July 16, 2014

Eyebrows Look Better When They Are Tinted - PERIOD !!

I'm a light Redhead and started tinting my eyebrows when I was 18, a millennium ago! I had been told......by my brow shaper ( I had Andy Rooney Eyebrow shapes) ...that you just cannot see your brows at ALL and it makes your face look both unbalanced and unnatural. 

Boy, was that a shock, but in all honesty once she tinted them...I saw how right she was. I like beauty experts who just tell it like it is!

I am not the woman that goes and get a million beauty things done to myself, but was born with odd hair and odd coloring so some things JUST HAD TO BE DONE ! Working in a Salon, in my later years, I had access to everything and did only the mere basics. But Eyebrow Coloring is a must in my opinion - I would say we did it to 80% - 90% of all clients when working in the Salon. I have a lot of requests for an easy manner in which to do this....we have a popular kit in the store, all you have to do is fill in the Level and Tone of your hair and actually "I" calculate them all

I think eyebrows on just about everyone should be between the Levels of 4 & 8
so that's not many levels of hair color we have to deal with. 
Depending on your submission to me, I will even choose different lines of color according to what I feel will work better.

Then the other half of your formula will be the "TONE" you hope to be.  I am going to give you some examples to give you an idea.
Lets take these girls, for 'rights and wrongs' :

In my opinion her brows should be 1 Level lighter which would be a Level 7 Neutral-Beige


Here is perfect example of color to hair Level 6B Hair the same in the brown

Many new blonde's ask about having blond brows, this is why you don't !

This is why you darken the brows - when blond...to 'even-out' the 'look' of the face... she has Level 10 hair YET Level 6.5NB Brow.

Even with Level 1 Black hair , look how beautiful of a brow a lightened brow looks on her. Level 6.5NB ( same as the blond above) , superbly shaped. Most African Americans will bleach the brows completely then tint back with a lighter color. Oprah also uses that method of coloring her brows.

With this example the top shows how they look , when colored and shaped while being colored ( color expands so you have to watch and shape as you go) - leaving the color on 45-55 minutes or it won't last long. Even if there are no hairs there the tint, dyes the little hairs you have on your face to give the illusion of a nicely tinted and shaped brow.

 Big mistake here...2 actually, the color is too yellow and she needed 1 more application .......AND......... the brows are too dark. Yes Blonde's should have darker brows but NOT this dark. This is a Level 5 brow which I wouldn't even recommend for a Brunette! I'm sure this was fixed in 24 hours when they got the proofs of the photos!
Perfectly colored Level 6.5NB brow. that's why I feel even having 1/2 shades are very important. I will send you the exact colors when you order.

Isn't she the most beautiful person - wow. She has thinned and by thinning lightened her brow about 1 Level. That is a tricky maneuver and I would not suggest doing this at home. Find a brow expert.

Another one who usually gets it right, but her brows must be bleached because she is a brunette truly...they need a tinting of a 6.5 - 7 NB, these are no where to be seen and when you cannnot see a brow it is is weird looking .....it just is !

Last one, see even 50 years ago Marilyn got it right, they are a beautiful  shade of 6.5NB and showed be what Miss Gynweth (above) has on her million dollar head as well.

 Now in every eyebrow formula 1/2 the formula needs to be a Neutral ( or in other words a "N")
the other half needs to be the tone you are heading for.
So you will be purchasing 2 tubes of Color which should last you minimum 2 years.
Eyebrows are small and the shelf like of hair color is 2 years. You must be very very careful not to keep the top off the bottle of developer or it will loose it's "punch" as we refer to it...and that is important in this little hair coloring endeavor I feel everyone should do.

What you never want is blond eyebrows if you have lightened your hair, that is simply an 'odd' look, and if you don't believe me - just try -it....and see the reactions you get. Platinum's look best with a cashmere brown brow even.

So you will be choosing from 1 of these to be 'half' of your formula, this color determines the lightness or darkness you want your brows to become:


So now you get a good idea of some of those colors up above, just fill in your colors in the box at check-out and you will receive the coolest little Brow Tinting Kit around !

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