February 2, 2009

Highlights Are History.....Winslett Shows Spectacularly How To Escape The Old,Tired Technique

Here is an excellent example of how to beat the same old highlight look, 
yet still have a  modern - bright and sunny look.

Now, if you notice the Colorist took a fairly large panel at the front fringe area  and did back to back SLICES . . .  using 2 colors I'm guessing, alternating foils with high lift  blond & bleach.
Then did what we used to call PEEK A BOO Ribbons in the back under neath - - -  using foils  to create the look with bleach .

This is just one of many creative looks that I hope many of you will consider when  getting ready to revamp and update  your Hair.
6 comments on "Highlights Are History.....Winslett Shows Spectacularly How To Escape The Old,Tired Technique"
  1. Gorgeous. I really hope this sort of hair coloring catches on. It will make my life a lot more fun in the salon when I get there...and it will make everyone look a LOT more updated.

  2. Beautiful! This is a great summer look!

  3. I am a stylist who wants to take some of my already highlighted clients to this look. Most of them also have lowlights, and I am curious how to go about changing their color to something like this with minimal damage. I know that color does not lift color, so what do I do to remove the lowlights from the hair without damaging the already lightened hair surrounding it?

  4. Stylist,
    Use VANISH to get rid of the darker pieces, by just applying it to the darker pieces.....if you've never used it you might do yourself a favor by ordering one of my vanish kits to get the tricks.
    Then Recolor in blocks and panels.
    Have ALL your highlight clients change.... to other looks the highlook is so sold and so used up. . .
    KC ..

  5. See article of the same title, "Highlights are History," in the April 2010 issue of Vogue. Ah, to be one step ahead of the masses...


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