June 1, 2014

90% Use Hair Conditioners .... Yet Nearly 75% Say Hair Is Damaged

I would guess most of you have thought at one time or another that the health of your hair seems to be mimicking the way you feel...am I right? The state of your health, stress or worry, dieting, sleep patterns, pregnancies, menstrual cycle, long and short term illnesses, fevers, and very importantly, the drugs, vitamins and minerals you take to counteract them all. Every one of these can affect your hair.
Hair is super sensitive to internal changes. Your hair is the second fastest growing cell in your body, the fastest being your intestinal cells. However, unlike your intestines, hair is a non-essential tissue. It always makes me smile at the fact that the hair is a non-necessary part of the body...........YET.............everyone cares more about "IT" than any other tissue !

Psychologically it is very important, but physically, you could easily survive without it. Your metabolism doesn’t prioritize your hairs needs, but instead aims to keep your essential tissues functioning first and foremost.Which therefore means. . .your hair is usually the first to suffer from any bodily upset, and also the last to benefit from an improvement.

What's the Damage?

More than 90% of women use conditioners but nearly 75 percent say their hair is damaged. 

What is wrong with this picture? 
The Conditioners don't work?
Why do you feel your hair is damaged, when almost all of you are using Conditioners.
I would love a lot of feedback on this question....please answer in the comments section below so I can begin to address your concerns.  

These numbers by Marie Claire magazine are no surprize to me...its something I have been working to combat for years, its just very hard when you feel and think you are about the only one that is trying to combat this issue. But I trudge on...now through this method, maybe just maybe I will reach the kind of numbers I hoped to before.

The health of your hair has always been my main concern. Before anyone had heard of trying to have 'healthy hair' I had hair care cards printed up to give my clients after their first appointment with me - explaining my theory of hair care many of them were shocked that I even cared. There has never been the proper education in hair health, there aren't even any decent books written on the subject in print so its understandable that the general public truly has no idea where to start to have healthy hair.

The gap between the 90% of women that use conditioners..and the 75% that say their hair is damaged can be lessened ....but ONLY if their hair regimen is changed ...obviously the present one is not working.
Although a case in point is a current client consultation I have and this has happened many times before says to me her "hair is damaged". Then I see photos of her hair and her hair looks very healthy to me. When asked , "why she thinks her hair is damaged" , she replies well I have colored it, doesn't that make it damaged ? The answer to that is a big giant NO.  Of course there are many who have colored their hair and it IS damaged but the actual answer to that question is solved by the touch,the color, the porosity and the shine of it. You CAN use Crap-In-A-Box Hair Color and have healthy hair.....Now don't go run out and buy it, because that is usually a Level 5 ..... who wants to be a Level 5....and you apply a pH balancer after the application.

the survey in Marie Claire 
also notes that 79% of women
 are on a mission to solve
 their damaged hair problem

So many of the problems and complaints I hear are preventable I wish I had a daily television show and could review these methods . . because most of them are 100% preventable. Not all and yes there are some legitimate problems out there. . . but nowhere near the 45 million women that are currently suffering. If my 10 steps would be followed I can guarantee there would AT least be 1/2 that many suffering from hair loss - thinning  and bad damage....and I would be much more accurate if I quoted the number 75% ! That is a significant amount of people that would be cured and would be living a much happier and healthier life.

Lets go over a couple steps for review. When trying anything new {as I have to try this new diet a Holistic Educator has given me this past week} I will try it for 90 -120 days, if I see no results by then, it may not work for me. I think you should follow my lead, it always works

#1 Nutrition........You must change this category & it is not about eliminating food it is about adding the proper foods to make sure you are getting proper nutrition to keep the hair cycle from dying out and fading away. Eat breakfast every single day and eat protein for breakfast - eat broccoli at least 4 out of 7 days...... an apple every single day / a handful of almonds every single day and the Secret Supplement - Protein is a must, and the egg white is the perfect protein for your hair's health. Proteins are used to build tissue cells, including the cells of your hair, skin and nails. 80-85% of your hair is composed of a protein called keratin. Dietary proteins are your hairs’ building blocks - they make your hair strong and help keep it in its growing phase

#2. Water......If you cannot drink the water out of your tap.....then it is too lousy for your hair as well. You need to invest in a shower filter for the shower you use. You can get them for $50. up to $150.....Aquasana seems to be the most popular - scope them out on the web...for a good price - you will need filters and I'm telling you this makes a big difference in skin and hair.!

