August 6, 2014

Kenra's New Line of Silver Metallic Hair Color - Successful ?

Wow I just wrote a whole post and the computer crashed, I always think that is a sign to shorten things up ! So, we are reviewing the fairly new Kenra product in their hair coloring line... to see if a company has mastered the art of getting a metallic into a tube of Color. How many of you think they did it?

How many of you think they didn't ?

But AAAnyway, I think Kenra is not being honest with their description and what is in those tubes of "color". 1st of All - until now I have not tested this line, I just was thinking all along "wow someone has finally developed Silver in a hair color..... that's awesome!" They have been selling pretty well and I have had no complaints. But, now that this has been brought to my attention by a Group member, I am going to crack open 2 of the tubes of color and test them for you (and for others) so we have true results and not 'jaded' ones.

Why do I say that? because I am guilty. I am guilty of being very involved in covering up AND 'coming up' with tricks no one else could figure out. The hair industry is completely guilty of that "times 10 !" and never more so, than in today's marketplace. All those ridiculous L'Oreal ads you see with Giselle lying her ass off in them.......make me so upset & sad now ... In looking back at what I did.... I just feel horrible about it, I really do. I just want to confess my sins to all the Crib Colorists out there, I am just so VERY SORRY, I didn't know better back then, I have confidence that if all my former friends - - who are Colorists, knew, how much it has really done that is harmful to the public...they would change, like I have.                                

But at least I have a way to make up for that. The Blog is there to make up for all of that..... the Group is here for that as well. We would do a commercial and use what we actually needed and then just apply a fake white cream that was the exact consistency of the product they were selling. I know - I know - I know ! What a jerk. Meet 'me' the King of all Jerk Colorists! To be honest I never asked if the company knew or not, I felt so guilty already....and I suppose I didn't want to know the answer. 

The worst part of the Kenra Educational Print AD link you see here, is: they package that Tube in a false manner. It says it right on the box : "Permanent Hair Color" .  Which would mean it should LIFT and TONE for a Level 8 & a Level 10 .... but the directions you showed me has the color ONLY Toning. 

What is a TONER? Any hair color that is used WITH 15 Volume or lower. It does not matter what it says ON THE BOX of hair color on ANY BRAND. The developer detects which branch of hair color the mixed hair color will be. The DEVELOPER is the 2nd most important part of the Hair Color equation, which so many Hair & Crib Colorists just don't realize. Using the wrong one will ruin your entire results. That's why those Box-O-Crap Hair Colors you find in the grocery store should be banned from the shelves. I mean,

  • What Volume is in that box?
  • Does the tube of Color Lift or not?
  • Do I need a Toner? ?
  • Are any of these boxes Toners?
Questions like these that are so important and for everyone, both Colorist and Client should know !!
Boxed color should be removed from the shelves.
....whoops. . . sorry I got off-track there for a little bit....
I went through Kenra's on-line web site and it continues to give everyone the complete wrong idea, it puts it on its "Permanent" hair color chart and marks it permanent on the box. Permanent means "permanent"...NOT "Toner".......which from the Ad........... is all this is. Oh and btw, In the Colorists world...we call that Blue, not silver!

So, what I am going to do is, I have decided to run Strand Tests on Level 8SM and Level 10SM of these so I can be more educated on my end, or see if they have really developed NEW Technology. Which I have a feeling has not happened ...otherwise they would be singing their own praises all over the place (Face book, their website, Twitter, etc.)

You know another thing about their educational information, they are having you use 7SM and 8SM - - a complete lie. You cannot detect a difference between 2 colors that are so close together. I assume you are going towards the other photos of Silver hair I have seen on their web site, not the short cut they show with this results. If you were going towards that you will see  you need to lighten your hair to a Level 11 - 12. Then apply both colors to the super lightened hair. if you want to truly see a difference in color they both need to be at least 2 Levels apart,

 I learned long ago, doing very complicated hair color procedures, if you want contrast within 2 colors (in your design) they must be at least 2 Levels apart

I will be back tomorrow with the results..... and then we will all know for sure.

2 comments on "Kenra's New Line of Silver Metallic Hair Color - Successful ?"
  1. I have very thin hair. Already a wide range of products I use to my hair becomes thick. But until now my hair is still thin. Is there a product that can be thick my hair?

    1. i suggest using THRIVEN , GLEAM and Intensive......use all 3 products and be sure to add the SECRET SUPPLEMENT ( one every single day )... stick with all of them for 6 weeks. We have an over 80% success rate with this.


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