July 12, 2010

Remember When the UnderCut was Limited to Those w/ the Unfortunate Title:Trailer Trash?

Rhiannon : now the POSTER GIRL for it – and Never Did I Think I Would Love It As I do

I just love this new cutCrown n Glory347
Its hard to see on this photo, but what ‘Undercutting’ refers to is the sides and lower part of the back are either shaved very close to the scalp OR as we do in Vidal Sassoon- use the Scissor-Over-Comb Technique of shaping the under hair very close to the scalp. Leaving the top section very long, so it kind of flips flops across the head[……..and that is kind of a cult trend hot in Europe right now, with Rhiannon bringing it to the states.
But it makes sense I guess, I’ve always thought ‘outside the box’ - - and this cut is nothing - -  if not - - - - outside-the-box!
They say this cut works best if you have an oval face shape with petite features…..to determine your face shape  —> look in the mirror - - draw around the shape of your face on the mirror with an old sharpie. . . . check the shape on the mirror. WALLLLLA!
The fashion forward trend of Undercutting has begun and I’m hoping it catches on here
This cut is for :
  • fashion forward
  • makes trends not follows them
  • works on thick, fine,curly , or straight hair
  • needs a striking color ( of any type)
  Rhiannon has had many fantastic version of the UNDERCUT . .
Crown n Glory348

For some extra PIzazz in the color department the trend for the summer is the newest trend of using PASTELS. AS you see here:

The method for making pastel Krazy Kolors will be talked about in TCE: the new underground private Forum & Store that will be opening within the next week   . Please stay tundeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Crown n Glory299
Crown n Glory349
And Last but not least is the styling of the Undercut. You are going to need
VOLUME-VOLUME-VOLUME  …. of the long layers on the top
I would recommend 2 different products we carry for volume and hold … All I love
Kevin Murphy’s  - Anti.Gravitylarge_KM_Anti.Gravity150ml - - - which he advertises as “oil-free……….now remember my theory on all the years of hair products and skin products selling us “oil-free crap?
The reason it was ridiculous was because they were using silicone’s and esters which are not “classified” as Oils….and why was that any big deal???? Because Silicones and Esters are what they put in breast implants.. . . . and nothing clogs pores more than a “NON-OIL” such as silicone or ester. I always wished I could let everyone feel what a silicone felt like. You would never use them again.
Well, I was a tad leery of Kevin Murphy's oil-free claim although I have a lot of faith in every product he has..somebody  taught him right. But with ANTI.GRAVITY there are NO SILICONES + NO ESTERS…..there is lavender flower water, copolymers, honey extract, squalene, grapefruit seed extract . ….and on and on the ingredeint list is dynamite…. the way it works………….even better. Great Volume! Great Ingredients!
The other product? sleekhair_2113_221562194 Schwarzkopf makes a whole host of excellent styling products…..I have loved every single one and they are probably the number one brand in southern California stylists…( I always have used a mish-mash of brands……But Schwatrzkopf’s OSIS LINE  has this amazing Spray Wax called AIR POMADE….light—Air-y- but with texture hold…non-greasy texture with natural shine and piece-y separation…TO DIE FOR. Just love it. I have always loved spray wax’s it leaves the hair in just the right texture….I LOVE IT>….
I will get this loaded on the store. . .  Asap. . .
Watch For TCE its getting Closer . . .   to REALITY I cannot believe it!
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