October 29, 2008

THRIVEN THRUST competes with OBAMA THRUST ( we wish!)

can be possible at the same time
How many times do you stand in line at the market, the Post office , the Bank . . . looking at peoples hair and think about, how, if they just changed a few things in their life . . . they would have > thicker - - healthier - - softer - - shiner hair??

Knowing how great it make s YOU feel to have healthy strong . . . amazing hair... how that one little thing can change your attitude for the day is not as unimportant as it may sound.
I truly feel that having healthy shiny hair can change your day and your attitude in life and with today's problems - we need every little bit of positive placements we can get.

Purchasing the simple protocol of 10,000Heads, using THRIVEN once a week overnight and taking the secret supplement everyday for 90 Days will send you on a road to healthy shiny hair like you could not believe was possible.

The TIME FOR CHANGE HAS COME - Join us for healthy hair . . . Middle class - upper class - lower class - even the CLASS-Less ! Don't you want to stand in that line at the bank and look at healthy hair on that person in front of you? I know I do.

Its so simple. One small purchase - one night a week a treatment - one secret supplement a day - a few alterations on your daily living - alterations you should have made for your health anyway. . . JOIN US

Well, Obama can have his last minute PUSH
and so can Killer Strands
a PUSH for good hair in AMERICA
we call it
thriven THRUST

Just have them mention your name at purchase, and you will receive $10.00
Off your next purchase of THRIVEN !

YES - - absolutely shameless promotion !


1 comment on "THRIVEN THRUST competes with OBAMA THRUST ( we wish!)"
  1. After reading all these great reviews, I'd LOVE to try Thriven and the "secret" supplement, however, I feel incredibly uneasy putting something in my body that I haven't a clue as to what it is.... :((


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