June 3, 2014

Semi-Permanent Hair Color Has A New Name & I Am Not Happy About It

Semi Permanent Hair Color is the color that was called Glosses and Cellophane's in the
 70's - 80's & part of the 90's then that same color that was used for many different color correction processes, slowly began to disappear. It almost completely disappeared except for a couple of us LOAD-MOUTH Colorists, that won't let it disappear....keep shouting and pouting about the fact that we need it BADLY There are just some Colorists including me who realize how very important the category is !

Slowly the public is going to begin to use semi-permanents and see how to use them to play with and see how they can be used............
 like using different colors of eyeshadow................................to go with an outfit
...................................................or a season.
 They go in and come out without any damage  to the hair because of the way they are put into the hair strands, the color rests on the outside of the hair strands. Remember to always keep your eye out for HEALTHY ways to have fun with your hair.. . . . . there are ways,  you just have to hunt for what is right FOR YOU ! ! ! ! 
if you use pastels....our pastels are made in INTENSIVE as a base (beginning today), which is a pH Balancer.
Others may be to, do your label reading just like you do for your food. . 

For Example............ its Summer now and how wonderful it is to begin the season with a yummy Apricot Rose color . . .  one of my favorites 

 What define's a Semi-permanent Color from a Demi? Absolutely NO developer is used, you pour the color out of the bottle into the bowl and grab your tint brush and a wide tooth comb and apply in the exact same method........no 3 Volume no 5 Volume.....no ANY Volume...........and the name they have coined for this category of Colors, now is "Direct Dyes".  

Just today when I saw some new SEMI-Permanent colors.
 I was talking to the warehouse's manager and was corrected when I asked about semi-permanent Hair Color . . . ."Oh, you mean 'DIRECT DYES' as I commented on L'Oreal's new Color Chalks ." 

I wanted to slap her silly face......"Direct Dye".........who thought that lame name up ??? The public is not going to like that and as a Colorist it scares me that what I am hoping will add shine.............spark an unusual color........... and will shampoo out in a short amount of time.....isn't going to do any of those things by the sounds of that name. As usual I have suggestions for the hair color companies, The nice thing is ....if I have patience, in about a year all my dreams.... will COME TRUE.


Lets continue to call them Semi-Permanent & see if we can squash the bad name before it permanently invades!
Semi-Permanents are
wonderful for adding shine, smoothing the cuticle ( so hair looks shiny) giving the hair a gloss that lasts from 10 - 24 days depending on how much you shampoo............. BE SURE to use a Sulfate-Free Shampoo. 
Gives shine, gloss and covers gray for a short time . . . about 2-3 weeks depending on the brand and your porosity and amount of gray and what you are trying to accomplish.

killer chemist 

You know something I forgot to add there are semi's in plain colors, such as brown, light brown, dark blond, light blond, beige blond..........so don't think you have to follow the photos above to get the benefits of a wonderful group of hair color that is not very well known. I bet I could find a good use for every single one of you....Leave your Level and Tone in the comments section and ask me if there is a Semi for you somewhere iun the ever expanding world of hair color ...the category: Semi-permanent colors ;)

8 comments on "Semi-Permanent Hair Color Has A New Name & I Am Not Happy About It"
  1. Ahhh, your so refreshing to read! I think you are just the bomb, kid, THE BOMB!! LOLOL

  2. Absolutely love this post! Thanks for all ur knowledge! I am a 6/2 in koleston perfect but I find that it fades to a brassy color before I get a decent amount of regrowth! Could u pls recommend a semi.. would be a lifesaver! Thanku

  3. I am a level 7 copper gold red. I use pravana 7.4 and 7.46 in equal amounts. What would be a good semi to keep color vivid?

  4. Roots: level 5 natural brown, ends: semi permanent level 3 since February. Just hoping you can tell me why the semi-permanent dark color has yet to wash out? I was thinking about getting your hair color remover kit but read that it is for permanent hair color only. Unless I am mistaken. This is slightly off topic....

  5. That is a perfect example of the "false advertising" I speak of that these big companies do.....
    if the color you used ( which I am guessing was the "Crap-in-a-Box" Semi-permanent") because those companies do not follow the rules.
    They make up whatever they feel like to plaster Semi-Permanent hair color across.
    If it didn't come out in 2 -3 weeks at the very latest...I am sorry to say it is NOT Semi-Permanent" which means you can use the VANISH Kit.
    Be sure to put Vanish, or, Hair Color Remover in the SEARCH box above! - top of the page - LEFT SIDE . You will get many posts to read on hair color removing.

  6. Wonderful! Thank you! And yes, it was crap in a box, a disheveled and crumpled box at that.

  7. What colour is the girl in the picture wearing is unreal wow

    1. I cannot figure out which girl in which picture, there are girls everywhere and 2 on this post ?? Please clarify.


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