September 23, 2008

7 Not-So-Simple Steps to Shiny Healthy Gorgeous Hair

  10,000HEADS:Hair Strength System

Its a strange phenomenon,the most requested hair health issues, you - my friends want to know about?
Shiny hair!
I find that funny, because most of what people do 'to' their hair counteracts that exact thing and it is extremely difficult to get people to change their habits. 

Finding when they sat in my chair every 4-6 weeks I could keep better track of my clients hair, my advice worked well that way. Having developed a feel for hair,  I could tell if people had changed their shampoo, gone in a pool, or had a stressful week all by just the touch of their hair, it used to blow people away.  I receive dozens of emails from people turning over a new leaf and following my 10,000HEADS Regimen - I hope to hear from more of you that will discover the rules I dish out are all very effective and they come from working on over 10,000 Heads of hair. 

 Flat irons - as much as some of you think a Flat Iron adds shine, you're 'flat' wrong, because you are simply looking at a magazine ad that uses Photo Shop to add that shine. HEAT destroys hairs' health, more than A N Y T H I N G - period. You also absolutely MUST use professional hair color, which you can now buy right here in the Killer Color Clinic underground store (you must join to enter) Killer Color Clinic Group - you will never get shiny hair using inexpensive, lousy - drugstore hair color. I cannot stress that enough,it is like buying a BMW compared to a Hyundai -it is like buying a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes versus buying a pair of Target shoes - - there is no comparison in quality. None - Zip - Zero. The best part about the difference in hair color, all of you can afford the difference.

#1 Your SCALP Matters TOO!76156643 Having a healthy - scrubbed clean scalp is extremely important, the most common problem seen over the years is the improper manner in which most wash their hair. Its a matter of laziness, + not being aware that they are missing certain areas - I will see clean sides and clean lower back ....then on top of the scalp ( as in this photo) where most of you miss, is where the dandruff or flaky scalp will be. Try to think about your shampoo ...hang a sign in shower to remind you - right now. Tape a sign that reminds you to wash and scrub ALL sides of your head - spend a minute on the sides, a full minute on the "top" of the scalp, and another full minute for the surrounding edges. All Hair Stylists agree that most clients miss the top of their scalp, we call it the crown of the head and no one rinses long enough. Please rinse 2 minutes longer than you are used to...set a timer next to your shower if you need to. By missing scrubbing that part of the scalp, old shampoo builds up, combine with the unwashed scalp and not enough rinsing;it results in a dandruff-y type flaky scalp condition. Not very good for shiny hair, it actually makes for dull drab hair. What you want is : an evenly CLEAN scalp - for good decent healthy hair growth and shiny hair. Using Malibu 2000 UN DOO GOO once a week will get you there.

#2 What goes in your mouth shows up on your HEAD. 200514770-004Your Hair is an indication of your health, re-evaluate what you eat. A diet too low in healthy fats and protein can lead to dull hair. Long term use of low calorie diets can have a surprising impact on your hair. Incorporate unsaturated fats, nuts and oils such as sesame, sunflower, or olive oil in your diet. Same as I have been reviewing with you in regards to "oil-free". DO not seek out products that are oil-free, oils are wonderful for skin - hair and SHINE. Eating oily fish such as mackerel, sardines, and salmon is also excellent for boosting dull hair. Hair requires plenty of protein in the diet. Poultry, pulses such as peas, beans and lentils, red meat, and eggs, are all excellent sources of hair-friendly protein and will help to revive dull hair. Iron deficiency can cause dull hair and even hair loss, so be sure to have this checked - ASAP. With a regular intake of iron-rich foods - supplements should not be necessary. But if you are anemic then, as well as a regular intake of iron-rich foods, supplements could be necessary to treat the problem and help prevent a recurrence. Good sources of iron include green vegetables, such as spinach & broccoli, lentils and red meat.
Hair is made up of protein; protein is the best thing you can ingest to bring out the shininess in your hair.....along with all the fruits and vegetables you can handle. Fish & Chicken for your proteins are at the top of the charts as top foods for shine along with all types of nuts.
Your diet will always affect your hair, never forget that. On clients I know really well, I can tell if they have gone off their diet simply by the touch and feel of their hair... hair is extremely sensitive, it reacts to the smallest of changes. 

