October 9, 2012

Its Not Easy Creating .........Volume !

Well, this is a sweet little product... Let me tell you a few things I like, then you can see what the company says about it. As you may have noticed we don't carry a zillion 'styling products' ... the reason for that is 2-fold:
  1. most of them do not do what they claim
  2. where I live everyone prefers 'natural' hair pretty much

But, when someone stands up for a product in today's world, I take that as a great and most times 'reliable' recommendation. That is why I put that FEEDBACK button in this store......................> .......................................> ....................see it over there?................>> I hope you all will tell me a great product you have used for a while, or a suggestion as to what you would like to 'see' or 'hear' from me. I would greatly appreciate it, now back to the miracle foam. 

This product works wonderfully for root lift, which so many of us need in today's world.  In order to get it 'just on the roots' it comes with a accurate spray nozzle for this thicker type foam that shoots out -  it will take a time or 2 to get used to - but its well worth the little bit of effort. Shake it well and take aim right at your roots (brilliant feature) , this provides that Lift we all seek as well as some hold. For those of you with curls, I think this is a great option - it doesn't have any of that weighing down feeling OR stickiness.
I used this foam with my Velcro roller trick . . . purchase some 2-3-4 inch diameter Velcro rollers, after your shampoo....use Soma Leave-in Detangler comb through..........then wait till it is about 80-90% dry.  People think you need to work on drying the hair when you do not need to invest the time. You can get almost everything you need done the last little bit. Do shake and spray and the roots of every 2 inch section all the way down each side of the hair and then the back. Comb the foam thru 2-3 times then use the roller and roll up your hair finishing the roller off with a silver pronged clip. 
Use the flexible dryer  http://killerstrands.myshopify.com/products/blow-dryer-deep-hair-conditioning-system  ... to heat up the head and hair.. taking break every few minutes...to let hair cool down.  Once cool & dry take out rollers and let the hair cool down before touching.  Shake it out...brush /comb it out.... and style.... Wait till you see the volume. If its too much which it might very well be... use a comb/brush and brush it 'out'.... Next time put a little less and just get it on the root area, you will figure it out I have faith in you ! That is how we reach heights in hair like this photo. 

Granted that is a very rare OCCASION .. but .. if you use about 1/2 the amount of foam the next time you or even less you can find a happy medium and begin finding a quick and convenient method of using this foam for daily use !

here is the company stats:

uplifting foam details

what it is

Weightless volume-building styling product
Pinpoint delivery system concentrates the spray pattern at the root area for maximum volume and lift away from the scalp

why you should use it

To create maximum lift and volume while blow-drying
Hair will remain soft and pliable yet full of body and bounce
Excellent for create long lasting style retention

when to use it
Spray onto freshly shampooed, towel dried hair

how much to use
Spray generously onto towel dried hair in a zig zag pattern
Spray extra product on the root area to increase the level of lift and volume away from the scalp

how to use it
After applying product, comb through with a fine-tooth comb from roots to ends for even product distribution
Section hair and begin blow styling at the root area, lifting the hair away from the scalp for maximum volume
Work from the roots toward the ends until the entire section is dry
Brush through after hair is completely dry to blend the sections and create fluidity

 Hop on over to the store and purchase a bottle and while you are there? 
PLEASE-- fill out the FEEDBACK button and tell me a subjects or subjects you would like to hear about. . .regarding hair and anything you can possibly think of that interests you. 
No one sees the submissions but, me............
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