October 27, 2012

Hair Color Removal & the 'Shampoo Train' !

Gentle & Safe Tricks to Remove Old Hair Color 

+ Intro to KC's "Shampoo Train"

 This trick normally would be the one I recommend you head to a Professional for, it is about the toughest project you can take on in Hair Color - there almost always is one "Hair-Color-Correction Specialist in every town. Or at least here in California there is. Encourage Stylists in your area to specialize in it they will become very very busy.

First we want to talk about the Malibu 2000 Color Correction Packet.
 The Color Correction  particular packet is used for a multitude of applications, let me pin-point the important ones:
  • old hair-color removal
  • mistake's in hair color
  • Shampoo Train step 
  • Prepping hair for NEW color
  • Remove 'many' of various Krazy Kolor brands
  • removes chlorine, metals, build-up - prior to coloring ANY color
 As the title says it helps Correct hair color mistakes...sometimes not completely... but it loosens the molecules in your attempt to remove hair color undesired.  I have been using these packets for 15 years, they make such a difference in both coloring results AND in the health of your hair....they are very reasonably priced and we include a Cap with ours free of charge ... they work much better if used with cap - the cap helps generate heat on the head for optimum results. This tip and trick has been kept hush-hush for many years, from the head Colorists at V.Sassoon. The difference it makes in the coloring of your hair is wonderful. You may use this packet as well as any in the Malibu 2000 line to keep the metals & gunk in all water now, out of your hair. Many people love the light and clean feeling of their hair. Try one, you'll see. 

The Shampoo Train is my little cute (effective) trick for helping change hair colors semi-often. Depending on the procedure of course, and I remind you - everyone is different.

The SHAMPOO TRAIN  goes like this :
Purchase or use that one bottle of sulfate-shampoo you have hiding in your cupboard  that is super cheap  + has sulfates in it... you know every bad thing there is.or you purchase one at the drug/grocery store.. You are only using it for this one process so there is nothing to worry about. Then as frequently as you can : shampoo the hair ferociously (not scalp - just hair strands!) -- being sure to spend 4-5 minutes -- scrub - scrub - scrubbing ! ! scrub the hair in your hands with a back & forth scrubbing action - like a washboard almost. The last step is to either:
  •  leave the shampoo on the hair  for 30-45 minutes with a cap or 
  • if you are really trying to have it work fast... you will need the heat of a Hair Dryer... and dry it for 15-20 minutes.
  • Now you may do this procedure 4-5 times in one day or over the course of  1-2-3 weeks - its all completely up to you and how big your project is. ..... and all these applications are why the "train' reference.......... as it just keeps going and going !
  • This is the description of the most radical Shampoo Train  - - then you may condense it down to your situation ! OK? Get it? Questions? Use the FEEDBACK buttons in the store.
 Now, the most inexpensive/compact version of a blow dryer was this little Dryer system you see ( click it to purchase).....They come in silver & black -- so don't expect any particular color.....but they last a long time and work well for this and a multitude of things. * dry velcro curlers * deep condition with Thriven or you deep conditioner * Hot Oil Treatment with Gleam * Heat up your hamburger !! j/k......you watch all the reasons you find for this!

. . . everyone tells me they love it - - - we carry this great compact version in the store for this and for deep conditioning which you should do when completed with this entire procedure PLUS use INTENSIVE to save the pH.  This contraption turns a blow dryer into a hood dryer - they fly out of here because they work for a multitude of hair applications. After that you  shampoo.  What this does is loosen the color molecules that are lodged in your hair.  

OR... If you are having problems lightening a color a little that way ...then you next add this Color Correction packet, do the complete application as stated on the packet....then the shampoo train -- then the Color Correction packet -- and back to the Train and on and on.... one then the other... and for the perfect Color Removal process you would Shampoo Train for a few days in a week
Isn't it funny... so many of us color our hair and do everything possible to get it to stick and stay in the hair.. now here we are trying to get that same color out ! ! 
The advantages of the Shampoo Train procedure are :
  • lessens the amount of Vanish you have to use
  • Most Gentle method of shaking up molecules you plan to remove
  • Boxed hair Color can be next to impossible to remove, this helps the process not cost so much.
I admit it is very time consuming. But when I started writing this Blog there were many people who could not afford VANISH...pretty much anyone can afford the Color Correction packet & do the Shampoo Train...while you save up to purchase Vanish...you can be doing this. I promise - IT WORKS ! ! ! !

