February 3, 2009

Don't Fear Coloring Your Hair At Home -- Try the "Hair Color Consultation" with Killer Chemist

What it is - What it involves - Can I actually color my own hair?

Of course you can color your hair at home, but if you are new to DIY hair color I would highly recommend beginning the process with a 1 on 1 Hair Color Consultation with 'moi' ! >> Killer Chemist (me). As a lot of you who follow KillerStrands religiously already know . . .I'm a Los Angeles/Malibu based Colorist/Stylist & Hair Connoisseur of the last 17 Years and the writer of this Hair Blog. Today is your lucky day, I have finally decided to explain and deconstruct what exactly the HCC or Hair Color Consultation is and what is involved if you purchase one. Don't tell me I do things backwards, I am well aware.....very well aware. My main problem being that I have not been involved in any online groups, nor online Blogs, nor online much of anything, until I got sick and came up with an idea of something I could do to give back, educate myself, give to others, do while I was inside laying down a lot of the time, pay - back, entertain myself . . . but mainly as you can see by my repetition . . .GIVE BACK to a whole lot of people, I don't know, but feel could benefit from my education, experience, knowledge, training, research and discoveries having to do with hair.
Lucky You
I don't want to go over everything I did and all the research I went through, its boring... what I want to talk about here is the HCC or hair color consultation. What it is....what it involves  . . . and should you have one or not. This is a 2 part series explaining the whole ball of wax, so relax and enjoy the read. For the first year I didn't have the Consultation, this whole BLOG has just EVOLVED into what it is now, because as I am sure most of you know. . . this is the Very FIRST Hair Blog written by a board certified Stylist, Colorist, Hair Expert in this manner. Where, for Free, you are being educated the way you want to be, without all the dumb garbage big corporations throw at you . . . telling you if you buy product "A" "B" & "C"  - " your hair will look like Sara Jessica Parkers when you are all finished ". Horse-shit to those ads and to those people....its totally ridiculous and they take you all for being idiots when I know you aren't. Sara Jessica Parker would no more go down to Wal-mart and buy a box of hair color to color her hair - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ........ than I would !
I hope you agree with my form of education,learning and theories, by the way we are growing, it seems to be working.
Finally after a year and a half, my manager - Nikki came up with the initial idea of the ONLINE Hair Color Consultation and the structure we have now. She suggested the ZZ048042$25.00 Fee with a portion of it being refunded with the clients first purchase, then a discount given with all future hair color purchases, for 1 year. You can either pay on the home page where there are 2 separate places where you can pay through the PAY PAL - BUY NOW Buttons, or you can email me (Killerstrands@gmail.com)  and ask for a "request for an INVOICE" for a HCC Hair Color Consult and I will send you an Invoice through PAY PAL, just like our store works. When you order from our "underground store"  you also email me a list of what you want and I send you a PAY PAL Invoice & from that you pay. Very Secure - Simple & Safe.. Within 48 hours of me receiving that payment I will send you a confirmation along with the Questionnaire and Request for Photos that I need to begin the process of your HCC Consult. The entire consultation is taken care of online .

I would like you all to know that I get hundreds of emails each day and randomly I will take a day "away" - for a break from the whole whirlwind, and when I do that - well you can imagine the ZZ048044
amount emails I have waiting for me - lots of people wanting directions, guidance, or answers or one thing or another having to do with hair . . . so I'm never ignoring you, I promise. I have a little bit of help with the Group, but otherwise its just little ole me . . and a whole lot of YOU!
Now with her coming up with that . . . I had to hurry up and come up with a formula for this to work for me, I have done well over 10,000 heads of hair and figured out all of their color very successfully, how would I do it without the person in the same room as I am . . . not being able to run my hands through their hair ? ?  I'm a perfectionist, how would I be sure that things were perfect?  I started with a questionnaire, wit78002498h way too many questions . Its been cut down to the questions I absolutely feel will help me with your hair color formula. Then the part, many of you don't seem to like. . . the Photo Request. I just don't know how you expect me to help you with your hair color without photos I can look at and study . . . its a very important part of the Consultation for me, I know its not fun, and at times its hard to find someone to do it, but taking your own pic's does not work out ( they are way too close) One like that is OK, but the rest need to be a couple feet away.
You can take the photos wonderfully without including the face - AT ALL,  I do NOT need to see your face, ONLY HAIR! The best way of taking the photos is to pretend the camera is the hair Stylist, so the photos need to be at about 2-3 feet away FROM your hair.
You know, how your hairdresser stands behind you and rubs their fingers in through your hair, one shot needs to be the roots from about 1-2 feet away so I can hope to determine your  porosity, elasticity and texture {PET}. This is the tough one, but one that helps me so much - knowing this for me can change the entire formula - so please try to send this photo. With the Consult you can ask me as many questions as you want through the formulating process - so it works out well for many of you that have longed to ask a top HAIR SPECIALIST unique hair questions.
For the photos I need the following:
  • 1 photo of the back of the hair about 5 feet away from your head
  • 1 photo (2) of each side of your hair (3-4 feet away)
  • 1 photo of the front with face down and covered
  • 1 photo of the roots of the top of the head (as close as possible)
  • 1 photo you think I need to see........and that's it

