July 24, 2010

Artificial Hair Color already in Your Hair?

The Single biggest Road Block in Coloring Your Hair
Previously tinted hair creates the biggest rock-in-the-road for most people trying to become a Crib Colorist. I do understand how hard that concept is to fully accept, because as a hair stylist I know I never announced that fact to my clients. Now looking back, I wish that I would and ‘could’ have.
There should be a warning on every package of hair color saying : “ Once you have applied this Hair Color to your hair, you will not be able to treat it the same….not until it grows out……as far as future hair color alterations “. That is a HUGE statement, and I understand why the hair color manufacturers don’t want to do it. But the Tobacco manufacturers didn’t want to apply that warning about: how those cigarettes you are purchasing, are killing you, either. Some warnings – just need to be announced – as a matter of good faith.  I’m telling you I did not fully understand the concept until I was about 6 months into the Salon world. . .so I fully understand the confusion clients experience.hairgraphic6

Once your VIRGIN hair is altered in any way, all the rules for coloring your hair go right out the window. If you are reading and comprehending that for the first time, consider yourself lucky. But it is imperative that all of you know this. I address this idea about 3 times a year, but I am noticing by many of your emails that it needs to be monthly. badasshair392
  I will point out that once you have lightened your hair is not nearly as problematic as once you have darkened it (from your VIRGIN color). 
Can you figure out why that might be?
Once the hair is lightened you have a blank white  (almost) pallet…so to re-color it, is easier (in most cases) . The problem you will find if you were to go directly from the Level 10-N (neutral) of the photo on the top to the color of the bottom photo, is the need for the process called “filling”. Filling is a bit more of an advanced technique and I will be covering that in the NEW FORUM we will be introducing shortly ( you may purchase a membership in the current store if interested ).
If you have color more similar to the bottom photo and want to go light, that requires you to remove the dark color first. We call this COLOR CORRECTION. The Statement I quote all the time is this : Tint cannot “lift” Tint – or Color doesn’t lift Color - - Or Hair Color cannot LIFT/LIGHTEN other Hair Color - -  no matter how you say it …….it all means the same thing that sooooooo many of you have a hard time understanding.
Once you put that first box of color, or Sally’s hair color, or any of those inferior hair colors on your hair . . . you are committed and your hair will never be VIRGIN again, or at least until you grow it all the way out again. I’m only relaying the message, in hopes of getting more of you to understand the most important Rules in Hair Color : Once you Color it once, all the rules for coloring it in the future CHANGE and become an entirely different ball game. Think long and hard before grabbing that box at that discount store.  . . . .Do you really want to lend YOUR hair to the inferior quality of a $8.00 box of color you picked up at Walmart? Please - - Please think about the repercussions of that.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
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