Of all the Treatment Packs this one is Great for alternating with VANISH -- when trying to get old syrupy mollasses-y Boxed Hair Color out of the Hair.

Now the Shampoo Train experience comes from trying to take actors who wanted different colors all the time ...and do it safely and gently so this is my own little treatment that stems from my training at Sassoon... it works well. There is the wonderful Color Remover called VANISH we recommend. But, doing any hair color process, even removing your color is just not healthy to do every day or every week. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of room to play...and we will go into all the ways when someone poses a question they want answered.

The last trick for stubborn color
In order to begin, depending on the previously colored hair you will need to pick 1,2 or all 3 of these procedures first.

There is no magic to this problem , you must get the color out of your hair first, in order to change colors. I know it sucks. 

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  1. Dakota,

    Did you get the email with my mailing info? I can't wait to do my hair - I swear I've re-read these directions at least ten times.. Haha, the suspense is killing me!! Also, will the directions vary any if after using the Phantom my hair is lighter than my natural color (there is about a 1/4 inch of grow out)?? Because right now, my natural color just blends right in with the previously dyed a million times over hair. Thanks!!

  2. Ashleigh,
    i got a notice that you made a payment but they also said not to send it yet...is this the first time you've used PayPal?....I imagine I will get the go ahead on Monday, or maybe you should email them?
    Your Hair: Remember Phantom does NOT lighten NATURAL color. Only artificial color. Does that answer your question? it was a tad confusing

  3. ooops hit the send button, by mistake....
    Let me know if that answers your question.. or not
    Blue Skies,
    Killer Chemist

  4. Dakota,

    Nope, its not my first time using Paypal - its showing as a pending transaction on my bank account, so maybe its just waiting to clear...? And I think you misunderstood my question... Let me see if I can rephrase it so we're both not confused. After I use the Phantom my hair that has been dyed will be considerably lighter than my natural hair color, of which I have about a 1/4" grown out (give or take).. will this change the directions when it comes to bleaching it? I just want to make sure my hair is one even tone, not darker or lighter at the roots. Also, I read the directions inside the box for the Wella toner... They are extremely vague. Any tips or tricks I need to know so I don't make it to the end and mess it all up??

    Thanks a million,

  5. SHAMPOO TRAIN question:

    Hi Dakota!

    I'm posting this on your blog rather than email in case other people have this question. I've read everything about the shampoo train, but think the fundamental concept is still missing in my head (and on my head! haha)

    If you have previously color treated your hair with dye tint (NOT bleach) the process works by the lightening/lifting action of the developer and then the addition of whatever color is in the tint (right). SO when you shampoo train, you are trying to draw out the color, but the lift/lightening will still be there?? Or does the shampoo train pull both the color and the lift (how would that be possible anyway...)

    I ask this questions because your advise to me on my blonde level 9 orange hued hair that needs to be toned, is to start with the shampoo train. My instructions are to start with the SHAMPOO train then tone with the Joico Demi Platinum. Makes sense, but since I don't mind the lightness (for lack of a better word) of the hair and just the orange color, would the SHAMPOO TRAIN still be necessary?

    So, in case I'm being confusing, the main question is, What exactly is the Shampoo Train doing? Taking out the color deposits only?

    Thanks (and sorry if I should get this....)

