June 6, 2014

Extensions - Headach-extensions

My feelings on extensions... and why the bad news.

A lot of people like extensions, I even found out one of the staffers here where them, and she was afraid to tell me. The only reason I have the views I do. . . is because I feel the big giant companies and all their big money spent on advertising is leading the general public down the wrong road for the health of their hair. 

I mean I am beginning to see extension ads in everyday magazines and she told me she got hers at sally's...Sally's really? Oh dear Lord. The problem with extensions can be defined in 1-2 sentences...
There is really no safe way to put them in a head of hair. The people that want them, almost always have thin hair. Therefore, thin hair = weak hair. Look at what you are trying to do to already weak and fragile hair, you are adding what is like a big giant dumbbell to your present weak strands

How are extensions "ATTACHED" let us count the ways:
  • glue
  • adhesive
  • tape 
  • Cold Fusion Basically identical to Warm Fusion but the  keratin bond is not warmed, but rather ultrasonic waves melt the Keratin to form the bond during installation
  • Warm Fusion, bonds are removed with a special solvent, and tool.
  • Beads, 
  • clips
  • and the list goes on endlessly.............and you know why? 
 Because they have not found a way, nor will they ever find a way that will be safe for the hair on your head,1/2 the actresses in Hollywood have lost half their hair because they got in on the whole extension wave about 15 years ago when they were a hidden wonder to most people.They were tens of thousands of dollars back then !  Now they have millions of women in India, the middle East, Africa everywhere there are groups of humans with strong hair, making a good living on selling their hair. Most all of the hair that you will wear now comes from the country of India.

  Look at all that hair where the hair Bulb will be destroyed & hair won't grow again !

But I want you to think about what is happening. ....no matter how you try to attach the hair to your current strands it is pulling on your roots. What happens is........ they pull on the lengths .........which pulls on the roots  which pulls out the bulb .....and a hair bulb is where new hairs grow ..........which is how you continue to HAVE hair continuously growing. 

Remember hair is terminal it sprouts out of the root.....begins to grow stays on your head anywhere from 2 to 6 years. It then dies and sheds. That one Bulb stays dormant for 2-4 weeks as it gets ready to grow again.....Now this is where Extensions get in the way of your entire head of hair....the bulb gets damaged by the fake hair pulling on those bulbs - while alive - then when they go to sprout again they can't because the damaged bulb is just that --> TOO DAMAGED....... for that one hair to grow again. The major problem is that is happening on ALL OF THE HAIR

The reason they keep changing the methods of attaching the extensions is because the current method 'gets a bad name' so they come up with another one. Trying to trick you....

Why would ANY manner of attaching the extensions to your hair be OK, when... the problem is the WEIGHT OF THE HAIR pulling on your real strands and the hair bulb, it has NOTHING to do w/ the manner of attaching the extensions !

Don't fall for it.  If you really understand how hair grows on your head, it will make sense as to why no method will ever NOT PULL on your REAL hair strands and the LAST THING YOU WANT IS FOR YOUR REAL HAIR STRANDS -- NOT TO GROW !
3 comments on "Extensions - Headach-extensions"
  1. I agree with this 100 %. Look at Pamela Anderson. I'm sure she once had a normal head of hair. Now her hair is very short. Yes, it's a very nice cut and she looks good, but I don't believe she cut her hair short. I believe she simply took out her extensions and then cut what was left into shape. Same thing happens when you used eyelash extensions for too long. Your real lashes fall out.

  2. Has to be one of the most helpful, honest, information-packed posts ~ EVER!

  3. Than You.... I needed that !
    I'm always so afraid to say some of these types of things
    But, they MUST be said.


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