August 1, 2014

Hair Color Bleach Bath...Are U Kidding Me...Do Not Do This !

Wow, I am just not paying attention to the weird things people are making up on the Internet. Counterfeit products, applications that do not work.

If you don't see something in this Blog, about what you are about to undertake. I am telling you, do not do this

Why do I say this?

Because no new science has been developed, I promise you when new techniques or products - OF ANY KIND - are:
  • developed........... 
  • tested and had at least 1 year of practical application (outside the lab)                    

Whether I carry them or not !


In order for new products to be developed in the hair color industry, something absolutely remarkable had to have been discovered and there has to NOT be a giant Corporation behind it. 
Giant Corporations, rarely discover anything new. 
They won't put any money into a gamble. 
What they will do, is copy another company. 

family-owned companies are who really develop new and interesting products or applications. But do your research on whatever site you are on and which hair GURU you follow! There are now, lots of imitators now and I always told my kids not to carry if people copied you

There are a couple new products that have come out this year, but they have not had enough testing in my book to bring them to "CRIB COLORISTS"  especially. As talented as you all may feel you are
 because of humongous influx of hair color education on the web now.

I have found my first huge # 1 Complete BALONEY Idea
Hair Color Bleach Bath ???? ... like wtf ?

  The name of the application that this is piggy-backing off of is truly called a "Soap Cap", which is a 60 year old term with a 100 year old name. Why do I say that about the name? because the name is ridiculous, and does not reflect what happens when a trained professional does this. I'm telling you that I have never thought that every Hair Color and Styling application can be done at home. A whole lot of them 'can'.....and those I am happy to educate you in. The true...authentic....Sassoon taught method. 

Why do I say Sassoon? In the hair world the 2 Vidal Sassoon Academies - ( yes, in the whole world there are only 2 Sassoon Academies) -  are referred to as the "HARVARD" of Hair Academies. Its like a boot camp - they spend the first 6 weeks trying to break the people who cannot handle the tough - British - Training. The British are a completely different breed than Americans. They don't respect you if you have enough money to be able to afford the Academy, or the money to put you up for a year in the area of one of the 2 schools. They only want people who will carry on the true artistic vision of a superior method of doing hair....both Hair Color, Hair Cutting and Hair Styling. They only want the best, they want true Hair Artists and I didn't even realize that 'truly' until I left the Academy world after 2 years and became involved in the world of the "Salon". Which, again is completely different than being in and around the Academy World. I would watch all the other stylists in one of the 2 Salons I worked, and was shocked at the inept training everyone had.

 In the instance,  someone took,  what Color Correction Specialists do in very rare occasions, changed the name, and made ...  up some Baloney instructions to a 
technique that does not exist and none of you should be doing. 

This really will leave you with destroyed and damaged hair and doing this is not AT ALL what 'that ' procedure that (btw has a completely different name) was developed for.  So it defeats my whole reason and vision for being here. Which is to 'educate' you in the best and most 'HEALTHY' methods for caring for your hair at home and to tell you 'when' it is time to head to a Salon. Be careful what you read and come back here and ask a question in the comments or join our Group to be guided down the correct path.

Thanks Everyone


8 comments on "Hair Color Bleach Bath...Are U Kidding Me...Do Not Do This !"
  1. I feel like this post needs to be spread allllll over the internet, especially in the world of Crazy Colors. I'm going to save this to my favorites to hopefully help save some people from damaging their hair.

  2. I can't post it, I tried about 7 years ago and 4 people ruined their hair in the first week ! There are just some processes and applications that you shouldn't be doing at home without hours of instruction and demo-ing and you should be mature enough to handle that piece of information, as well.....or you really shouldn't be doing your own hair.

  3. I'm not understanding what a " Hair Color Bleach Bath" is? can someone explain

  4. If not done exactly correct (which takes a lot of experience and that takes years) you will permanently destroy your hair. Just do not do it. Leave it for the Pro's ONLY. . . . I'm very serious on this one. KC

  5. I respectfully disagree with you. I was taught how to do a soap cap in cosmetology school and started using them very successfully right away. With a watchful eye and a little common sense I think this is a useful tool for anyone.

  6. That's great, but KSHC is aimed at Crib Colorists - NOT Cosmetology Students. - I had a few people in tears because they simply would not read the directions properly and thought if a "little" is OK then "a-LOT" must be better in the "timing " arena, which of course led to breakage. I do not like to be responsible for those types of problems. . . . so If I can do something to eliminate that from happening I most certainly will, no matter what your opinion is.


  7. Wow...I was really enjoying reading your site and refreshing my knowledge. Then I happened onto your response to my comment. The "no matter what your opinion is." is a little off putting. Perhaps I will keep my opinions to myself. My apologies...


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