June 30, 2014

High-Lift Blonde Versus Bleach . . . Which Is Healthier For The Hair

............. is one of the #1 asked question of going Blonde. The decision for each of your hair should be simple. If there is brass of any sort after using Level 12 with double 40 Volume. Then you should use Cream lightener, If its beautiful after Level 10,11 or 12. Then that should be your choice

Almost always you get 2 different colors from the 2 procedures on the same hair....one person doesn't like the color she gets from the high-lift, but is very concerned about the health of her hair.
Here's what I have experienced:
Certain Level 7''s can achieve a gorgeous blonde with Level 11 or 12 or Level 12 with a booster...
Certain Level 7's cannot - it still has brass in it so you end up constantly applying Toners and purple shampoos / conditioners - - the more you do shit like that - it DOES take its toll on your hair.
The goal is to achieve the lightest blonde so you don't have to use Toners or anything else so that its a color that is beautiful and you can live with it.
If you can achieve that with a Level 12 & double 40V............then that should always be your first choice.

On the same subject, if you use bleach, it should be cream bleach - NEVER POWDER....
and Gleam, Intensive should be used & THRIVEN should always be left in overnight. ...after the application of either, if you take the time to do it right, then you will not have damage.

Aveda makes one of the worst colors and lighteners on planet earth, so I would stay away from that line completely ever again. Never use powder lightener. That's what cream lightener is made for, why don't people use it more???
Its more expensive.
but as a Crib colorist you are only doing your own hair so it shouldn't be that bad
The most important part of blonding are the other steps you do:
If you do this every time with 1 -2 Thriven treatments in between you should have
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  1. Hello I just Bought. Olaplex, intensive and the oil bleach kit yay but I bought the intensive thinking it was the thriven to heal my locks . Can the Intensive be used like an over night conditioner? or is it more of an after color thing ? Thanks so much Peace love & Respect

  2. INtensive is a pH balancer. It removes any traces of hair color left over and returns the pH to normal which locks the color in.
    No, it is not really a deep conditioner, especially not like THRIVEN. THRIVEN and the secret supplement create bigger changes than Olaplex or anything the Dermatologist can give you. I promise if you follow them both strictly for 90 days and if you happen to be in the lucky 84% of people the combo works miracles on....
    you will have the biggest smile on your face ....ever!
    I'm telling you its a lot easier and a lot healthier than ANYTHING on the market.

  3. What if you don't want to be super-blonde? I'm naturally a level 7. I want to be lighter, but not uber-light or platinum. Is 12.19 the only color that will work to lighten, or can you use a 9 or 10? Are there any pictures of approximately how light 12.19 will take you, as opposed to a level 9 or 10 (I realize the exact color will be different for everyone)?

    Thanks for the info, KC. I've spent some time reading the blog, but it seems most posts are about going very, very light.



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