January 10, 2009

Hair Force One - 10,000HEADS - Yearly revisions

Steps 3 Flat Iron Addiction-Free  + Step 4 : Exercise

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The next 2 Steps are equally important as all of them, it is so  hard for me to narrow 10,000HEADS to only 13 Steps. Any more than that and no one would pay attention - it becomes too complicated for people. There are so many things you learn when you have so many eager clients to experiment with, so be sure to read all the older posts many of the points I would have liked to incorporate as steps, are instead Posts on Killer Strands!
Step 3 > FIA : Flat Iron & Hot Tool Addiction-free
The number one most destructive force to the hair  - - is HEAT. So taking 2 flat pieces of metal cranking the heat up to 400 degrees PLUS smashing those very fine strands of hair together,  with loads of pressure - in between the very hot metal plates, seems rather ridiculous, doesn't it?  With some of you flat ironing over and over again on the same section, I want to cry when I see people doing that. One swipe is enough boys and girls -- one swipe.
I've had a Flat Iron for 16 years, I was the first one to get one when I was in the Academy - I ordered it from England and boy did I think I was cool at the time. Every one borrowed it, the teachers, the administration, the cute guy I liked - everyone! We used Kera Care Silken Seal spray serum - still my fav' silicone  serum,
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to protect the hair and never ever had the damage I see everywhere now. Doing anything to the extreme is detrimental, and Flat Ironing your hair to death is a sure fire way to burn it right off your head.   a123pl
I have had many clients and many Killer stranders finally break down to me and reveal their addiction to the Flat Iron. They say they can't stop, that they feel horrible if they are not straightening their hair all the time.  Even when they smell it burning, so this is a very serious problem, in my eyes. 
There are addictions to everything I'm sure you all know. Its hard to find one person without an addiction to something, whether it be coffee, sodas, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, Pot, running, cleaning, chocolate, exercise . . . there are just so damn many - my life is surrounded with people addicted to different things, how about yours ??  It makes total sense to me that, what I have called FIA Flat Iron Addiction, would hit our youth ( guys too) like a bull dozer. I've helped a lot of people get over this problem and if you are out there and have this issue, email me .  I have some great suggestions and help for those of you with this issue. I kind of put FIA together with my other term: Hair OCD. Hair OCD > the urge to color - condition - style their hair constantly, they can barely go 2 weeks without doing something radical to their hair. If they are not actually doing something to it they are thinking about what they want to do with it next. I have written about this before, they have control over their hair - many times when they have ZERO control in their life. We all handle things differently and thank the Lord this one is not detrimental to your 'life'.
The same goes true with Curling Irons, Crimping Irons, Marcel irons, wave irons,blow dryers . . . same exact issues. 2 metal plates and lots of heat = a recipe for disaster. Therefore with all those hot tools you have shoved in the drawer, remember to use them the way they were made to - 2-4 times per week, with only 1 pass over a section - spraying the hair with a good silicone serum spray to protect it. 71434532
I fully realize that very few of us can realistically go out without some sort of "heat" tool to do our hair so it looks nice and stylish. the number 1 method used to style your hair should be a brush and blow dryer. Blow dryers are the least harmful to your hair - - the air that is blown onto the hair prevents it from getting near as much heat as any of the irons - - so instead of go73971993ing forward and looking for bigger better Flat Irons we need to pull back the reigns, do a 180 and go back to our trusty Blow Dryers. Along with that move to blow dryers the blow dryer industry has developed a new type of dryer that actually does what it says it does. Almost every LA stylist I know uses a T3, I know many other brands are out there, but I have never tested any of them, so will not recommend them.
blow dry bar3  All the new rage in England and Europe is "Blow Dry Bars" - - Salon owners are opening mini salons and the only service they offer is Blow Dry's - they have had Flat Irons 10 years longer than we have - they know the damage they produce. I think 1 or 2 have popped up in Boston and New York, most of you have to admit, a well done blow dry is about as fine as your hair will look. So your best investment should be on one of the IONIC hair dryers, where they dry cooler and quicker than the old type. . . with the type of brush that suits your style.
Step 4 - Exercise

Exercise - exercise ....we all know its good for us, doing it, is a whole other ball game. But its just plain and simple, exercise is good for everything in your body. I'm from the school that feels Lance Armstrong beat his cancer because of his exercise, I honestly and deeply feel if you exercise using 45 minutes of cardio 4 of those days + various other forms -- 6 days a week - you can fight off just about anything - including hair loss.
Within 10,000HEADS I will almost always find a persons "trigger-point", I call it. Which means there is one action within these 13 steps that is, unique to you and is your reason for the thinning. It is your particular catalyst to thinning or thrashed hair. It's going to be very difficult for me to find out what everyone out there in web - land's trigger point is, but I would encourage you all that are on 10,000HEADS just know that is a part of the protocol , so maybe you can figure out which step is your-own trigger point.
I have seen YOGA work for the most people, which is great because everyone can do YOGA. You can buy a DVD for $10.00, a mat, then start off - at home. which is how I started a way back when I did - I had heard that Cher & Madonna were practicing YOGA (10 years ago) and I knew that Cher had been sick for a couple years with one of the auto-immune diseases. . and YOGA helped with her health while battling it. The girl next to me in the Salon did her hair, she started her on the protocol and she was thrilled at what it did for her hair. Many times with auto immune diseases your hair is one of the first things to start deteriorating. How cruel. 
Once I started it was crystal clear to me what was the biggest advantage . . .being upside down a great deal of the time. The blood rushes to your head, and ( for lack of a better work) 'fertilizes' the hair bulb which is where the "new growth" stems from, remember? When I was practicing YOGA 6 days a week my hair was never better, I have had quite a few professional surfers take it up YOGA for their hair, and that was all they needed. I realize Yoga is not for everyone, if that is your case, then you need to find something  to get your body upside down. I know this sounds weird. . .BUT, it will help more than you can imagine. Some have discovered if they lay on the couch and hang their head over the side, they can read a book with not too much trouble. ( yoga is easier). Some have invested in Gravity Boots or a Gravity Board, remember those? Its a board that can flip you upside down, the boots are the same theory only you clamp them onto a pole in between a doorway (yoga is easier). Pilates, also has some inversions - there are 2 types of Pilates - either a floor version or the machine.
If you really want the most simplest of simple ways, Yoga Journal(magazine) has an excellent section that describes and shows you some of the poses. Don't panic, I'm just asking you to look at one,and only one! Its the most popular and I would say the basis for all yoga poses so its super easy and everyone can do it. It will get your head upside down and that is all we are looking for. Ever heard of DOWNWARD DOG ? Well, that's the only pose you need, just do this pose for your "upside-down-time"requirements.  This is what it looks like > > >2716-23
http://www.yogajournal.com/poses/491   you should be able to start with 3 minutes in it, move up to 5, then 7 then 10 and so on at your own rate of course.  You will get other benefits out of this as well, some say their skin benefits, some say they have more energy. The way this photo is taken is about as advanced as you can get, so don't think you have to stretch out nearly as far as she is. Just do it at your own rate. I do know for sure that your hair and its strength and shine will benefit greatly from this one simple pose.
Within the category of exercise I also want to stress you must include a walk, 3-4  times a week. The requirement is that it is at least 30 but prefer 45 minutes and you are not allowed to take anything electrical with you. No phones, no i-pods, no cameras, no nothing. Hair Nazi - - - right? I told you. I feel the walk hits 2 categories stress & exercise, and people never walk anywhere anymore to clear their head. I have a couple dozen people that swear this is their trigger point! So don't make fun of it until you've tried it .............for 90 days!
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