October 1, 2008

Hair Glossary - Shampoo section - #1

Cosmetology Science Terms - ongoing

Something I should have started a while ago . . . better late than not at all! An ongoing glossary of terms that I use frequently and you should know. Many hate learning new words but I suspect if they are words related to hair I will have more enthusiasts. So, please start collecting them and I will add to it once or twice every week . . .that way when I go into a post there will be a TOTAL HAIR GLOSSARY where you can look up terms I am using so you can make sense of what I hope is some profound statement and expression on that lovely mop on top of your head. If you have questions about any of them, please ask in the Comments section so I can clarify. Enjoy!
  • acid........solution that has a pH below 7.0, tastes sour,turns litmus paper from blue to red
  • acid balanced shampoo..200254248-001 .shampoo that is balanced to the pH of skin and hair (4.5 to 5.5)
  • alcohol.........readily evaporating, colorless liquid obtained by the fermentation of starch, sugar and other carbs
  • alkali............solution that has pH above 7.0, tastes bitter & turns litmus paper from red to blue
  • alkanolamines.......substances used to neutralize acids or raise the pH of many hair products; often used in place of ammonia
  • anion.......ion with a negative electrical charge
  • balancing shampoos..... shampoos that wash away excess oiliness from oily hair and scalp, while keeping the hair from drying out
  • cation.....ion with a positive electrical charge
  • clarifying shampoos.......................shampoos containing an acidic ingredient such7586-P9582 as citric acid to cut through product build-up that can flatten hair; increase shine
  • conditioning/moisturizing shampoos........shampoos designed to make the hair smooth & shiny, avoid damage to chemically treated hair, & improve manageability for dry and very dry hair. Look for an oil added to the formula to add moisture
  • dry shampoo.. ...shampoo that cleanses hair without the use of soap & water....work excellent for adding body to lifeless and thin hair. The new ones are excellent, worth a try... especially if you have oily + super-oily hair as well as looking to add Volume to blah hair.3375-P8605.gif
  • hard water.....water containing certain minerals that lessen the ability of soap or shampoo to lather readily, this would not be the water you want to enhance your hair. There are water treatments, and filters for your showers to 'counter' this
  • humectants...... substances that absorb moisture or promote the retention of moisture, such as glycerin, which helps when dry hair is a factor.
  • medicated shampoos..... 469-P8214 shampoos containing special chemicals and/or drugs for reducing excessive dandruff or relieving other scalp conditions
  • soft water............rainwater or chemically softened water that lathers easily with soap or shampoo. The most wonderful perfect choice of water to make your hair look its bestwwwwaaa2
3 comments on "Hair Glossary - Shampoo section - #1"
  1. Hiya, I wasn't sure where to ask this, but have you used Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids?

  2. Phyrra,
    No I have not tried that brand yet . . . after my last go round with testing 7 new brands of color in this normal routine I put them through . . . and the disappointment I had with ALL of them, I truly have lost interest in trying any more until I read something good on them.

    I looked at Pravana and remembered when their shampoo came on the market - they picked up on the whole SLS-FREE trip pretty fast, so I was impressed with that. To have really great hair color I have discovered that a line needs to have a person - a chemist - a colorist BEHIND it. Someone who understand how color works or how it reacts on the human hair so they know what to improve and what to ask for when its made. The number 1 increase in Hair product Sales for the past 10 years every -- single-- year is "HAIR COLOR".

    So what I see is companies that make other hair products - look at those numbers and say "hey lets go into the hair color field - every year its going up"........without a care in the world. They don't hire a great Colorist or 2 to guide them . ..Paul Mitchell did - he hired my ex-mentor and she turned him onto RENBOW and now he has bought out the company - (JP is nothing but a brilliant business-man)
    I feel you need PASSION, HEART, SOUL and DRIVE behind a great hair color line....that is how RENBOW was developed. Either that or have the GERMAN'S behind you like WELLA's European lines. Germans are artful technicians - they were at the base of Schwarzkopf until they sold out on that one as well.

    So that is what kept me from trying Pravana, just figured they too were on the band wagon of "hey lets make some hair color"....

    I'm open to any line of hair color as long as its ingredients are as safe as can be and the results are magnificent. I have discovered that clients, when it really comes down to it...don't really care about anything but.....................RESULTS. They want beautiful hair color - so do I!

    Should I try it?


  3. I'm not sure. I think it is what my stylist used on me in August to dye my hair, and if so, it holds up very well. I've always done vibrant colors, and what I've done on my own to get good results is mix a tad of permanent clear or the lightest palest blonde and developer I could find with manic panic and put that in my hair. While this worked for me, my stylist wanted to try this new color stuff he had, which he said was as close to vibrant permanent that he could find, and I think this was it. So I was curious if you'd tried it, and what you thought of it. I'm going to see him again in a few weeks and actually write down the name of the product he used so I can't forget it :P

    But, if this is it, I got my hair dyed in mid august, and the blue and purple were in this brand, and they've had very minimal fading. I haven't touched them up at all. I wash my hair 2 to 3 times a week with Color Savvy (S Factor) sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, so my fading isn't too bad. So for a permanent dye to last from august to october, I was impressed.

    Anyways, I'm new to your blog and I've been reading through your archives. I love it! I linked you on mine :>


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