July 6, 2014

How to -- Begin Sectioning Hair to Apply Haircolor To Oneself ...............Crib Colorists Style

There are thousands of rules on application of hair color and with this new re-vamp of the Blog.... I have truly realized that there are thousands of points I have missed about everything. Seems hard to do considering there are 600 Posts written already...but a perfectionist is never satisfied....which can be a good thing and a bad thing....   Good for all of you who are yearning to learn.Bad for me, I already have enough on my plate  -- but April is going to help me this time, so we are very lucky!. But whatever, the number doesn't matter the education does and I started out wanting  a great education for Crib Colorists and I continue to want the exact same thing.

Lets Just Start with some Basic Tips about applying hair color and see where it leads us!

Hair coloring should be applied methodically

  • Quarter PART the hair......remember : 
  • NOSE to SPINE.....and
  •  Ear- to - Ear  with the tail point of a tail comb '

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