July 30, 2010

Boxed Hair Color vs. Salon Professional Hair Color vs. Sally’s Hair Color

Friday July 30, 2010

Most of the Hair Color is manufactured by the country’s largest advertiser, P & G (Proctor & Gamble). They own most of the Boxed Hair Color brands, Frederic Fekai, Sebastian Hair, Graham Webb Hair & all of Wella and many – many other brands. So they  {very quietly}  play all sides of the coin. 

I think its absolutely hilarious because they produce the Boxed Hair Color which forever I have called “JOB SECURITY” for hair stylists or Crap-in-a-Box - take your pick. Boxed Hair Color is a bonus to any Salon Owner….. why? Because as a Salon Owner you bank on the fact that you will at least book a dozen appointments a week to correct the color that Boxed Hair Color has ruined. So that means that  one company produces the color that destroys your hair with BOXED HAIR COLOR…….and also produces the color they fix it with (Wella) How typical is that of BIG BUSINESS in AMERICA? But lets get off that band wagon because it goes no-where . . . just FYI.

What I would like to point out today is that ALL permanent haircolor….whether it be the hair color you purchase in Walmart, in Sally’s Beauty Supply( the world’s largest beauty supply), in your local beauty supply or in KillerStrands . . . is all . . .  based on the EXACT SAME CHEMICAL Process and science - there is NOT..............let me REPEAT "NOT" 2 different sciences
One for the professional's and 1 for the Home hair colorists.

It all works the same and for about the last 100 years hair color has barely chaged, there is no unique wonderful discovery that changes your life. That just doesn't exist.

Most of the raw materials used in hair color are actually colorless molecules called intermediates, which are in a clear liquid form or are coupling agents which combine with the intermediates and an oxidizing agent ( hydrogen peroxide – developer) to change their appearance. These small dye molecules possess a color-forming capacity, and it might take as many as six different intermediates to make the color.

The intermediates and coupling agents penetrate in the hair shaft where they oxidize or develop into permanent, insoluble colored pigments that are trapped inside the hair.  
The Level System color manufacturers have created wonderful varieties.

What my true message here is that there is only ONE METHOD for Coloring the Hair. Some times the companies mis-lead you into thinking the hair color you might buy that is considered (with absolutely no documentation or authority) Professional”… might be a more complicated or difficult procedure of mixing and/or application. Nothing could be further from the truth. All hair color contains the exact same 2 parts.
  • 1 tube of hair color (pigment )
  • 1 'part'  Developer in varying ratio's (in one of these strengths: 10V, 20V, 30V or 40V, etc..)
Apart these 2 ingredients make absolutely no change to anything. The 2 ingredients must be mixed well together in a bowl in the proper measurements, applied to the hair and given time to PROCESS or DEVELOP( Usually 45-60 minutes) I see all these ridiculous commercials touting the advantages of some new hair color that develops in 10 minutes. Yes, it will develop, but it won't last, which makes you need hair color more often.. I mean, when you go to a Salon they will always have you sit with the product on your hair for a minimum of 30 minutes, I urge 60- 75 minutes. 

What's the hurry?? 

Once you get it on, don’t you want it to develop to the proper color? Well, IF YOU DO . . . it is going to take an hour, and you just need to commit to that. Chemical Processes like this do not work properly in “minutes” . . . it takes TIME!
The myth that leaving the color on longer will make the color DARKER, is simply NOT. . . TRUE. If that were the case why would these lines carry 120 DIFFERENT colors? They could carry 10 colors and leave each one on for a different amount of time, but THAT.........IS..............NOT.............THE..........CASE !
These professional colors have a "stopping action".......they process to the level and tone of the color you purchased and then they stop working.
All the various hair colors whether it be Sally’s, Walmart, your local Beauty Supply, KillerStrands, any of the professional lines…all permanent hair color works exactly the same.
Take a Tube of Hair Color ...........mix with Developer.........stir..........apply......& process. My point being - please process for a full hour to get longer length coverage and always follow with a pH balancer like INTENSIVE, to lock the color in.

This is where I want to make things crystal clear for everyone. The Hair Color process is one - single - solitary Process. 

There are 2 ingredients necessary for any hair color to work :
1.) Hair Color Pigment Cream
2.) Developer ( hydrogen peroxide)
Now when you purchase hair color in a box it also  has 2 ingredients….. the same exact 2 ingredients as in the professional hair Color. 

So don’t ever think  hair color anywhere is any tricky system. The difficulty comes from figuring out your exact formula for what you do or do not have on your hair presently. That is the key factor for what makes the hair color formulations different.
Killer Chemist
2 comments on " Boxed Hair Color vs. Salon Professional Hair Color vs. Sally’s Hair Color"
  1. Obviously, you are not a hairstylist.
    Different types of hair color call for different mixing ratios, and a cup of developer? WAY too much in most cases. "Tubes" of color can contain anywhere from 2-3 oz of product, in which case you are telling your readers to use 8 oz of developer, which will do nothing but dilute the color.. which is why you feel like you have to leave on your hair for an hour. Manufacturers never recommend that vast of a ratio, normally it is 1:1 or 1:2

    P&G does make most of the box colors, color you find at Sallys, and professional hair color. That doesn't mean they are all made of the same ingredients. That horrible smell you get when you mix your color from a box or from Sally's? That's the heavy ammonia that P&G puts in their color to literally shatter your hair follicles and PARALYZES YOUR HAIR to hold that color, only to wash out sooner and suck out all of the moisture from your hair.

    Most professional hair colors do not contain ammonia. That's why salons don't STINK (unless you go to a dirty, unsanitized salon). Hair stylists are licensed to know how your hair reacts to chemicals and formulate accordingly, does your color from a box do that? No, it doesn't.

    1. I've been to many salon and I can absolutely tell you that all hair dye contain ammonia. Even dye that salons have like matrix,Goldwell,Wella etc. of course there are dyes that instead of ammonia contain Mea (a substitute for ammonia), the diference is some hair dyes contain more ammonia than others. So unless you specifically go to a salon and say you don't want a color that doesn't contain ammonia I'm pretty sure that they one they will apply has ammonia which is a chemical that has been used for years. Ammonia or Mea is use in hair dye to open the cuticle so the hair color gets into the hair shaft if there is no ammonia Mea there is no color.


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