January 22, 2009

Suds Inauguration or Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Great Hair Starts in the Shower

72796816 Clean hair equals shiny hair, right? How do we get properly cleaned tresses??? seems like it should be so easy... yet, so much of the time I will listen to more people that do it all wrong, I mean after how many years . . so many of you are hearing for the first time that there are some hard and fast rules to cleaning those strands that can help keep them on your head, and help them grow and flourish to their best. I want to review this once and for all so there is one central post I can send people to when I hear once again what they are doing to their hair.
Most of you have more interest in your hair looking remarkable than you do your skin, yet the care you take for your skin blows away the care you take for your hair?? Come on, hair is as fragile and as delicate as skin and it needs to be taken care of properly and I promise you it will flourish and grow and become that hair you always wanted, I watch the change happen daily ... weekly... and yearly with clients all over the world, now. It's skipping those extra few minutes that can mean the difference between so - so and super-shiny hair.
Dirty hair carries a lot of debris, from product build-up to exhaust fumes which can have a really dulling effect. Quite 200222985-001simply, clean hair reflects more light than dirty hair, so lathering up with a good quality shampoo and rinsing well is the quickest and most effective way to achieve glossy hair.
When it comes to products, choose shampoos that work with your hair type and are ALS and SLS free which I speak over over about. You may not hear it anywhere else but I will go to my death bed saying I think SLS & ALS contribute to hair loss for both sexes. Look for moisturizing ingredients such as Panthenol, which pumps up and conditions the hair and low pHs ( like citric acid) that tighten the cuticles for a flatter and more light reflective surface.
As your hair grows from the scalp, its at the mercy of a daily bombardment of weather, heat-styling and pollution. While the skin is able to constantly repair and replace its cells, your hair can't

dry run . .. use a wide tooth comb through dry hair before wetting ...tangles breed tangles... Remove knots from the ends first, then gradually work your way up the hair shaft -- combing from roots to ends will cause untold damage. Combing not only removes tangles, it helps shift dust and dirt too -- the first step to clean hair.
Get Wet . . .without water, there's no lather, so thoroughly soak your hair from roots to ends with water from a shower Filtered Shower head - there are so many good ones out there (both skin & hair will thank you). Treated water also means you need less shampoo to get a good deep cleansing lather.BA17529
be gentle....don't scrub or use super hot water . . . tepid/warm water and gently smooth fingers over and through the hair, massage pressure as you lather up will clean the hair and scalp without damaging or tangling the hair.
lather up.....Pour the shampoo into your palm and rub your hands to78314088gether before smoothing the shampoo over your hair. Read the instructions on the bottle so you know how much to use - EVERYONE uses too much shampoo- everyone. There just is no need of a handful of it, which I know most of you do. For a long time I gave out these tiny plastic cups for people to put in their shower...with the instructions - fill this half full and make it work for your shampoo. It was very revealing to hear all the comments come back, "....wow, my shampoo lasts so much longer" , ......." cool, I used to waste so much shampoo"....etc.. If this is most likely you, for your hairs sake - right now go put a teaspoon in your shower, or a tiny plastic cup that measures 1/2 - 1/4 ounce out. Gently rub the palms over your hair, before massaging the scalp with your fingertips for about 30 seconds. run fingers through your hair from front to back every now and then to avoid tangles and distribute lather down the hair shaft towards the ends. Not all shampoos create lots of lather - the best ones >don't...so don't be looking for oodles of suds . . . be happy with the less foam the better. Loads of bubbles many times means a cheap surfactant ( the ingredient in the formula that 'cleans').
twice is nice...use a small amount of sulfate-free shampoo, and concentrate on the scalp and roots, as the lengths don't need too much lather. Repeat the wash to make sure your hair is scrupulously clean.
rinse and rinse again ... you can never rinse your hair too much, many make the mistake of not rinsing the shampoo cleanly out of the hair, which makes for dull - drab hair - something I see daily in lines and in public everywhere. Such an easy problem to solve, once you get your shower filter on your shower head ( a must, unless you have your water treated) - always rinse in a shower head even when taking a bath....bath water is not clean water - your hair needs a crystal clean rinse. Lots and lots of rinsing

