July 1, 2010

Brush Versus Bottle, guess the Topic?

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…Hair Color Application Methods

At the beginning of writing this blog, there were quite a few topics I was both oblivious and nieve about. This was one. Since youth I had always had my hair colored professionally – then switched to Vidal Sassoon Academy and that was my pretty limited exposure to how the HAIR World did things. 
  • I never knew there was anything but foils to put hair color in…. the ole plastic cap and hook technique was a complete surprise to me
  • Then finding out people applied hair color with a bottle had me puzzled as the next unknown
With a little research I found out:  The ‘bottle’ method of hair color application has been used as the longest form of color application. Seeing it the first time puzzled me, as it didn’t seem the easiest. I like “order”, steps and things done in a certain pattern with the "BOTTLE APPLICATION”, it was just kind of a free-for-all manner of application, which in hair color is not always the best. Cutting hair should be done in a strict pattern, coloring hair should be done in a pattern and applying color should as well. When applying the hair color, it may seem like as long as the color is in the vicinity it will saturate the hair strand, and that just isn’t the truth. 

When learning the Sassoon method of cutting or coloring hair they have broken the process down into geometry. At first those words ‘scared’ me, and it wasn’t until I had a little experience under my belt when I realized that way was actually the “easy way”.
Geometry works simply because you are working with a “ROUND” head and STRAIGHT hair strands growing out from it. Logically it makes sense.

Back in the day, hair color was mainly in bottles….so it was more ‘liquid-y’ than it is now. Almost every single hair color company (except Clairol) has switched to hair color in a TUBE in today’s world. When it was more liquid-y they could use a bottle for an applicator I suppose. But still, it is not the  #1 method for clean / clear / precise application.
With Hair Color in a tube, the color of today has more “pigment” in it, which of course results in better coverage, the problem is getting it applied smoothly and evenly. Which we have mastered via the Tint Bowl and Tint brush method.
When using a Tint Bowl 
you mix the hair color

with the Developer

with the TINT Brush

to a nice and creamy consistency. . . . . and apply using one end of the tint brush to part the hair into quadrants and then into sections hair404. . . in order to press the hair color ONTO THE HAIR to be colored. The pressure from that brush makes those color molecules go through that cuticle and into that hair strand.
We are not talking “paint” here . . .
we are talking the chemical reaction of an OXIDIZED hair color
in order to have the best outcome, the most even glorious color, it needs to be applied with a tint brush.
Give up the old – dated - ‘makes-no-sense’ method. . . and splurge with the tint bowl and tint brush method
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