    Take care,

  6. Ashleigh,
    That's a logical question...but when you use the Phantom you will see that it leaves the hair an odd kind of super light goldie orange color (depending on what's underneath) On the last box I am saving for you I opened the box and XEROX it, so I could have the directions handy (just ordered another few dozen of them)in case you had questions...I know I need to write up my own and before you use it...I was thinking at some point I may have to start giving out my phone number...I can't keep up with all the lengthy emails this takes... I promise once you start using the bleach things will start to aLL MELT TOGETHER,...... THAT IS A VERY LOGICAL question though...just remember to not put the bleach on the roots till the very end.....That can give you too light roots if you put it on the roots too early . that is everyone's, biggest mistake that I give advice to when they are not in the same room as I am. PUTTING it on the ROOTS til THE end.The remainder of the hair eventually all lightens up to the same when you are putting it on twice or leaving it on a few hours...it must get very pale yellow white. I'm thinking most of you will have a tendency to take it off too early. But we'll see i guess.
    Killer chemist

  7. hi,i want to know if it is safe to use on bleached hair as i have recently had shades eq by redkin which is semi perm and a 5rc ontop of the bleached chunks.Im a cosmo student and my instructor put in a lev 1 onyx in and i added the 5 rc to bleached parts.i will be applying for salon jobs and want a fresh canvess to start off with to create a beautiful trendy but aproachable hair design for my hirability .I think he put onyx into my hair which is fading but was a horrible choice for my skni tone,i put the rc in for some spunk.which products would you recomend?shampoo train and then phantom...or???I am so thrilled to have discovered your site so please let me know what to to to help keep it alive and strong!thankyou,anj

  8. YOU need this product AND do not let anyone ever put black on your hair again///EVER. . . .Its a big NO NO once you get into this world......you will see
    Start the TRAIN,today

    order VANISH and never put black on your hair again

  9. Hello!
    I'm desperately trying to get rid of all the unnatural color in my hair. I'm game to follow the "shampoo train" and the Vanish Color Corrector route but I had some questions. I've called everywhere looking for the Malibu2000 Un Do Goo but no one seems to carry it. Any alternatives? Also, for the other treatments is it Wella In Depth conditioner or is it the Wella pH Balancer? or both? I'm very anxious to get the ball moving :) Thanks a bunch!

  10. tigerowens,
    YOu can get it all from me, I use PAY PAL and sell all professional products to all of my readers, I just don't have a full on store yet, we all use PAY PAL, and am thinking about adding some PAY NOW buttons, so its easier for everyone... but if you would like to order everything, just send me an email and put ORDER in the SUBJECT...Killerstrands@gmail.com .
    Its wella In-DEPTH ( not pH balancer)
    killer chemist

  11. I have read the at home method of using dawn or tide detergent. Tried it and it worked well but very drying. Deep conditioning with Biologe Balm...Anyway...Soap is soap...or is it? I like this train method and will probably use it a lot now that my natural color is changing and I havent figured out what to put over it yet.

    So my question is:
    Is it ok to use dawn/tide?
    (clarify shamps dont seem to work as well)
    Have you tried "color oops" an OTC color remover?

  12. Curses,
    NO NO NO to tide or detergent, the surfactant is wwwway to drying and damaging to hair, Way worse than SLS and I do NOT recommend that technique at all.
    The shampoo train works, I have used it for over 18 years....and never had a problem, maybe you are not doing it correctly....the trick? leaving the shampoo ON THE HAIR for long periods of time, Plus doing it at 3 separate times in one day if your hair is unusually stubborn. Its not meant to work FAST, the most healthy way to remove color is slowly and gently and in the manner. If you are in a hurry VANISH is your product.
    THAT OOPS stuff, is a huge no-no.. I have had more bad reports on it, I would only use one product where the formula has been around for 20 years. It works molecularly and does not use developer or anything damaging....it is the most wonderful product.
    People wince at the price but when you consider that an application in an LA Salon starts at $150.00 and goes up to $800 even more..( depends on how many applications) - its quite a deal..
    I've never had a problem - it is a patented formula,not to mention it is not available to the public. OOPs and whatever that other dumb one is called is a cheap ass attempt at technology they would be majorly sued for...
    ....... if they truly had it down.
    The formula was invented by a chemist at Schwartzkopf in Germany, and then the patent was re-sold 2 times in the last 6-7 years which explains the name change. Landing at a company that has put the finishing touch on it by taking away the "sulfur smell".
    It is now............. perfect.

    I've never tried the others I've had many complaints and desperate pleas for help after using them.
    I wouldn't try them, after that.


