November 18, 2008

Sleep On It :Applying Hair Conditioners to Strands While You Lay Back & Relax

 Rejuvenate lackluster tresses while sleeping, an idea others are finally catching on to

Lately, I've started to notice many articles and NEW hair products that are touting my long time remedy coined the "SLUMBER PARTY". Where by one takes the deep conditioner, in Killer Strander's case: "THRIVEN" (which lately we've added GLEAM to the mixture)... applying it, and sleeping with the conditioner in overnight. Therefore giving the conditioner a full 6-8 hours to work its magic, something I came up with about 15 years ago when I first hit the floor of the Salon on my own. I should have known I couldn't keep it forever . . . and should be grateful it took mainstream media/hair manufacturers this long to figure it out.

 My reason for the idea ? As most of my ideas are . . . common sense. I just love common sense. I was always fortunate enough to be associated with Hollywood Insiders and all the advantages ( and disadvantages) that came along with them, both on a personal and business level.  Although I will say that this one idea was right out of my teeny tiny brain. Being in Malibu and right next to a college (Pepperdine) . . . I had plenty of 16-30 year olds with super bad hair damage that wanted it cured... so they could go right back and do it all over again!!  Which set me on a path right from the beginning of trying to figure out a solution to damaged hair, the thinning & loss issue didn't show its ugly head for another 6-7 years. Which, by the way - - this solution worked for all 3 issues - -  solidly!

 When I first studied the beginnings of Cosmetic Chemistry . . . it takes you down the path of the make-up of a hair strand . . . and the make-up of the skin  - what both are made-up of - all the way down to its molecular structure. . . I won't bore you with the particulars . . . what I will tell you about, that I still find fascinating -  is that the make-up of a hair strand and the make up of the skin itself are almost identical . . . every single thing I read in those first few months just kept telling me how the hair strand prospered and thrived off of all the same things as  facial skin did. Moisture, Condition . . . all the same. . . both the skin and the hair strand thrived when the same foods were eaten, when loads of water were consumed, when smoking was halted, the sun was eliminated. . .all the 12 STEPS of 10,000 HEADS!  . . .and here you thought I was pulling those things out of the air! Nope, all of it is scientifically proven.  Its just no one has ever sat down and written it out. . . till me - I guess. Still blows me away - I will never understand - why!  My point being... as I read over and over how the health of the hair strand AND the skin were so similar . . . I started to think how we moisturized and cared for our skin. So much of beauty technology is focused on our skin, when I feel they should put at least 1/2 of the focus  - - on the hair. So many people would do what ever they could to have gorgeous healthy hair...which I feel is very very possible.

 What do we do with our expensive face creams? I'm sure most of you have at one time or another bought yourself one - expensive night cream - whether it be the OLAY's of the world. . . which are locked up at the local Drug store for $30.00 a jar  . . . all the way to the 16 ounce jar of Le Mer Creme they have Neiman Marcus this Christmas for $1630.00 Neiman Marcus - Le Mer Creme- no typo there boys and girls!! Which by the way I have seen many a clinical trial that puts those 2 creams on the EXACT same "results" level !  Back to the point . . . What do we do with those expensive creams?    Because they are so expensive we want to follow directions explicitly - to get the most out of it . . . right?   So we wash our faces really well, then apply the cream carefully to the entire face. Go to sleep and let the work begin . . . We swear when we wake up every penny of that money we spent was well worth it. RIGHT ???

Therefore to me (here's the common sense) I thought. . . if they are telling us to do that to our faces with these really expensive face creams. . . Once I had my pretty expensive Hair conditioner. . .  which by the way is made with many of the same ingredients they put in expensive face creams ( another common sense move on my part - I mean if they are both so similar - why not - right?) I decided why not give hair the same advantage that our facial skin got... WASH the hair so it was all clean and ready to absorb the goodies in the hair conditioner, which is what you are instructed to do on the THRIVEN package . . . towel dry the hair, then apply THRIVEN, and go to sleep. So it could work exactly the same as really expensive night creams were given the chance to. Sleep is the only time when the hair has between 7 & 8 hours without any external aggressors such as UV rays, heat styling, brushing at work. PLUS... and this is really my reason for picking it at the time . . .the cell renewal process is at its busiest when you're resting (which means when the cells renew to produce more "new hair" growth) so the key ingredients of overnight products can work to their maximum potential. While sleeping your skin and your scalp repair themselves, fixing the damage of the day. So, it makes sense to boost this natural restoration process with an overnight treatment to enhance the effect. OF COURSE!

