January 1, 2015

2014 Has Come To An End, Check Out Some Industry Statistics, Just FYI

The hair Industry is exploding.

That is why in 2014 shampoo sales rose 4.24% to $2.7 billion. If they had one effective shampoo we wouldn't have to keep trying new ones, although sometimes I feel you all like hopping around trying new ones for the fun of it. I have never done that, when I find a good shampoo that works well for me and does not have any of those yucky sulfates, parabens etc...in them - I am happy and stick with that one bottle. I've never quite understood everyone's yearning to keep trying new shampoos, but I promise you it is a big habit now a days!

Conditioner Sales rose 5.44% to $1.9 Billion, so that indicates there are even less effective conditioners. I do need to tell you that these figures put all the shampoos and conditioners that I just tear apart as the top selling items. 
The top 4 brands?: Suave, Pantene, Herbal essences and Garnier. That makes me ill to my stomach, I just cannot believe it. That all those people are daily destroying their hair, none of those have a sulfate-free shampoo if I am not mistaken.

 Although, there is a light at the end of the tunnel....the new brand Organix (sold in grocery /drug stores - which is Sulfate-Free) has the Pole position and is up there with the big guys ! So that's not too shabby for a line that was sued by the Center for Environmental Health for claiming to be Organic, when it was not! (I'm sure many of your have heard of that group- they go to bat for the consumer -you!) - They sued them stating their name was a lie - & that the ingredients were not in fact - "organic". Which was 100% true. They lost and had to change their name which is now named: OGX ! 
The thing is it is still in the same bottle with everything looking the exact same so people have kept purchasing it enough to put it at the top 5 of all shampoos! That is quite a feat when you have Walmarts, Targets, etc... to include in the vision. OGX shampoo rose 30.4% to $82 million & its conditioners rose 20% to 98.8 million !

The most popular statement on these products is "FREE-FROM:" ....Such as :
Free From:
  • Sulfates
  • parabens
  • alcohols
  • PPD's
  • etc....
Shampoo went from just cleaning the hair to being the sole product that will give you great looking hair. Remember when we poled over a thousand people back when the BLOG was brand new........Men considered "great looking hair" as their number one choice on a prospective woman they would want to date!

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