October 13, 2012

Universal System of Hair Color - From Level 6 to Level 9

 I have had a few women upset at their results using hair-color lately. I cannot help them because they did not follow the rules of the Universal Level System.... no one wishes it was a free-for-all more than me...I really honestly do, it would make my life so much easier. But it just isn't...they have not discovered how to switch from brown to blond (without removing all your old color first). 

Some of you are saying to yourself : well my Stylist went from brown to blond with highlights on top of highlights on top of  highlights...........well I have never done that & I never would. It destroys your hair ... ruining hair for a very long time. You may not notice right away... remember this term : DD - means Delayed Damage. It doesn't show its ugly head for 8-10-18 months....but I promise you it will using that highlight technique. Now remember everyone, there are always exceptions to the rule in hair coloring - the Level System is devised for the 90% of us that it works on..     
I'm just trying to get through to you that..... you need to take the Red, the brown, the black the purple OUT OF YOUR HAIR first. You must have no color in the hair at all. But this also is not a wonderful choice for this Step by you home hair colorists ... as you will see by the next paragraph...whatever you do........do NOT stop reading at this point.

Let me give out the formula for going from a Level 6/7-VIRGIN color to a nice Level 8.5 - 9/ no brass:  
                         9.02 X.Factor Color + 30Volume    X.Factor Haircolor

The Formula for going from Level 2-3 VIRGIN color to a nice Level 5 - 5.5N/Brown is:
                        7.0 + 7.10 X.Factor Color + 20Volume  

 Both of those formulas are a true knock-out, they really are, but they only work on virgin hair. Because those of you with color on your hair presently - cannot use a nice 9.02 to get a beautiful 8.5 / 9 -- what do you do? 
Remember my line, "Not All Hair can be all colors". 
That will not change the facts...... it simply will not change the chemistry of the Universal Level System.  I can just hear everyone screaming, ''..whattttttt..!? "  across the land. 

For about 20% of the people trying to accomplish this maneuvar  you may try 
After Vanish : 

12.20 (X.Factor) + 40 Volume  or

11.02 + 40Volume 
- depending on your hair porosity it may work - it works nicely I may say, on those 20% !
There is only one other way to achieve blond - post color /post Vanish . . . .that is to use one of our Oil BLEACH KITS & Tone it down to a Level 8. It needs to be strand tested for absolutely sure before you ever think of starting. 

It seems some of you think, that when you found me & my web sites that you could just choose any colors and I had some magical powers for any hair color experiment to work.
Trust me I don't.
What I do have the power to do..........is to, EDUCATE you in the Universal Level System of Hair Color Formatting . . . which by the way is used in over 100 counties, so that is a very very large system. I can't think of another system that covers that much territory ?? (can you?)
Which many of the group members have learned all by themselves........which is incredibly empowering to me..........so I keep going
I challenge YOU to be one of those people too !  Join the group and join the Newsletter, I have been spending a lot of time in both places. Its hard to cover 3 teaching territories in 1 week.

Don't let this discourage you...........if you have questions.........ask them in the group please...
thank you,

                  Killer Chemist
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  2. Hey KC. I tried to access the group today (I've been a member of the group since probably 2008, 2009 at the latest), and google told me there is no such group!


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