver. I figured it would probably last a week or 2 considering her shampoo routine, while fading on tone to keep it a cooler platinum until her next appointment.

  8. What would you recommend for someone to maintain color with Kenra 9SVM and a darker shadow root? I want to use Burst and Boost to maintain but I'm unsure how to keep the purple tone if I do. Thank you!

    1. Well, there is no 9SVM, so I am thinking you either added the 2 together, or its a typo...I'm not sure which.?.?.?? But if it is Violet metallic, I would probably go with our BOOST & BURST in ICEY Silver/Violet to keep up the Kenra colors. Icey Silver Violet is one of our top Sellers and sells over and over to the same customer. Just use them each for different lengths of time until you achieve the result you desire....good luck ...... KC

  9. Forgot to mention...the Kenra SVM does not stay in my hair long at all and I've pre bleached each time

  10. Good job Tony! ! ! Great thinking..Treat Your Clients like Gold and they will become family to you. CONGRATS ! ! KC

  11. Hello I'm not a hair stylist, but what and how much developer did you use with the wella and is this enough for long hair?

    1. don't worry you do not need to be a hair stylist to join in or read this site. .. . .it is for EVERYone! The ratio for Color Touch is 1:2 ....2 parts of developer to 1 part of color..... no of course....you would need to mix more for long hair silly...KC

  12. Always follow the directions that comes with each individual hair color, it will say whether the ratio should be:
    1:1 .....or
    1:1.5 ....or
    Those ratios mean 1 part color to 2 parts developer.
    1 part developer to 2 parts developer, and so on.
    Its up to you to figure out which developer strength you need for what ever you are doing.
    EACH one does ..........some thing different.
    10 Volume has ZERO lift and simply deposits color
    40 Volume Lifts hair 3-4 Levels and deposits very lightly (great for highlift Blonde colors)

    and so on.

    Which is why I always suggest you read this Blog from beginning to end! I have been writing Posts for 9 YEARS!!!! That's crazy, I've never done anything so consistently in my life. So am proud of myself for the education I try to give out to all of you.
    But, one post depends on the info in another Post. The only way to tie them all together is to go to the beginning which is April 15, 2007 and begin reading it all.

    you will THANK me when you are done.
    Or at least most people do!
    Don't make it a job....make it fun, just think you will learn more than they teach 90% of all hair stylists !

  13. KC, I know this is a rather old post, but I had a question. Wella Color Touch Relights states not to be mixed with the Color Touch regular line. I found a formula for a toner of the Relights 0/68 with a tad bit of Color Touch 10/6.. Is there REALLY an issue that I couldn't mix them? Also, they state to use with their 6vol emulsion.....would my 10vol of other brand developer be alright?


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