November 24, 2008

Hair Photo Inspirations : A-List Looks for Autumn

. . . .and how to achieve these looks ??. . . taught and discussed for you through our Google Group and our underground Store .. the link to the Group....... 

the INFO is FREE unless you would like a 1 On 1 Hair Color Consultation with me a Board Certified -16 year Vidal Sassoon - LA Based Hair Stylist/Colorist for $25.00 with $10.00 refunded when you make your first purchase + a 10% discount on all hair color products from then on .

Our underground store has products that you will find no where else. - its a very unique collection of products . . with more interesting products than you will find anywhere . . . . these products work - I am told
How about that phenomenon ! !

I dare you all to begin a learning experience, this is not about me answering the same questions over and over.....this about you taking on the challenge of learning the basics to hair color which I teach in a very basic and easy to understand method. I know its successful because I have had dozens of happy - successful CRIB COLORISTS, That is the AWARD you receive when you figure this out and git-it-done -- - correctly on your own HEAD of HAIR.

I know you can do it, you just must sit down and read . . . and look at some very easy and basic DEMO's I have put together that  are very easy to understand.....I have many happy people with very happy healthy hair. . . . . they did it themselves....and I bet you all can do it as well . . .

Go for the Hair Color Consultation .
 . . if you are insecure about doing this yourself. . .
Just know I let people ask me questions for a couple months, if they need to . . . so far no one has become a headache - they've been respectful of my time . . . . I don't mind answering the questions as they slowly figure them out as the learning process takes place .
so its not a super tough structure.

Get familiar with the GROUP and our Underground store, my 2 managers Nikki and Detour - both of them are super helpful. . . all the color charts are downloaded - so you can look at the color swatches up close ( a big help) - then you will listen to everyone talking and learn how our unique-successful system works (using PAY PAL).
I have not created a regular STORE/Shopping Cart yet - on purpose - -
I want to be sure everyone is learning prior to buying my products.......
they might alter their hair too much in one direction that they may not want or be.

It Boils down to "I  CARE"

I know an unusual sentiment   here on the web,
but it will remain one here on

My Goal here is HAIR EDUCATION.
Hair Color EDUCATION . . Hair Health Education, for its lifetime.

They all end up thanking me in the end, and that is my reward . . . it gives me a great big smile and that is what I need in my life right now .
Smiles - Love - and warmth.
Killer Chemist
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  1. To be sure that your shopping cart doesn't make your customers annoyed, ask some friends to place an order while you're watching. Tell them what to order, but don't tell them where to find it or how to place the order and complete it. Check out how long it takes them to find things and complete the steps involved. If they seem confused or have to ask questions about what to do at any stage in the order process, you should consider making changes in the way your shopping cart functions or changing the shopping cart providers.

  2. If someone (me for example!) has level 12 platinum hair , and wants to tone it in a way ,so that it reaches the first picture of this post color , level and tone .. what should she do?

    I happen to have a very similar haircut as well , and from the picture i can see that she has some "almost white" ribbons which is perfect!What is the rest of the color?


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