January 17, 2009

How to Achieve the Perfect Hair Waves

Photo Demo of sorts


        Now I know there are many of you that would like to know how to put the perfect 'wave' in your hair. You know... that wave you see on Celeb's heads, Red Carpets, or in magazine photo shoots - - when they are perfectly coifed and made up to the "nines".  This yummy wave as seen here in the photo, is a matter of being handy with a curling Iron, Hair spray and a comb.  Yet, they make it look as though it kind of just fell into their hair.
Which is not really fair because to get that exact look, is just not 'that' easy, to do to oneself. I'm even in need of assistance by using some help from one of my old Text books to show you the way I have used on clients. I simply could not figure out how I was going to shoot the photos + do the wave at the same time, so I'm cheating this time by using the photos from Milady's Cosmetology Book. I rarely will talk about something that cannot be done to oneself, as with most of you readers I feel you are at home doing your own hair ... right ? With this styling trick, you most likely will need a partner - friend or cohort of some sort in order to get the back panel completed correctly, unless you are some sort of contortionist.
Before beginning the waves , comb the hair in the general shape you want . . . I hope you can tell, by simply combing and letting the hair fall where it 'wants' to be - - so the natural growth will determine whether or not the first wave will be a left-going wave or a right-going wave. For our little demo we are going with a left-going wave .
What you need:
  • hard rubber toothed comb
  • electric curling Iron  ( or marcel )
  • clips
Part the top of the hair up and away . . .  and start on the right side.badasshair205                                       Insert iron in hair              Figure 147
1. Comb the hair thoroughly, follow its directional growth.
2. With the tail of the comb, pick up a strand of hair about 2 inches wide. Insert the iron in the hair with the clip facing upward(Figure 147).
 badasshair206         Direct the hair to the right with comb          Figure 148
3. Close the iron and give it a one-quarter turn FORWARD...At the same time, draw the hair with the iron about 1/4 inch to the LEFT and direct the hair 1/4 Inch to the right with the comb. (Figure 148). This is the tricky part, I feel, you are actually using opposing factors to make the wave  - - with the iron going one direction and the comb the other. I would suggest practicing on another person, doll-head, or your long haired dog  ! ! ! ( j/k ) - if and when possible.
badasshair207   Roll Iron one full turn forward               Figure 149
4. Roll the Iron one full turn forward and away from you, Figure 149. In doing this keep the hair uniform with the comb. You will find the hair has rolled on a slight slant on the clip of the Iron. Hold this for a few seconds to allow hair to become heated through and through.
badasshair208                   Reverse Movement                     Figure 150
  5. Reverse the movement by simply unrolling the hair from the irons and bringing it back into its first resting position Figure 150. When this movement is completed, you will find the comb resting kind of away from the iron.  
badasshair209        Start to form the curl . .             Figure 151
6. Open the irons with your little finger and place them just below the ridge, or crest, by swinging the rod of the irons toward you and then closing them (figure 151).  The outer edge of the groove should be directly underneath the ridge just produced by the inner ridge. See I told you it might be better to practice on a friend! I've done it on myself before, but easy - it isn't.badasshair210                    Form the hair into a half circle       Figure 152
7.  Keeping the iron perfectly still, direct the hair with the comb upward about 1 inch, forming the hair into a half circle (Figure 152). Remember that in order to perform step 7 properly, you do not move the comb from the position explained in Step  6.badasshair211             Roll Iron one-half turn forward            Figure 153

8. Without opening the iron, roll them one half turn forward and away from you  Figure 153. In this movement, keep the comb perfectly still and unchanged.

 badasshair212                        Slide Iron down                  Figure 154
9. Slide the irons down about 1 inch ( figure 154) . this movement is accomplished by opening the irons slightly, gripping them loosely, and then sliding them down the strand.
10. After completing step 9, you will find the iron and the comb in the proper position to make the second ridge. This is the beginning of a right going wave, in which the hair is directed opposite to that of a left-going wave.
badasshair213                                  Slide Iron Down               Figure 155
After completely waving one strand of hair, wave the next strand to match. Pick up the strand in the comb and include a small section of the waved strand to guide you as you form a new wave ( Figure 155). When waving the second strand of hair, be sure to use comb and irons movement that are the same as those you used when waving the first strand of hair . . . this way the waves will match .
When you are going to Cosmetology school and are working towards passing the Board exams,  one of the requirements in the tests are completion of the "Finger Wave" which looks exactly like this, only its a little tighter. Learning the finger wave was about the toughest part of the whole test, if you ask me!!! At the time I thought, " why is this stupid technique on the test  - -who in the world does this???"  . . . see how much I know . . . who knew this style would come back in again! That training - years ago - made it easier for me to accomplish the waves................ for you??
As I've said before. . . . practice  - practice  - practice   . . .Good Luck, once you get that first wave in it will click.

Killer Chemist
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  1. Oh My god! I'm SO glad this is on here! It's very fingerwave-que. I can't wait to try it.

  2. you never cease to amaze, kc :)

  3. How could we get this look with rollers? I dont want to use heat! lol do you have any suggestions ?

  4. Shaeden,
    With your hair . . . or anyone with chin length or shorter...this exact look could be achieved by doing the same type of thing only its called a FINGER WAVE. If I can find photos of the finger wave ( which is what all you stylists out there know how to do because it is mandatory for state boards) BUT, is never taught to anyone else. It actually is easier than the one with the iron, in my opinion.
    let me look . . .KC

  5. There is also pin curls....they work from a wet head.I will try to find a couple other demos of the old type of styling that by just tweaking a couple things you can update the look.
    soon, KC

  6. Wow, it looks very time consuming but I love the whole look

  7. I love this! Thank you very much. It must have taken you quite a while to do this demo. It's beautiful! Thanks!

  8. Hey KC, thanks 4 the styling demo. pls keep them coming.

  9. Thank you so much for posting this! I knew there had to be a way to achieve this look with a curling iron. I mean, curling technology has advanced quite a bit since the 20s, right?

  10. It is extremely interesting for me to read this blog. Thanx for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read a bit more on that blog soon.

  11. So, curling irons aren't as bad as flat irons?


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