  13. Hello,

    I am from Finland I just heard about Color Vanish corrector, or what was the name... Anyway, I have coloured my hair for about 3 1/2 years black, first 3 years mostly permanent hair colour (garnier, schwarzkopf), but the past 6 month I've used Sante's vgetable colour, which is also permanent. I would like to get rid of this black now, but I would not want to spend all my money on bleaching process, which I know will damage my hair radically and maybe my hair even falls off, who knows. So I have been looking desperatelly some new kind of hair colour remover, and maybe the best is Vanish? I kinda got the impressions on your text that you recommend it? My only problem is, that I am not a cosmetologist, so will I ever get it to myself? From you somehow? I really am stuck with this black colour, and soooo want to get rid of it- yet- gently.

    Another question: does the Vanish in anyway damage the hair? And how many times do you suggest (if I had it) I'd have to use it to get all to black color off? Is it even possible?

    I really would appreciate if you could help me, here in Finland color removal is only possible by bleaching, and I really don't want that. Thank you if you could answer me!

    If you don't mind, could you answer me also the copy of your text here in the comment box to my e-mail, which is jingo.greebo (at) gmail.com. Thank you so much! You're my only hope at the moment! =)

    Sincerely, Anne

  14. where do i start?? i'm a natural level 2 with fine hair, in the past couple of months i've bleached my hair to a yellowish stage my goal was to reach light to platinum blonde(kinda did the double process thing) freaked out and applied about 3-4 different shades of color ranging from dark blonde to chocolate brown (within a time span of 2-3 weeks). WRONG?!? I know! Anywayz i waited about a month and a half but then to make it worse 2 weeks ago i wanted to go back to my natural level2 color but applied garnier nutrisse black!!!! now i'm stuck with the dullest black color i've ever seen. There's a question i swear :) so now i'm wondering about a couple of things:
    a. why does my hair feel soooooo dry brittle and soo unmanageable when its wet but when dry very smooth and natural.
    b. i've purchased a product called color oops and i'm thinking of givin it a go (since i got all worked up reading ur posts and thought i'd give that platinum one last shot) but i wanted a review from you as to how well it works in my case.
    c. can i really really reach platinum with minimum damage, coz my hair is medium fine.
    i'm a middle eastern arab so you can get an idea of my hair type.
    pls email me at htmaa@hotmail.com

  15. Hi Hanna! I hope it is okay I try to help a little. This is a pretty old thread (From 10 months ago) so not sure how quickly anyone else will be able to find this and help you...
    It is entirely one thing to take hair that has NEVER been colored, and lift it from a 2 to a 10 (with bleach)... an entirely different thing to take hair that has color - and a lot of BOX color on it, and try to lighten it (MUCH harder). Plus... sorry, but Garnier Nutrisse is a box color, and box black is the worst to remove... read the blog on why box colors are bad... and box color (as noted above) is the hardest to get the color molecules out!
    I would re-read the blog, and also check what the blog says about hair OCD... it is common, really, and the key warning signs are here... it sounds (if I"m counting right) like over the last 2 or so months, you've put on SIX different colors? (bleach, freak out, 3-4 colors, then Garnier black...). The best options are at this stage:
    a) start the shampoo train....
    b) condition, condition, condition (you really need to order and start using the Thriven, I believe - your hair sounds like it has the kind of damage mine had after overprocessing)... probably, as I had to, do Thriven 2x a week (and I'm now 2 months into the regime, with visible improvement!)
    c) and patiently read up on the blog until your hair is recovered, before you do anything else.....
    Just IMHO, but I suspect very strongly that as you are reading the blog, you WILL see the same answers there...
    Good luck on the restoration of your hair health and shampoo train... and I do also highly recommend ordering your color and products from Killerstrands. (I'm not "Killer Chemist" just a very happy customer and on the group).

  16. Ok, I have used black. This was about 2 hours before discovering this site, 2 days ago! This is a semi-permanent color, and when I look at it in the light, it still has a hint of warmness to it. I also put Special Effects color (a mix of pimpin' purple and blue mayhem) on prelightened slices it the front. I know this will fade, but I decided I liked the lightened/non-purple look better (I now feel I have to wear black or purple to coordinate with my hair!).

