August 1, 2014

Redheads - Redheads..........Who Wants A Redhead ?

I had an interesting request by a fellow redhead recently and it got me thinking, that I have completely avoided the whole category. There is a reason for that, it may not be a good reason, but it is the reason I was! I have left  'my own' out of this Blog completely and that is not cool.......not cool at all. 

My reason, which I have now realized is silly and horrible and the only thing I can do is try to change it and hope the rest of you don't take offense to. The reason I wasn't writing to Redheads is because redheads make up only 1%-2% of all hair color in the world, which is really very very rare. To be honest I leave 'black' hair out of the Blog as well and 'black' hair is the most common color in the entire world ! Get ready though ... I need to make up for that, to both categories of hair color. Just remember, because the level system 'can' be used, but not exactly the same, we both have much more limited choices than our brunette counter-parts !
from Deep Dark Red ... Light Faded Copper
 Just to establish my red hair color & Level so you can see if your own is similar and if not how different it is. My own red hair is considered Copper level 8GR, just like everyone I hated the gold or brass in my color. Which for the longest time was highlighted with blond, which took the copper and made it a Level 12 blond. I look back at photos now and still like my color best at that stage, I kept it that way most of my life, until I entered the Vidal Sassoon Academy. Just like in the rest of my my particular Class I was the ONLY red head. I wish Google was around in those days as you could not research like you can today. 

Today you can make such a much more "informed" choice, not that I would have made any different choice, because I wouldn't have. But as far as looking ahead to what I was getting myself into would've been nicer. I am sure those of you who are redheads out there have experienced the exact same rarity that I have. I don't care what non-reds say, it is difficult growing up redhead. I don't care how many people tell you how lucky you are. I'm not sure about many of you, but I kind of was raked over the coals when I was younger with my blazing red hair freckles and white skin....just not a pretty picture living 20 minutes from Malibu Beach. No matter what I tried, I could not get tan and boy did I stand out.

Those are my experiences, I would love to hear from other redhead out there????. Being as not one other member in my family had anything close to red hair....... I have blond and brunette brothers! I am told my Grandmother had red hair but I never met her so I had a very confusing childhood with the hair color. I hated it and bugged my mom for years to let me change it. Once I began getting blond highlights I liked my hair a lot better.

What other color would a red head want ? Every one I have ever talked to has wanted to be blond, because if you use the Level chart which you can transfer over to reds, Levels 6 thru 10 can be red and those numbers are in the blond range. The Level chart is a chart of lightness and darkness the Levels can be transferred over in certain ranges. I haven't done a lot of redheads in my life if you ask a busy colorist how many redheads they have many of them will say ZERO! I only had 2 in a very busy clientele of 15 years. I had a lot of natural brunettes want to be redheads and especially in the last year with Jessica Chastain.
Jessica Chastain
 I believe Chastain has single-handedly changed the public's view of red hair. When her film won the academy award I began to notice and feel a huge 'shift' in everyone's POV of the hair color. Which to be honest I had felt back when Nicole Kidman won her Acadmy Award so I call it Oscar Red. When an Oscar follows a redhead down the aisle...the shift in how the country feels about redheads changes and I LOVE IT!

 The rules are not exactly the same but basically they are. Like you can lift from a Level 6RG to a level 8RG by using a permanent Level 8RG on a Level 6RG and using which developer? 25 - 30 Volume - which lifts 1-2 Levels. Personally I have been all over the red scale pretty much every color you will see in the next photo display:

The newest red-head chameleon is Miss Emma Roberts, she has opened the red world up to the younger set and I would like to thank her for the boost. Such a young girl being bold about her choices, I see her wearing wigs some of the time, which I will bet she has learned from some older actors. What do I mean by that? Many older actors refuse to color their hair a variety of colors in order to keep it healthy and strong. Some of them take younger actors under their wing and tell them to refuse various hair color changes. Once smart, they put it into their contracts in order to protect themselves. Its hard to do that when you are in the "up & coming" phase.

Remember the Jennifer Lawtrence Crop? That was due to hair that was breaking off-- not by choice. If you don't protect your hair the studio will not give a shit either. Sometimes you get Studio Execs making the decision on what color hair the actors hair should be when that is the LAST person who should be talking hair color.

I will delve into a couple different hair color processes for redhead's, in up coming Posts.... but I want to give you a sentence that is in many hair color guides from years past. I want you to be thinking about it so that you ask me some good questions.

The Rule about Redhead's is this and I didn't know this at the time I went blond, I finally found it in older hair color guides and it made things make sense for me & for you ! This is a very old rule from the 50's even !
                              " True Redheads Should Not Be Colored Blond" !  

The person that asked me to write about Redheads being colored Blond needs to tell us what she is talking you mean Redheads that are colored Red or true redheads? BIG DIFFERENCE!  Actually I will tell you both I will also tell you about my adventures to Blond. 


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  1. My natural color is similar to the first Nicole Kidman picture, maybe one level darker. My mother's side is a long line of red heads, but she always referred to my hair as "dark blond". Maybe a hang up from her own youth as a "freckly redhead"!?(I escaped the freckles, but am very fair)
    I have always aimed at keeping my hair a neutral, slightly ash blond at around a level 10 with occasional platinum highlights, and achieved it a few times, but it has always been very hit and miss. Lately, I am often rocking the "silver granny" hair, but not by request :( Still, I prefer it to the very gold blondes a previous stylist was forcing on me, I can wash the blue/silver out to a creamy blond, but ugh, so frustrating when I know there have been times when I got the exact color I wanted straight out of the chair(it IS possible!).
    After reading that statement, I would dearly love to read your adventures to Blond KC! I guess I too am part of the 1-2% :)


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