January 18, 2009

High Lift Blonde vs. Bleach--The Never-Ending Battle . . . Ends

you continue to have difficulties deciding
between high-lift blond tint and bleach

here's a copy of a typical email I receive when this color goes out. . . .

On Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 8:58 AM, wrote:

Hi! I tried 100A w/ white genie and I'M IN LOVE!! I can't begin to thank you for introducing me to this combination. I got the desired lift without any of the damage or breakage!! Plus the compliments are pouring in. I have random people stop me in the street and ask me how I get my hair so pretty. It's incredible! I would definitely like to order more... I can't wait!!

My Order:
Renbow 100A x 2
White Genie x 2
I live in Miami, FL. Zip:33014
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! (sorry for all the gushing, I just can't contain myself... :D )
xxxxxxxx H.
2 comments on "High Lift Blonde vs. Bleach--The Never-Ending Battle . . . Ends"
  1. Wow, I'm glad they got great results. I have a question though. A year ago, my hair stylist and I began using a demi-permenent auburn color over my bleach-high lighted (also a few low-lights in there) dirty blonde hair. We did that for a few months, but for the past 6 months we've been using a high-lift blonde and weaved it through as highlights. I know, I am SO tired of highlights too, but I don't know what else to do. The red pigment will not get out of my hair! I've tired every SLS-free clarifying shampoo and the market, and it won't come out. Will I just have to grow it out? Any suggestions? Thanks for the help!

  2. Vanna-
    no, there are 2 ways..... go my store, which you have to join the group first
    purchase the Malibu2000 shampoo called UN DOO GOO...when using it leave the suds on for 5 minutes. Then do it 2 more times.
    IF that doesn't work - let me know - I'll give you the other method.


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