November 6, 2008

Hair Glossary - Hair Coloring 101; Hair Color Terms Helping You Become a Home Hair Colorist : #2

Cosmetology Science Terms - ongoing

glossary 22
  • activator: oxidizer added to hydrogen peroxide to increase its chemical action
  • color fillers : demi permanent colors used as fillers, when there is doubt as to whether the color result will be an even shadept 06_12_06 0001             
  • color or tint removers : prepared commercial designed to remove artificial pigment from the hair (only one works correctly)
  • conditioner filler: preparations used to recondition damaged, overly porous hair 
  • contributing pigment : pigment that lies under the natural hair color, when the natural color is lightened: MUST be taken into consideration when hair color is selected; also called undertone.
  • demi permanent color : hair color similar in nature to semi-permanent but longer lasting: formulated to deposit ONLY;does not lift ( lighten) color : also called deposit-only haircolor. 200474281-001
  • double process hair coloring : color technique requiring two separate procedures in which the hair is pre-lightened before the depositing color is applied
  • foundation : the color left in the hair after it has gone through the 10 steps of decolorizing.
  • hair color : the color of hair created by nature hair-dye
  • haircolor: a professional, industry-coined term referring to artificial haircolor products and services
  • hair lightening :  chemical process involving the diffusion of the natural color pigment or artificial color from the hair; often called 'bleaching' or 'decolorizing'
  • law of color: system for understanding color relationshipsp_celebrity_highlights_p11
  • level system : system colorists use to analyze the lightness or darkness of a hair color
  • line of demarcation : visible line separating colored hair from new growth
  • off-the-scalp lightener : lighteners that cannot be used directly on the scalpsb10064317d-004
  • on-the-scalp lightener: lighteners that CAN be used directly on the scalp
  • prelightening : the first step of double-process hair coloring, used to lift or lighten the natural pigment, preliminary to the application of the toner
  • resistant : characteristic of some hair types that makes penetration by moisture or chemicals difficult
  • semi permanent hair coloring : haircolor formulated to last through several shampoos; partially penetrates the hair shaft and stains the cuticle layer, slowly fading with each shampoo
  • toners : semipermanent, demi permanent and permanent  haircolor products that are used primarily on prelightened hair
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