Thus. . .  the SLUMBER PARTY method of hair treatment was born nearly 15 years ago from > yours truly. How and why all of sudden numerous companies are coming out with their versions of Overnight conditioners. . . seem extraordinarily funny to me. . . but just for my own satisfaction I thought for once I would point out this one similarity.  Doesn't matter to me, I have a lot of people on 10,000HEADS and when I say I want you all to help me spread the word I can honestly say it comes from the bottom of my heart. I am only looking to spread the advantage of having healthy - strong hair to the rest of the world . .  that's all. Very simple - Very Easy. The protocol is up here on the web site. . .and to purchase THRIVEN is one click away to the right here, on the Side bar . .  for both sizes. . . and with THRIVEN comes the info on the Secret Supplement and how to incorporate it into your life. But I wanted you to see exactly how I came up with the theory of how to use THRIVEN - and how important that overnight therapy and treatment is.

 Some Killer Stranders get lazy about THRIVEN overnight application and I get concerned about that. One way of making it not such a "project". . I have found? By doing the shampoo and application earlier in the evening - like around 5-6 PM.. Then let the product dry all the way into your hair by itself or every hour you can shoot it with the hair dryer for a few minutes to help speed it up. So by the time you go to bed its completely dry, that way you don't need the plastic cap, nor the towel , nor anything - plus the smell of it is so pleasant and when its all the way dry, you hardly notice its there. That has become an easier way to deal with the overnight application some have found. Everything must be kept up to acquire all the great advantages that come with the Protocol.  I think one of the things that make me the happiest, is when I get an email from one of the newer members of the group or just the site ... after they have been very religious about following the Regimen for the first  30-60-90 days. . .and they are blown away. . . and on Cloud 9... it really is the most rewarding feeling that after all those years of studying and learning and formulating . . . to actually make such a difference in people's lives. It gives me a teeny tiny feeling of what a physician must feel like when they cure a disease, a cancer or fix a broken bone. . .Wow, I cannot imagine what it must be like to be a doctor, I finally see why they become one, for the rewarding feeling.

An overnight hair conditioner gives that conditioner time to properly penetrate the hair shaft, which will restore the hair's natural radiance. . . maybe that will give you the kick in the butt you need to give this a shot.  I mean the only hesitancy I can think of might come from a partner. . . and for that I am going to put it to you . . . what ways can you think of to use if you think your partner might balk at this idea? Use the COMMENTS section to suggest some ideas for those that might have issues with their partners, what can  you suggest?

Or is that even a problem - in retrospect. . . . ? ? ?

 Killer Chemist
8 comments on "Sleep On It :Applying Hair Conditioners to Strands While You Lay Back & Relax"
  1. What do you think about coloring over Thriven? Say, letting Thriven soak in overnight and then applying color right over it? I chatted about this on the group (I think with Candee) and I'm interested to see what you think about it.

  2. Yup Jane - your idea came from my crazy dream - I want to hear KC's thoughts as well... Oh and as for your partner in bed - mine hasn't said anything but I have woken myself up with a crunch shower cap. Going to bed with completely dry sounds like a much better plan. I will be trying that tomorrow night.

  3. Pretty irrelevant, but I have to say I LOVE the red in the first picture! Can I get some help on the level and tone? I would say it is a 7RG, is it close? I'm still working on identifying shades, especially when it comes to tones.

  4. I have been going to bed with it completely dry but still putting on the shower cap, I was assuming that no matter of wet or dry the cap needed to be there to keep heat in?

  5. hi
    i was just wondering how much thriven do you apply and do your apply to the scalp or hair or birth.
    thanks as always

  6. sorry both (my mistake)

  7. Jane,
    I think that may be a valid experiment. I would try it, its funny I too have thought of it, but never organized the whole thing to conduct a legitimate experiment. For me I wouldn't want to just throw it together and not write things down and log everything properly - otherwise it would be stupid to do it all...
    I mean you need to "learn" about it as my feelings.
    So, if you applied a very light amount to the hair - then it would be very valid. Give it a shot, you are super qualified and I have been getting sicker... I don't know that i will be able to be doing any more DEMO'S FOR A WHILE... not until I get stronger...
    I'm very very weak right now..
    So why don't you try it
    I'd love to hear the results. . .

    thanks Jane

  8. I'm sorry you're going through a rough time right now... we're all thinking of you.

    I'll definitely try the experiment you outlined; I'm reading the educational materials which came with my Blonde Icing trial kit, and this bleach contains ceramides, too. Redken seriously should hire you. I'll do before/after pics, with both high-lift and bleach, and compare the results of Thriven vs. Gleam vs. untreated hair. After all, maybe Thriven-coated hair will look better than untreated hair, but not as nice as Gleam-treated hair.

    Thanks for giving your blessing; I'll post in the group with my results.


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