condition or de-tangle . . 71990488 . I'm not in favor of a (daily) conditioner. The point of a conditioner is to solve bad condition in the hair, if you must constantly use one then it obviously is not doing its job, so it's pointless - and even worse, its gunking up your hair - making it necessary to use a clarifying shampoo. Silly isn't it? Its an endless cycle that shampoo manufacturers have the majority of you shampoo buying public caught up in. So you are buying 2 bottles when you truly only need one. That way it bumps your shampoo price up to what both bottles cost you. My suggestion... is to use that amount to purchase a better shampoo.... shampoo that is SLS-Free. If you are that particular person with that certain type of hair that needs "de-tangling" after your shampoo then my suggestion is a spray de-tangler - NOT a daily conditioner. A spray de-tangler is lighter, more problem specific, and works better, to conquer the problem at hand. There are many of them out there, I have a list of a couple I like. Even a shine serum works better than a daily conditioner, if you have one try it. . . we used to used that solely at Sassoon on show days.

blot - don't rub don't rough up your hair with a towel or you'll ruffle the hair cuticles that need to lie flat for a shiny finish. Remember, wet hair is weak hair so fold the towel over it when you're finished. never twist it up turban style . . .gentle - gentle. Most of you do not have tangle-y hair, so break that habit of reaching for conditioner . . . its simply NOT necessary 85% of the time. If you do...need it grab your de-tangler and once your hair has the bulk amount of moisture out of it , spray the de-tangler on and comb or brush through. Different hair needs different tools, some need a wide comb some need a paddle brush whichever pulls on the hair the least. Wet hair = Weak hair. sb10064317d-004
The process is complete - bet you had no idea the shampoo could entail so much, once you re-arrange your habits a little, they will become second nature and it won't seem like a headache. . .I promise. Its just learning the correct way with a few tweaks here and there, I promise, when you see the difference it makes it a lot easier to do.

Daily hair care regimens were once simple, now that the word has spread out there about Sulfate-Free shampoo - I finally can feel secure in the fact that people are listening and making the move to my theory about the drawbacks of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate as surfactants in shampoos. They are beginning to take a little more time in the care of their hair. All of my thousands of clients in LA, Malibu and southern California immediately switched and began living the 10,000HEADS Regimen the first day they sat in my chair. I have taught my clients how to have better hair as a part of their experience with me, I am sure it is why my clientele skyrocketed from the day I set foot in the Salon world. People WANT their hair to be better, I am sure of it.... and for the life of me I don't know why no one has done this before me...but who cares at this point. I am just glad you are reading this and hopefully you will jump on the 10,000HEADS Hair Strength System Band wagon . . . . and flourish like the other thousands.
Now, I would like to throw some Statistics at you so you can see how big the world of hair and shampoo is. . . the statistics for 2008 aren't quite ready yet... so I am going to use the 2007 numbers. According to Information Resources the shampoo segment enjoyed a growth of more than 3% to $1.4 BILLION ( that's with a "B" !!) for the 52 weeks ending Oct. 7 2007.While its not a huge improvement, the rise is notable for such a mature segment. Some of the gains are due to recent launches in shampoos that are considered "premium" products targeting consumers looking for a more customized solution to their hair care needs (shampoos purchased in Salons, Internet - such as SLS-Free).
Shampoo chart999
Unilever who owns Suave has the top spot you see. . .and the name of the line (they have many) that did the best, was the one they threw "Naturals" on the back end of the name. Now, I just reviewed the ingredients in this line to see what their big claim to fame was that was "natural", it has the extract of Freesia, which is a flower and used for fragrance solely - there are no benefits to using it but the fragrance, and then the only other ingredient is Aloe Vera Gel . . . which I guess is all they felt they needed to put naturals in the title of the shampoo. That is what I mean about the labeling and the mis-leading of the entire hair manufacturer industry does to you the consumer. It just simply is not fair to you, I mean it still has ALS in the formula which is the addition of the cheapest surfactant on the market and the most harsh - one more time.... through all of my research and studies.... I believe these ingredients contribute to hair thinning and loss in women of all ages. When people switch to the 10,000 Heads Regimen . . their hair loss and hair thinning begins to halt. Now I cannot say that everyone's trigger point is the Shampoo - - - I just know when they change - their hair gets better and the shedding stops. Originally I was shooting for just getting the loss to stop, the shedding to HALT . . . . that was all I thought I had the capacity to learn and cure. Who knew my little self made protocol would start working wonders on people from California to Thailand . . . but I used common sense and I had lots and lots of eager clients who were willing to run the experiments and tests with me, I guess that was a very lucky advantage, that at the time, I should have been more grateful for.200518825-001
I can't wait for all of you to jump on board - start with revamping your shampoo, its simple and start the change to have better hair.
It gives me a chill every time I get one more on board. So hop on everyone.