gleam99 - my specialized oil is ready for purchase.
A magnificent combination of 14 superb oils with a slight scent in 2 sizes. Real - earth grown oils are the most wonderful -effective ingredients to replace lost moisture and shine in hair. Lipids are fats or oils and that is what most of your hair is missing, lipids are what hot tools of all kinds take out of the hair and what you are looking for to replace. it is a huge mistake to stay away from oils, oils are more expensive and the manufacturers of course want you to seek out 'oil-free' substitutes because they are the manufacturers of the oil-free esters I have explained previously. Nothing can add shine like the use of honest to goodness oils...I hope you will never buy oil-free again. Remember what they use in place of "oil"...its not pretty.
I have combined 14 oils, chosen for their properties that can be used in a number of ways to help your hair. Real Glorious - - Earth Grown Oils that are the foremost method of GIVING back the lipids that are drained out by all the methods of heat, sun, shampoo, improper diet, alcohol use, pot smoking, unfiltered water and zillion other disasters we put it through. Natural Oils are what your hair is missing NOT fake Esters that Dow corning made up to put in breast implants. . . isn't that horrible sounding ? ? ? Its the truth . . . They made up a material to put in breast implants called silicone , then when the big request came from the public for OIL-FREE, the big giant DOW CHEMICAL - said "hey, we have something that could meet that requirement" - lets make-up a new category so that technically - legally it is not called an oil. I'm sure there are many of you with breast implants....would you consider what is in them - - - oil ? Probably not. So you see they actually did nothing wrong . . . you know what it leads me back to? BE CAREFUL of what you ask for!

#1 OIL PROTOCOL as a wonderful moisturizing prep for shampoo... 3-2-1 hours before you plan on showering - apply 1/2 teaspoon - 1 Tablespoon of GLEAM (depends on length/thickness of your hair - less is better - no glopping your hair with oil - a little goes a long long way) massaging in and combing thru. Shower and shampoo as normal being sure to shampoo evenly as I referred to above and rinsing 1-2 minutes longer than you normally do.
  • Abysinnian Oil -Abyssinian Oil is a new, natural seed oil with an ultra light, non-greasy skin feel. It has a unique molecular structure not found in any other naturally occurring substance. It contains a high percentage of unsaturated C22 fatty acids, making it highly resistant to oxidation. Liquid at room temperature even though of a high molecular weight, it is most stable against heat breakdown. As a lipid seed oil, it is easily incorporated in any water-in-oil or oil-in-water formula via the oil phase. It offers easy spreadability with no tack. It is a non-GMO vegetable plant derived oil with a mild, pleasant odor.
