November 13, 2008

Patience & the Hair-Color-Surge : or Damn it, if I color my hair this second, I will feel better

There are many of us that use different beauty techniques to satisfy those funny urges we have. I know you know what I'm talking about, like when things at work or at home aren't going so great - what can you do to make yourself feel better? There are 2 choices for relief for us Beauty junkies : 'SHOPPING' or 'BEAUTY' techniques - - I know because I do it, my kids do it and almost everyone I asked in over 10,000 Heads of Hair do as well - to one degree or another! We all use them to give us that warm little feeling in our blood, to take the uneasy feeling away we have > because your boss snarled at you today, you lost that job interview, the economy is in toilet - - a g a i n , or little Billy got in trouble at school today - or whatever scenario fits your life - and turns our good day into a yucky day... we ALL DO IT.

Why do we do it? Human Nature - its "IN" our blood, bones and brain. But we do have an inbred quality that prevents us from going down that road . . .the quality of PATIENCE. Most of us have let Patience slip away from our life. It's a quality many of us rarely even "think" about anymore - which is not a good thing.
If we stopped at that moment of panic at that moment of 'desire' and instilled some patience into our life, what do you suppose would happen? We may not jump on those urges and we may find they are not a good idea for our hair, our skin our person.
Well, that's not what happens to us, because we have lost that one quality and if you ask Buddhist's or any other eastern religion member they will say their religion is based on learning the skill of patience. What does that say about - - us?
Some go absolutely nuts and when the sh*t hits the fan they head to Rodeo Drive and do the PRETTY WOMAN shopping spree, but most of us don't have that kind of cash-ola and we head to the mall, OR we head to the Salon OR we head to the Drug Store and for the absolute worst choice on the entire planet we buy a box of hair color without knowing anything at all about what we have on our head...what this box will do to the hair we have. . . worst of all ... none OF US EVEN READ WHAT THE BOX SAYS . We just want that urge satisfied . . . to make us "feel" better... and to get rid of that yucky feeling we have in our blood.

Patience is not even in the game at this point, just satisfying that urge is all we have. As a Colorist this is just SO . . V E R Y. . . H A R D. . . to listen to - you can imagine, I hope. After putting together over 300 POSTS on Killer Strands in trying to teach all of you "why" that method is not such a great idea. That it matters what is on your hair to begin with -- - > is probably the most important piece of information there is. But it doesn't point that out on that box - nor deal with it - so how can the hair color turn out anywhere CLOSE to correct or what you desire ?



Those boxes of hair color are aimed at all of you with ZERO patience, and looking for the "QUICK-FIX" to that URGE ... they use models on the front that don't even use the hair color that is "in" the box they are selling (my friends and I, have all done all those photo shoots - we know). We use Color Touch 90% of the time because of the Shine that one brand imparts - it truly is remarkable and all the other companies know it - they don't ask us what we use - they just ask for a certain color with lots of SHINE.
So from the get-go the process is: Fake/False and it is just playing on your heart strings. . . DON'T LET IT !

I really don't want to get into the whole scenario of addiction that is a big giant bag of worms that I don't have the room or time to go into . . but this is a bit of an addiction and you need to get control of it. When it is something smaller like this - if you are just made AWARE of the fact that it is "there" sometimes that alone works. BE aware that you do it, and be aware that it is a common problem and the manufacturers are working to trap you into their beauty "URGE" traps . . .like CELLULITE Cream for $130.00 / jar. You all know that there is not a cream alive, nor WILL THERE BE, that gets rid of cellulite. Right? Please never EVER EVER buy anything of this nature - its ridiculous and as a chemist, I don't know how Chemists can sit on a board of a company that sells this, when we all know they don't work nor will they ever.

So give it a whirl - - give patience a whirl . . watch how good it makes you feel accomplishing it just for one single day.
Much of the problem stems from all the stimulus we get from the INTERNET, TV, Films, Dancing with the Stars, Gossip Girl, Sex and the City, Glossy magazines, everywhere we look are Celebrities -Stars- Politicians- and the "beautiful people'' showing us that they can look like a million bucks . . . it makes us all want to follow in line. Doesn't it? In my opinion it is one big giant "marketing web of URGES" and it influences so much of what we do everyday that I feel very deeply that it needs to pointed out - so it can be worked against. With a 24 hours news cycle on 4 major networks there basically is no way to escape the flash and dash of the "beautiful people".
That is what gets you all to "jump" without thinking many times in changing your hair.