Killer Chemist
Killer Chemist
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  1. Where can I buy a filtered shower head? Also what are some good brands. Thanks!

  2. Believe it or not Loew's has some! I have one where the filter fits into the handle of a hand held shower head. To change the filter is really easy and it is quite reasonable priced. The replacement filters should be changed every 3 months and only cost around $14.00 for two. That's about $2.35 a month plus the initial cost of the shower head. It's by Sprite.

  3. Thanks Desert I will have to check out lowes.

  4. to All,
    I bought mine online, although I've heard they are everywhere now-a-days.. I used Allergy Buyers Club and went for the ShowerUP brand which had worked out perfectly I"ve had it for 2 years...and it works perfectly and is mid-priced ( $60.) and is an overhead waterfall shower which is kind of cool. here is the link


    Its worth it for your skin
    AND hair, Everyone needs to go this route, be sure to mark your calender as to when to change the filter, that is the important part - to change them on schedule.
    Good luck

  5. Wow, this changes everything about the way I will be doing my shampoo/cond routine. I can't stop reading this blog today, it's amazing! Thanks so much for all the great info!!!

  6. I recently purchased a sulfate free shampoo by L'oreal called EverPure. It says 100% sulfate free on the bottle and I couldn't find any SLS or ALS in the ingredients. Do you know about this brand, is there something I'm missing under the ingredients cause it was pretty cheap ($7). I have to use sulfate free products cause they irritate my eczema but it's good to know they'll help the quality of my hair too.

  7. I've heard alot of hoopla about this EVERPURE Line... Its one of the big manufacturers first step into the SULFATE-FREE market...admitting they go along with the idea - - - - finally. (yahoo!)

    Now, I know everyone just wants a sulfate-free shampoo they can get at the drugstore, and if this is what you can afford than YES, get it. I happen to hold my standards a little higher for my clients and for my readers... and hope you will throw a couple more bucks onto your budget for shampoo, its just sooooo important. There are a list of SURFACTANTS that I go off of, and 2 of the surfactants used in EVERPURE are not on that list.

    Yes, I'm picky.

    I watch thousands of people lose hair thanks to lousy surfactants . . so I started to pay attention to them. . . .


    Yes, EVER PURE is sulfate-free and is OK.
    I Still wish for people to purchase your shampoo through KILLER STRANDS / your SALON or to get the list and search online . . we have a page of shampoos, and I am more than happy to get you all the large Gallon size if you want - which is very economical.

    thanks, KC

  8. Hey, KC..
    I am trying desperately to find a great SLS free shampoo. where can I find your list of rec's? Also, do you suggest a specific detangler? I absolutely MUST have a conditioner or detangler or my hair is a knotted mess. Though I'm trying to change that too by finding a ph balanced SLS free shampoo. Do you like the Giovanni poo's? Please help. Thanks so much!!

  9. Hi Killer Chemist!
    I have a question. I just started using WEN cleansing conditioner. I absolutely love it. Only it runs out so quickly! (8-16 pumps per use!) Is there a product that is just as creamy and wonderful, you could perhaps point me to? I really enjoy it. Or perhaps you know of something better?
    Thank you so much!

    Ps. I'm so happy you're vegan! I was a raw foodist for about a year. Once I graduate college, I think I will go back to it.