  • Rose Hips Oil - Rose Hip Seed Oil Organic is a healing oil with antiseptic properties. It contains high amounts of linoleic acid and Vitamin C, as well as smaller amounts of trans-retinoic acid. Found to be a tissue regenerator, it works on hair and skin the same way. Rose Hip Seed Oil also has a natural retinoic acid that helps to prevent premature aging of hair, and adds moisture and lipids to the cuticle layer of the hair strand. Rose Hip Seed Oil Organic is a locative oil with a high content of non-saturated fatty acids, such as oleic, linoleic and linoleic Acid. The presence of flavonoids, Vitamin C, a ketonic compound and trans-rhodanic acids have been detected, which contribute's to Rose Hip Seed Oil’s natural therapeutic properties.
    • Blocks 30 percent of the sun’s UV rays
    • Antioxidant
    • Regenerating agent
  • Jojoba Oil - Highly regarded by Native Americans for its cosmetic properties, Jojoba Oil’s ability to heal the skin also created a belief that the oil had mystical properties. A naturally occurring ester, Jojoba oil is really a liquid wax. The oil is similar to our own sebum which is secreted by our sebaceous glands and helps to lubricate and protect your skin and hair. Jojoba oil provides excellent spread-a-bil-ity and lubricity adding to its ability to increase shine in hair. Jojoba Oil contains protein and minerals, as well as a waxy substance similar to collagen all 3 superb for contributing to hair's shine and health, Jojoba Oil is perfect for any hair type, especially those with a large molecular structure. Acts as a humectant by creating a protective film over hair shaft that seals in moisture, dissolves clogged pores ( which can prevent new hairs from growing in) and returns skin/hair to natural pH balance - and you all know my feelings on the pH balance of hair and how utterly important I feel it is. Penetrates pores and hair follicles rapidly to reduce water loss - water loss is how the hair becomes dry and dull. Feels non-greasy
  • Argan Oil - the finest oil in all the land, Liquid Gold as they refer to it , I just did an entire post on this oil - please see Argan Oil Post -
#2 OIL PROTOCOL = coat the hair with the oil - letting the oil soak on the hair overnight - one night per week - shampooing in the morning, the same as Thriven. I had one of my new online clients try a 1/2 teaspoon of GLEAM and then THRIVEN on top for an overnight application. She raved about the results > I have yet to give this method a go - myself. Wait till you see what the finest of oils does to your hair as opposed to all those OIL-FREE products they have been shoving on you with man-made esters {a very nice name for Silicones} made out of weird feeling - weird reacting - & with absolutely NO BENEFITS oil . What a huge difference your hair loves OIL more than any other ingredient. Don't worry if you have oily hair, I have a few clients with this problem still and I doubt I could talk them into the oil, although one of them really needs it. What you do is apply the oil 2-3 inches OFF THE ROOTS - where the damage is. The hair is never damaged at the roots , the rest of you could do this to save on the amount of product you use.