#3. Shampoo . . . . This is soooooooo important, please throw away all your old crappy shampoos that are not sulfate-free. I have been touting this horrible ingredient for years and finally the shampoo companies are all coming out with a "sulfate-free' model - which makes my job so much easier

Your hair is composed primarily of protein

#4. Stress-Free Daily life > you will probably chuckle at this one, like oh sure that's easy to do.. When people used to pay money to the clinic to become a 30 or 90 day client, they were required to follow all 10 steps, I know they never DO follow all of them but I pray they follow the most they can handle. This step requires 2 activities I tell them are imperative...if you are gun-ho are repairing your hair, do both of these - you won't believe the improvement.

  1. #1 Yoga for 35-45 minutes 3 or 4 days per week- the UPSIDE DOWN factor is what helps this the most

  2. Walking 35-45 minutes 3-4 days per week with NO music and No other people - ALONE -> absolutely NO electronics allowed

5.Water . Must drink at least 1 quart of WATER every day. Water energizes the root of the hair strand and that is where the decision and the future of your hair lies....IN THE ROOT. People don't realize this but each individual hair is "terminal"  it lives on your head from 2-4 years, then dies and sheds. Then there is a rest pattern before another hair strand is formed, don't you want that new hair strand to be strong and virile. It needs lots of water to begin its new life.

The only way to turn health starved hair into luxurious hair is by drastic measures...it CAN be done....my old clients used to do it all the time.

6.)  Use Spray Leave-in Conditioner after Shampoo - I happen to believe in a different system than most as far as shampoo / conditioner.  I don't believe in a daily conditioner that is heavy and creamy....I believe in a very light spray-in Conditioner- such SOMA Leave-IN Conditioner- following your sulfate-free shampoo. That way your hair is not weighed down, and is light, loose & free to blow in the wind on YOUR WALK !!! see above!

7.)  UV Protection - Your hair can burn, just like your skin. This makes it more prone to splitting and further damage. If you sit in the sun for a prolonged period of time, protect your hair with a  leave-in protector or wear a hat.

The hair cuticle protects your hair from damage

8.) Stay away from Hot Tools. Such as flat irons, or what many of you call straighteners. Curling Irons, Crimping irons all tools that develop a quick Style by frying the Hell out of your hair. These tools, might as well say on the box: This tool will break off 1/2 of your hair if used at the higher temperatures.....which everyone does OR if you repeat the same action on the same section of hair. How many of you repeat the curling or straightening action on the exact same section of hair????  Is every single persons hand raising?........because it should be ! ! !

 I don't expect everyone to be a martyr, I have recently added my favorite Blow Dryer to the store,we all want to have nicely styled hair .... if at least for going on a date, a wedding, a party, any special event....some like to style their hair every day ..... when you do....  the least harmful hot tool for your hair is a blow dryer and a round or half-round brush. So please use those if you absolutely don't like to leave the house without some style.

Remember this question I'd like to see answers for:

Why do you feel your hair is damaged, when almost all of you are using Conditioners. I would love a lot of feedback on this question....please answer in the comments section below so I can begin to address your concerns ??
1 comment on "90% Use Hair Conditioners .... Yet Nearly 75% Say Hair Is Damaged"
  1. I don't think I had ever had damaged hair, even after coloring, but I had always felt like conditioners (usually the ones bought from the local stores) did not do anything to my hair to improve its condition or keep it moisturized. When I started to educate myself in ingredients and what they do to hair I have realized that most oh them did not contain enough protein, or at all, just silicones to keep it slippery and boy it did annoy me :( Although I am not a chemist (but an engineer), I did learn a bit in primary and high school and I couldn't believe they would use something that does not benefit the health of the hair just to make money instead. Since coloring my hair I have seen what contributes to the health of my hair: authentic oils and good quality conditioners without alcohol, keratin protein masks and incorporating protein in diet.
    At least where I live people still use cheap conditioners, and although I try to explain to whomever I can that that they don't work, I still don't get a lot of credit, they just say the I am genetically gifted with the health of my hair.
    I hope you still have lots to teach us or to answer us. One thing I would like to see about formulating would be how to choose proportions when combining different colors, I still don't get how much blue-violet to use to get a desired level of 7 or 8 (of course the starting level matters)... should it be half the formula? or a third? just some guidelines on how much to combine of different shades,so we wouldn't make that many trials and errors. I know there is a groups and I will apply to it because I am very interested, but maybe this thing isn't clear to all of us who just read your blog regularly.
    I really appreciate all your work.
    Regards, Cristina


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