  10. Killer Chemist, HELP!
    I colored my hair black, (Clairol Natural Instincts) before I knew box color was bad for you. My hair is normally brown. It's been months and my lighter roots are obviously showing but the black hasn't faded. How do I remove the color or do I just struggle with the appearance as it grows out?
    Thanks so much for your help.

  11. anonymous,
    I have asked Detour to redesign our shampoo page in the GROUP,I don't think he's gotten to it yet.... so that All the SLS_-FREE shampoo's I support are there on one page for you plus the large sizes(the best buy)... and then the newest detangler I have found that really works
    ( Personally - - I have the most tangle--eey hair ever! so I fully understand the problem) Buy it from me, its called ECOLY TRI-WHEAT LEAVE-IN Conditioner & Detangler ....its made by the BIG SEXY HAIR company.... and it rocks, NOBODY's hair is such tangled mess as mine and I swear just 4 squirts and its silk . . .I LOVE IT...... you have to be in our Group to be able to shop in our underground store ( totally worth)....so go here:

    answer the 3 questions and then click on shopping - there is tons of cools stuff, but this stuff is amazing. depends on your wallet, KENRA is my favorite shampoo ever- right now. . . . but on the low end I would buy Malibu 2000 Scalp Wellness shampoo - $11.95! SLS-Free and you only need a tiny bit-- it too ROCKS this combo will solve your hair problems * * * * PLUS keep your hair ON***YOUR****HEAD***! ! ! !

    hope that helps
    Killer Chemist

  12. Killer Chemist, I need your help!
    I just had the Coppola Keratin Treatment done on my hair, which i love. I was told to use the Sulfate Free Smoothing Keratin Complex Shampoo by Coppola which I am not crazy about. It leaves my hair feeling very dry until I apply the conditioner. I have highlighted (blonde)/color treated hair. You rave about KENRA. Would that work for my hair?

    I'm addicted to your site! You're the best!

  13. ECOLY TRI-WHEAT LEAVE-IN Conditioner & Detangler

    Yummmm. I'm sending in an order to you today!

  14. a friend directed me to your website because I want to stop my hair loss. I have since switched shampoos, but what about hair dyes? I am 29 with quite a bit of grays. I color my hair at home to cover them. The dye always inadvertantly gets on my scalp because my hair has thinned so much...I can't keep it from touching my scalp. What do you know about hair dyes and hair loss (permanent)? any and all information would be greatly appreciated! :)

  15. I just happened to come across your blog while doing a google search for sulfate free products. I found this article very informative and wish more people would wake up to the dangers of sulfate and ingredients like it.
    The reason I started on all sulfate-free products was due to a (growningly common) skin condition, eczema. Before I did some research on this condition I knew nothing about sulfate and what harm it does to our bodies. I lived for 5 years constantly itching my skin to the point of blood, my skin developed small "blisters" on my hands, legs, neck and arms that would puss and eventually bleed as well. Doctors could not help me, they gave me a "cream" that over time thinned my skin out and made the rashes and itching worse.
    I spent one night researching and came across a article published in Australia detailing all the concections between eczema and hair loss. From that day on I started using all sulfate-free products and have been itch free ever since.


  16. Hey Lisa,

    loved your story,

    I'm just so busy now....soon we will open our little store and that should help, so I have more time to answer these....
    you just cannot imagine how many stories I have heard in the past 10 years like yours....
    It never gets old to me....
    I would recommend reading all the post I have on here that have to do with SULFATE-free, there are something like 20....you will get something new from each....
    try it...
    I ship to Australia a lot
    try Gleam & THRIVEN

  17. hey i have curly hair and was wondering what the best sulfate free shampoo is for my type. And going off on a tangent, do microfiber towels make a huge difference and cause less damage?

  18. anonymous,
    I will always recommend the John Masters Organics shampoos, for every single type of hair on the planet. The ingredient list is perfect. That is hard to find - + I have somewhere close to 100 clients that swear by it.
    Don't waste your money on towels of any weird type, I just don't feel they are on your hair long enough to make a difference.
    thank you

  19. thank you so much for your sharing :)
    It's useful for me. but i have a question.
    -Can I use any hair-spray, gel, mousse, or any other hair products on my hair during the first 2 day period after applying keratin treatment?



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