#3 OIL PROTOCOL Also apply GLEAM to the hair prior to coloring, this method works incredibly well. Use a small amount - 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon - apply to the hair and work thru . . . poor 1/4 teaspoon in your hair color once it is all mixed up - it can be added to bleach - to high-lift color and to any other type of professional hair color. I would NOT suggest this for any other types of hair color. Apply the hair color as normal . This is the one and only method the wonders of this oil can actually get inside the hair and do its magic. If you have dry - damaged hair and its blonde . . I would suggest using this method with a toner from Color Touch , I tried it on one of my models who does nothing but color and re-color her hair with FANTASTIC results.

There are 2 sizes of GLEAM - this week I have used it on every single client witht the most EXTRAORDINARY Results . . . ask your colorist to use it on your hair before she colors. You use it on your hair before you color. The most extraordinary thing it does ??? Apply it to your skin the minutes you get out of the shower. 
GLEAM on the Hair is LUSTROUS

Straight Argan Oil  - it's Deep-Warm-Asian and Luscious.

#4 Clarify once a week. Most of us use nusb10068903a-001merous products throughout the week that will simply build upon each other if this step is not taken. Set aside one day every single week to clarify your hair using Malibu 2000 shampoo: UN DOO GOO. Product build-up can "coat' the hair leaving it dull - limp - and unresponsive to your styling endeavors. While you may be using styling products to achieve a certain look or style, you may also be using styling products to increase volume and shine of dull hair or limp hair. Frequent use of styling products on hair shampooed in hard water can cause the resins from the styling products to attach to the mineral build-up on hair leading to even less shine and volume. This becomes a vicious cycle of using more and more styling products. Conversely, hair shampooed in soft or softened water can also appear limp and lack shine. The more you use styling products to achieve your desired style or to increase volume and shine, the more likely you are to experience product build-up.
This build up can cause hair to:
  • Lack shine
  • Be weighed down
  • Feel rough or dry
  • Be difficult to comb through
  • Have a sticky feel
  • Not properly process chemical services (color, and relaxers) as resin build-up can block chemicals
I have my clients use Sunday as Clarify day. Start the week out with lighter-than-a-feather Hair. . . apply UN DOO GOO to the hair liberally, scrubbing the top - sides - CROWN - front and back with fingers - - making sure to get all sides and all corners of the hair. After scrubbing leave shampoo on hair while you finish your shower - - for a minimum of 5 minutes. There are fruit acids in the product that actually lift all the product off of your hair. . . your hair will feel cleaner and lighter than it ever has using this method. I challenge all of YOU to purchase this shampoo (they made it SLS-FREE >years before it was cool to! ) and try this experiment. Come on - you all know me by now - - get in the habit of Clarifying once a week with UN DOO GOO, if you want to have Shiny Hair - its not just a useless exercise - it truly works > if done correctly.
#4 Brushing is not useless. bald.tif Once you understand how the hair grows in the various stages - it makes sense that brushing can be to your advantage. Shedding is a normal part of a hair's life, there is the
  • Growth Stage,
  • Resting Stage and
  • Shedding stage.
Every single hair will go thru every one of these stages, I'm under the opinion that if you brush the hair every day then the 150 hairs that are supposed to shed for THAT day, "will". If you keep from brushing the hair, the hairs that were going to shed, stay on the head . . delaying the inevitable.
Brushing helps hair stay healthy as it stimulates the supply of blood to the hair follicles which encourages healthy hair growth, the idea is to spread the natural oils. Remember, oils are lipids - Lipids are good for the hair and increase shine by leaps and bounds.
Therefore if active brushing occurs every single day, normal shedding can take place which opens up and makes way for all the new growth that stems from active shedding. Therefore,the old wives tales of brushing 100 strokes a day is a wise and current theory that I highly recommend, it opens up room for new growth and shiny hair.

#5 Condition - Condition - Condition. 71990488 This is mandatory for shiny hair and THRIVEN is your Tool. Killer strands own Deep conditioner THRIVEN - works like no deep conditioner you have ever tried. After 5 months of distributing THRIVEN outside the LA area I have found comparable results with those here in sunny California. I was concerned at first that maybe the people here in LA are overly neurotic about their hair and looks and maybe others wouldn't have the same success rate.... which was 100% = WRONG. Everyone throughout the country has the same wonderful results.
Thriven comes with a Water Test Kit , 10 treatment caps and the name of the secret supplement that you will need to purchase and begin taking once a day every day and how to incorporate it into your life. The SS is a Pharmaceutical available worldwide and has given hundreds of people shiny- healthy - thicker hair. thriven cropped8 This is an OVERNIGHT treatment... and the 1 - 2 Punch of the Conditioner and the Secret Supplement. Shampooing the hair in the early evening, applying THRIVEN - combing thru... applying a few minutes of heat from hair dryer - apply the plastic treatment cap to generate heat while sleeping. In the morning you rinse thoroughly - 4-5 minutes longer than you planned - finish with a cool rinse.

