February 25, 2009

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3 comments on "Beauty Survey - - Its Quick & Helpful"
  1. http://picasaweb.google.com/killerstrands/BlondeBomshells#5157047136648027554


    hello, i wondering how this style of coloring was achieved without any 'dripping' of the colors.

  2. Audry,
    isn't that just gorgeous - - its my most favorite photo in all the 10,000 photos I have here . .

    I hate to burst your bubble but we do a lot of this type of thing in "show" work..I came up with the idea of spray painting tattoo-like images on bleached out hair years ago, but I never thought of something as simple and beautiful as this. Its done with masking tape and spray black hair-color on top of bleached out hair.
    super simple but it also only lasts really nice for 1 day!
    All we need is the photo!


  3. big big question..that none of my hair colorists can answer for me very directly...i was hoping you could help? : ( ...... my hair over the past year has been overhighlighted to the point of being all over blonde.. about twice... which trailed me into messing with my hair way too much.. i believe my hair is way porous now and i keep getting back to every time someone trys to add a "lowlight" or "midlight" of a level 8 or 9 my hair starts to turn what they will call "muddy" meaning it looks overtoned? i guess my question is now i am at a point that the color of lowlights and my highlights that are toned are too yellowy to orangey. and i was wondering if the vanish color remover will be able to take this out? leaving me with my previously pretty much bleached out hair?

    i love the balayage look and just want the blonde back and can hopefully add a light toner at the roots to get that look,,,?
    i am not sure if i am approaching it right or am i just asking for another hair mistake?

    thank you so much.
    i know the question is awfully long.


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