You see a photo of someone you want to emulate and you don't "think" about it . . . you don't want to consider the ramifications if it doesn't work on your particular hair, or your skin or just so many factors that one must consider... You just "want to do it and do it NOW !" How many of you is that>? How many of you will admit to doing that ? How many of you will run out and buy that darn box of color and try to do something to your hair without even considering if it will work or not? Hundreds of Thousands do this every single week . . . its why they sell Billions of dollars of Boxed hair color every year - - - to satisfy these urges. To Kill Your Patience Factor. Come on boys and girls. . . don't let them win.

I'm hear to tell you to stop and think before jumping into that mess.

When you think about how silly that scenario sounds now, doesn't it make you wonder why you would actually do that? There are many factors at work here, but today's Post is focused on PATIENCE so lets just deal with that.

I'm very much into eastern philosophy - had plans of teaching Yoga to Inmates, when I came down with the cough that has never gone away, which made it impossible. So I am going to impart some of those teachings to you.

Patience is one of the virtues that will bring the most happiness and beauty if you can accomplish it. Buddhism is based on patience, monks live their life practicing and trying to achieve patience because they feel it is so very important. Can you imagine if you just brought a little bit of it into your life? Everyday practice one instance of Patience, patience that you have never ever done before. Even if it is waiting 1 hour longer to buy your Starbucks or drinking a small one instead of a large one - that remains an act of patience . . . I know you can incorporate 1 act of patience in your life every single day.

Start small and get bigger.

Create a chart - - - send us your idea of what Patient virtue YOU are going to incorporate into YOUR life.

Please let that be your beginning, I want you to print it out on the computer in bigger letters so its a nice little sign, whatever your act of patience is going to be .... and hang it on the fridge. So you have to read it and remind yourself every time you walk by. . This will {hopefully} open the entire world of patience up to you and your life.

If you are working the 10,000HEADS Protocol then add this step to the 12, one of our illustrious new members CANDEE (from Korea) is the one that inspired me to choose this topic to write on ... I was puzzled as to why I never thought of it myself, but who really cares 'where' a great idea comes from, just as long as it is there. So thank you Candee and FYI if you have a topic or even just a word like she did and would like my take on it, email me I will give it a shot . . . . . as uncoventional as I am

I have honestly been considering adding it to the Steps, because of how important I feel it is, now that I have been thinking in depth about it . Learning patience with Beauty endeavors - what do you think?

by Killer Chemist

Thousands of people in the world:
weekly get
* inspired.... from something they have seen, which gives them an
* urge .......basically frantic trying to buy something for beauty or clothing(still beauty)
* surge change their hair color, hair or "look" immediately to something they have seen or heard about in the media or ?

whether it works for their hair or body or not . . .

Patience has basically been forgotten
If you inserted patience into this formula ANYWHERE you would have such a better outcome. . . think about that . . ALL OF YOU - please.

Don't let hair color and beauty routines "control" YOU
. . . learn patience . . your life will be a warmer and cozier place to exist.

Killer Chemist
7 comments on "Patience & the Hair-Color-Surge : or Damn it, if I color my hair this second, I will feel better"
  1. such a great post. i am guilty of beauty shopping, luckily not so much for haircolor, but patience is something i should work on. keep the life lesson posts coming!

  2. Elise,
    THANK you, you can pat yourself on the back for giving me my first great 'smile' for the day.

  3. u r awesome that was a very good post. with all that confidence in your writing, it makes me want to be more patient in life thanxs shelly

  4. I have been reading almost every single blog on your site since I found it. I absolutely agree with you on this topic: I once saw a show (which I can't remember) that said "when (women) feel like they are losing control over their life or important situations, they take back control by doing something to their hair" and come to think about it... this is absolutely right.
    Anyhow, I am in a dilema. I had put boxed color in my hair about 2 months ago (i know I know...Ick!!) adn I wanted a change. I have done the shampoo train for a week now and plan on buying some Vansih to complete the process. My dilema is this: most of my hair is a level 2-3, I have dark brown eyes, my natural color is very dark brown, and an olive complection.. and I would really like to try being a dark blonde or beachy blond (think giselle or posh spice (pre- platinum [like the picture ont eh page below the words "these are slices"]). Giselle and posh have the same skin tone and me and Ms. Beckham even has the same eye and natural hair color. How do I do this w/o looking completely fake?

  5. Go to the best Stylist you can afford.

  6. Anonymous/shelly,
    thanks for such a nice compliment. . . I have ZERO confidence in my writing, until someone leaves me a message like yours and then I gain a little. So just know it is very much appreciated that you go to that extra effort of leaving me a note like that.

  7. I shaved my head once b/c a boyfriend told me to never cut my hair. frankly, I was tired of his "suggestions" so I showed him who was boss.

    did I hate it! yes and no, but it def taught me not to give into my hair punishing urges (which I still get quite often!)


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