#6 Go SHOPPING - Don't just use any shampoo that's Style: in your shower. Make an effort to go shopping for the shampoo that will help turn your hair around. The new thing If you haven't read it here or somewhere else is sulfate-Free shampoos. Having run tests for you on the Sidebar and offering a complete Sulfate-free shampoo review... still everyone has their particulars. I may be the only one that says this but I feel Sulfate Shampoo is at the bottom of the huge hair loss and hair thinning in women so if you don't want that to be an issue, I suggest you walk into your bathroom right now take that shampoo that has Sodium Lauryl Sulfate in the ingredient list and toss it - out - NOW! I realize that is a very serious accusation, but I also feel it is the common denominator for all my clients that had the problem. As soon as I get new clients switched around to my rules and regulations a very serious solution to the new problem affecting 15 - 18 and 20 year old!
Don't treat shampoo like a bar of soap. Your hair is completely separate from your body and if you are looking for shiny healthy hair then the shampoo is the first product you will use to get that shine. Begin looking at ingredients in shampoos, there are good surfactants and poor ones I am going to give you a partial list of surfactants that I want you to print out and slip in your wallet, A surfactant is the "cleaning" portion of the formula. Here are 12 Surfactants that are OK, the top 3 are the ones I'm fond of, although I am a Hair conditioner specialist, I worked on shampoos many years ago and have not studied them intensely in the past 2 years, with my illness I now have a very hard time working with my chemistry formula's, unfortunately it is now affecting my mind. Anyway . . . here are 12 good surfactants:
  • Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate
  • Cocamidopropyl Betaine
  • Sodium Caproyl Lactylate
  • Decyl Glucoside
  • Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine
  • Cocamide MIPA
  • Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate
  • Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate
  • Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate
  • Disodium Coco-Glucoside Tartrate
  • Sodium Lauryl Glucose Carboxylate
  • Lauryl Glucoside
Visit Your Stylist. There is nothing like a great hair cut. Nothing. Book an appointment and be sure to have a thorough consultation with your Stylist - they'll take your hair type, face shape, and lifestyle into consideration - all of which will help them create the perfect cut for you. There is nothing like a great foundation...and a great cut is that. Do your research on finding your towns best cutter - every town has one GREAT cutter, even small towns. Working week long courses at Sassoon we would see hair stylists come from every small town in America - they would come in for a week to brush up their skills with our $5,000. Week long continuing Education courses - worth every penny - it kept them in the know. We had 3 day weekend courses, 1 Week courses - 2 week courses and 4 week courses. Each with 20 - 30 people in them ALL YEAR LONG - every year for the past 20 years. That is one helluva lot of people, it was such a lucrative field that every single hair company has copied Sassoon, Paul Mitchell has opened a School out here and stole 1/2 the people from Sassoon. TIGI has opened a couple schools, Aveda has opened one . . . so the amount of schools are rising faster than the volume in your hair! The training will never meet the level of Sassoon, but all those people are out there in all of YOUR towns . . . now go find them!
#7 Heat protection 79791133
Instead of try to ask for the impossible, which would be to ask you not to use hot tools. I will do the reverse and ask that you use heat protection spray and serum - always.
What is the single - worst thing you can do for the health (shine) of your hair?
I would bet most of you have seen, smelled and watched a hair burn. . . . any questions?
Now we turn to what I have been turning you away from in the other step - USING Silicones! See how this works? The 3 main ingredients are cyclomethicone, dimethicone, and trimethicone and a number of derivatives off of those spellings that most of you can figure out.
Because they are such a weird substance - man-made and have absolutely no good advantages - - except for in this type of consistency as a spray or drops these odd and strange substances can protect your hair from heat. Now can you see how they are no advantage except for prevention from heat. That gives you some sort of perception of the type of substance it is, I hope.sb10062782f-001
How many things can resist heat ? 

As a former stunt woman and one of the very first women to accomplish a full Fire Burn - I can also be an expert on this subject ....There is a fire suit made out of Nomax .... and then there is what we call Fire Gel . . and that is an ice cold Gel we put on our hands and face while we spray rubber cement all over our fire suit before we light ourselves on fire. That's it. So the fact that Silicone when used in this particular form can protect your hair from heat, is short of a miracle. You do not want to use real earth grown oils and heat - they will smoke and they could "burn" that is one BIG GIANT > NO. 

My number 1 recommendation: Don't use any heat appliances.
No one will listen to that - so Plan B needs to be chosen

Use Silicone based serums with NO alcohol in them to prevent heat damage all the time. Nothing else works correctly, the chemical bases must be an ester of sorts in order for it to work correctly. it has to be this obnoxious substance in order to coat the hair in such a way that it actually covers & coats each hair strand including withstanding the ravages of heat being PRESSED tightly between the two plates. That is a tough job - my friends - think about that scenario. Serums with silicones/esters are the only material capable of doing this.
KeraCare Silken Seal Liquid Sheen is my favorite. It revitalizes hairs natural sheen, helps protect during thermal styling. Helps seal cuticles to prevent moisture loss. Remember moisture loss is your biggest enemy when looking for shine. Helps protect hair from ultraviolet damage. This and 6 others I have found with comparable ingredients are what you need to protect you strands from the worst application ever to fight healthy shiny hair >> HEAT.