    Can you point me to where you have information about why not to use black? And, is there a good way to remove the purple, without doing my whole head? The purple is a little TOO purple...if it were a little more on the reddish side, it might be better.

    My hair is naturally level 3, I typically color it to a level 2...sometimes with a violet base. I have fine hair, so I try to only lighten in small amounts.

  17. mrs allard,
    black has a certain pigment in the color, that does not want to come out of the hair...no matter WHAT! Its impossible to get out. It grabs the hair and does not want to come out of the hair, so many times it must be cut out of the hair especially if you have very porous hair.
    if you insist on tinting your hair dark - use a level 2 or 3 which is 'darkest brown' - - it "appears" black and will come out of the hair when you want it to.

    There is simply no reason to ever use Level 1 black - - - in my opinion.

  18. Hi,

    After reading this I am wondering if I need to do a decolorization with the Shampoo Train and Vanish on my hair before I color it with the Koleston product I ordered after my consult with you.

    Do you think this would also be a good idea? I already ordered one bottle of Malibu Well Water shamp (which you recommended for ST as well) and Thriven...


  19. MAC GOD:
    yes, I was thinking about that...recommend you review the new post by JANE, who will be winning my CRIB COLORIST AWARD for her documenting of her hair color project at home. . . and what she has to say about using VANISH prior to doing her color.
    I had no idea she was doing this. Its done very well . . considering she was "alone" and in tiny bathroom . . but it all worked wonderfully.
    I'm thinking maybe you should. Its up to you - but I would be doing the TRAIN right now with whatever lousy shampoo you have sitting around. Your order should be there tomorrow or next day at latest I'm thinking.
    But I could get VANISH out quickly, it comes with entire kit to accomplish...which is why people buy the kit.
    so glad to see you are reading and learning
    I love it


  20. Hello,

    I'd like some of that vanish please!!!

  21. I could really use some Vanish colour remover, I'm a trained stylist/technician. 8 years experinece and would like to try this out : )


  22. vanessa,
    just join our group, or give me your email, we have a group that is a GOOGLE GROUP with almost 500 members
    and you can get as much as you want. . . . we give detailed instructions in the group on how to use it - so its very thorough.

  23. Meant to leave these comments ages ago!! Last summer I decided to lighten from black to red. The front of my hair was already bleached, but the rest of my hair was black. I applied 2 applications of Vanish and it removed all the black!! I had much less to do in becoming a redhead after that than I expected. Be sure to follow the directions, because it does fool you to think it actually will make your hair even lighter, but then settles darker after applying 10 vol. peroxide (if I remember the directions correctly). My hair was a medium brown after the Vanish.

  24. Hello I've been reading the blog but just can't seem to find where you talk about the bleach soap cap? help please

  25. Hi there!

    I don't know if anyone would still see the comments on this blog, but I'm going to try anyway.

    I'm confused about one thing. In this blog entry, it says to use one or two of the methods listed to remove old color.

    Method 1 with the bleach basically lightens the hair, but also lifts your natural color, if I'm not mistaken.

    Method 2, the Shampoo Train is basically a slower version of the Vanish, correct? Removing any color deposit, but leaving your hair color below it alone. Meaning, it is doing the same thing as the Vanish, but over a longer period of time?

    Method 3 is the Vanish kit, which will remove the color deposit in one (or two) steps.

    You recommend using two of these steps, but I'm assuming you mean either 1, 2 or 3 OR 2 AND 3, but not all three. Am I correct?

    Also, between 2 and 3, which would cause less damage? Can I continue on to tone after using method 2 or 3 with no problem or is there a waiting period?

    Thank you!