Remember to take them in the shade - in day time - not bright sun or it flubs ZZ048027it up, you will need a buddy to take them properly (sorry). The better your photos, the more accurate my help can be. Please don't let this be the point that keeps you from taking this adventure. Have your Mother - your brother - your roommate... do it, doesn't everyone have a digital camera anymore.... if you don't have one QVC has GREAT deals on them.  Once you have those taken you must upload and send them to me along with your answers to the questionnaire.
At this point it takes me a day or so to analyze the info . . . think about it and respond with any questions I have about what you have sent me . . . before I can give you any sort of answer. Many times it will be either a few "back and forth's . . . or a LOT "back and forths"... either way it all gets solved.
Meanwhile if you have not done this yet, you need to join our Killer Strands Google Group. I'm always surprised at the amount of people that don't know that Google even has Groups, well they do. They are not the flashiest thing, and at first I almost left them a million times because they are a bear to navigate at first... but I felt if I left it would be too hard to get everyone to follow, so  I stuck it out and stayed. Here is the link (be sure to answer the 3 questions):
This will take you to our Killer Color Clinic Store AND our Group, so its a 2 for 1 Whammy! Its just very unconventional. . .  most people have their store out in the public's eye. . .  while mine is a "secret store''..... James Bond is my brother. . . . . . . . j/k!76092756
Become familiar with all the hair color lines we carry . . . Wella being the biggest both Koleston Perfect and Color Touch. Then Framesi, Renbow's 3 lines of Colorissimo, RenColor, & Wash N Tone .... the bleaches,  just all the products. Because first off we are going to need to be talking about these hair colors for your hair color formula and it would be good if you had an idea of what colors were available for you .
Check out everything available to you, there is a lot.
Killer Strands or actually I should say myself makes up 3 of my own products that have done very well and I have many testimonials to prove it... I made these products because AGAIN . .  I could not find what I needed! ZZ048047
1) our BEST SELLER : THRIVEN and the info to the Secret Supplement. A deep conditioner that you sleep overnight in. Comes with the 10,000HEADS Hair Strength System and I would gamble to say most everyone is on this product, well maybe a lot of people are. . .
2) GLEAM : 2nd Best Seller: a DRY OIL, that is not greasy, is actually dry. It is made up of 2 foreign and rare oils Abyssinian Oil + Argan Oil. Plus 2 other Unique Oils: Rosehips Seed oil + Jojoba oil + Vitamin E + Amber Resin Essential Oil....= the most wonderfully exquisite oil you can use for many purposes for both hair and skin. This began with the trick of applying it to your hair, then applying the hair color on top of it. So when  the cuticle is opened to let the hair color go in the GLEAM OIL goes in at the same time...resulting in the most wonderful rich and shiny hair color. It simply . . . ROCKS! You can apply on your skin, on wrinkles, on your pulse points. 80603988
3) FLUFF : Shea Butter + Mango Butter + Macadamia Nut Oil + Babbasu Oil+ Avocado Oil + Lemon/Ginger/Sage essential Oil.  How yummy does that sound, everything is natural ( really natural) it all can be eaten, that's how safe it is. This is for Dry, damaged ends of hair, also for fly-a-ways. When my hair is in braids I will dip the ends of my hair in FLUFF and rub in for the day. Also for the driest skin area's you have - elbows, heels, etc. This is for the DRIEST of DRY skin or hair - it is extremely rich.
This is Day 1 of the Hair Color Consult Post . .  a 2 Day Process, so stand by I had the hardest time writing this one, I'll try to be quicker with its successor!
Killer Chemist
9 comments on "Don't Fear Coloring Your Hair At Home -- Try the "Hair Color Consultation" with Killer Chemist"
  1. I have to wait a few more weeks. Can't wait! Even had my husband take the pics today!

  2. I cannot waaait to purchase my HCC tonight :D
    I've been growing my hair out and getting it healthy for 18 months so I am very very excited.. to say the least.

    Big, huge, gigantic respect to you for this blog, it really is one of a kind. I can't put into words how happy I was when I found it.
    I'm so glad doing my hair no longer has to be a guessing game that terrifys the life out of me. Or another disappointing trip to the salon that only results in me wasting money.
    You're honest and realistic.. it's refreshing.
    I look forward to our consult :) yay.

  3. Thanks for all this info! I'll be able to get my consult by the 20th!! I'm so excited!

  4. DH, Look forward to it . .

    Wow that was a wonderful thing to read at the most perfect timing ........after answering emails for nearly 14 hours today!
    I hope you were able to get signed up for your HCC

    The second half of this post is almost done, I really want you all to be able to read it as well...Its got a few more things that will be reassuring to you,

    thank SO VERY VERY MUCH girls!


  5. Hi KC
    I actually purchased a consultation on the 13th feb through my mums pay pal account.
    Hope it got sent through okay. I got the receipt and everything.. so you're possibly just busy atm.
    Oh and, you're welcome!
    I've been sifting through the archives almost daily. Would be nice if i could invest a similar amount of time in college work haha. :)

  6. Mollie,
    I sent your instructions to your moms email account hasn't she given them to you yet?
    Ask her for them . . .
    or do I need to re-send them?

  7. Desert Hair,
    Send me your email and I will send you the Invoice.

  8. I didn't recieve an email from you, so if you could resend it that'd be great thanks.
    Note that there's three underscores (___) in the email address, just incase you were typing in two.
    Thanks again

  9. Mollie,
    I sent a confirmation to your Moms account,right when I got payment, I don't have your email address, your mom should have it . . .or email me your address so I can email it straight to you. KC


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