  26. Hi,
    I’m kind of new here. But I’ve been reading and reading for over two months everything I can find on your blog. I’m in a tough position because I’ve been caring for my elderly mother for the last two years in a small town in SC. I really need some help.
    Before I ended up here I lived in a suburb of NYC but couldn’t afford to go to a salon for color so… I started using a box to cover my first grays. The first two years I didn’t color more than once every 6 months or so.
    Whatever I was using was ok, but then they stopped making it so I had to find something else. Meanwhile my hair is getting more and more gray and more and more damaged.
    I wasn’t fond of anything I tried but I thought it was better than nothing because after a couple of months it would wash out and it looked better than it did at first.
    Fast forward to today… I suppose I could try to find someone to help me take care of my mother while I drive 2 hours to the nearest city to get my hair colored by a professional but again that would cost me a small fortune and I really can’t afford to do that.
    I was getting my hair cut by a local girl and asked her what to do about my gray. She told me to find a “deposit only color” and use the “lightest shade” I could fine. Problem was I couldn’t find anything that said deposit only. So she told me to use Just for Men hair color and get the lightest shade. She told me it wouldn’t change the color of my real hair it would just add some highlights to the gray and it would give my hair some dimension.
    Ok, I admit I didn’t think this a great idea but I figured I’d try it. How bad could it be? It’s BAD! I haven’t touched it since then because right after that I found your blog and decided to wait until I could learn this and figure out a better way. And I’ve been trying; even taking notes like someone else wrote they did to figure out what I should do.
    There is one other thing that I’ve done to ruin my hair and that is, I bought a used convertible after I sold my big suburb car and I don’t wear a hat when I drive it. (It’s my only fun in this difficult situation) I will promise to protect my hair with a scarf or hat if I can ever get it looking good again.
    All that said, I hate to admit this; I’m still sooooo confused… can someone help me here? I think I could figure it out if I didn’t have all these different colors in my hair. If I had my virgin hair I think I could figure it out.
    I have bought Go Big or Go Home and In-Tensive. I think I need to get some Vanish too, right? But I honestly don’t know what to do to get my desired color.
    Yesterday I found myself in a Sally’s store!!! I looked and looked and looked and I asked a girl for help but then I kept seeing what I’ve been reading here flash in my face and I left without buying anything. I thought I could find a toner or some magic that would get through until I knew what to do.
    So I answered the 14 questions to the best of my ability and here I am, hoping someone can help me…
    Thanks for reading this very long message!

    1. Texture - Fine but with course gray
    2. Length of hair - just below shoulders
    3. Ethnicity - white
    4. Has hair Been Bleached – yes (I think), with Hair Color Just for Men (shoot me!)
    5. Porosity – Not sure but I’d guess the ends are very porous, new growth average
    6. Boxed Color? How many? – 2 in the past year. Before that, 1 every 6-8 months for 5 years.
    7. Percentage of Gray 25%
    8. What Type of Color is on ...Box Hair Just for Men – recommended by the girls who USED to cut my hair.
    9. Straightener? No
    10. D.U.R.P. - Dominant-Underlying-Remaining- yellow-orange
    11. Your opinion ...Resistant – the gray is yes
    12. Virgin Color - Level & Tone 4/5 red-orange
    13. Current Color - Level & Tone - 8 yellow/orange/brass, 1 inch New growth 4/5 red-orange bottom
    14. Desired Color - Level & Tone 5/6 gold

  27. Thanks for giving tips i have learn much to this article how to care from hair fall and get beautiful hair.

  28. Hi Gals, do you have any idea on how to solve my problem with My hair that is so thin? Does a Hair coloring helps my hair looks so thick?
    Pinup Salon

  29. My hair is look like dark brown.Shall i recover it to black color .Is there is anyway mean kindly give some suggestion for that..

  30. I have heared a lot about this but today after reading this blog I came to know some of the essential aspects about decolorizaion. Lovely information. Keep it up

  31. Color correction by using color gels, or filters, is a process used in stage lighting, photography, television etc......
    colour correction

  32. There is VANISH in our Store . . . www.killerstrands.com

    Of course you may fix hair color with filters for photo shoots, that is a given. These are people who color their own hair at home and many times end up with disasters and damage.
    Of course there are many hair stylists that did not learn what I know...not until I stopped doing hair did I realize that everyone just didn't do it like us.


  33. Will this work on natural blonde hair that has been dyed black for the past year? Thank you

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