The properly made serums then need to be washed out of the hair, because you do not want them in your hair all the time. See the rat race we cause ourselves? Its kind of an endless circle. BUT . . . the one saving grace I want to tell you about is. . . I find when I introduce this theory to people for the first-second or third time, what they do is cut down on their use of the heat tools, they wear their hair natural on off days when they are not around the BF or hubby . . . or whatever. They find the days they want their hair to look its best and they ration out their heat tools use. That alone changes their hair so dramatically they start to believe my theories, and then start listening to everything else.
THAT could happen for YOU. I know there are more of you out there, that need this kick-in-the-pants to get off your duff and start caring for that hair - wait till you see the difference. I get raves every single day in reference to how well the 10,000HEADS protocol is working from every corner of the world.

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  1. Awesome post!!! As I sit here with thriven on my head reading...

  2. Beth,
    Thank you my dear . . . this one took some time I appreciate the nod!

  3. This was sooo informative and interesting, i loved it!
    thanks =)

  4. You have such a nice site. I wanna have the most perfect hair i can afford but i have this condition which i think prevents me from having it. It's a skin condition affecting mostly the scalp, the face (eyebrows) and the ears, but a bit also chest, the back, arms... I have seborrheic dermatitis - it leaves this scally itchy dry patches on the skin. My scalp is just awfull and i feel MOST embarrased when i go to the hairdresser and i have to explain them although they kinda make a face. The question i have is if dandruff is the common name people use for this condition, or is dandruff just the irritation caused by the residues left from the unwashed products and dirt (thus bad hygiene). Can this also be an irritation due to the SLS? Stress? i wash my hair day in day out, massaging the scalp for a few minutes and promoting the circulation leaving the hair soft with a bit of shine, but it still is fragile and thin. The scalp is just awfull some days worse than others. I can't afford to go my dermatologist right now, not only because of the consultation but also bc of the price of the prescriptions. As a hairdresser have you ever faced someone with a similar problem, and did it improve over time?

    Thx in advance (to whomever may read this) and congrts on the wonderfull post.

  5. Anonymous,
    That is a tricky diagnosiss that you have and i would suggest this . .
    First throw away any SLS shampoo in existence ( use it for car wash).
    I'm sure you know that frequent shampooing is a successful treatment for this condition.
    You will need to get yourself at least 2 of the properly medicated shampoos as I believe in alternating them to be more successful.
    You will need a TAR shampoo for #1.
    Then you will need a Zinc pyrithione shampoo and if possible a 3rd :ketoconazole or selenium sulfide. Now I don't have brands - so you will have to do your research.
    I have one study between shampoo's that contain 2% ketoconazole,2.5 selenium sulfide and zinc pyrithione . . . showed that Ketoconazole 2% shampoo was one hundred times more effective than any other product tested.

    Begin alternating between a TAR shampoo, one day and then the Ketoconazole shampoo the next . . .
    Run that program for me for 2 weeks along with the THRIVEN and the 10,000HEADS regimen + join the Group and I believe you will have a lot more positive results than you have ever had.

    Yes, I believe if you follow this relatively cheap protocol you may be able to get it in total "check" - so I believe it will be worth the effort for you - so PLEASE - research your shampoo's on the Internet. Search for "shampoo,tar" - - then read about the choices and go buy it locally. then search for Shampoo-Ketoconazole...the same deal.

    I would order THRIVEN from me, this will help with your thinness, the fragileness and dryness - tremendously - ++ the Secret supplement will help with it all. Its a Godsend - it truly is...
    You should read the latest POST in the GROUP ( join if you haven't) from a member who has a skin condition {can't remember the name} - she tried changing her face wash because of the SLS I speak so harshly about and her skin condition went totally AWAY.

    There are many solutions to dandruff but seborrheic dermatitis is NOT dandruff. Seb.Derm is somewhere between eczema and psoriasis which are a lot more serious than simple dandruff. So you need to be clear on that. But still, you may be able to totally solve it with my above listed alternate shampoo & THRIVEN routine.

    Do whatever you can to get hold of those 3 products.
    Thanks for a great question,
    Killer Chemist

  6. Hi anonymous,

    KC is referring to this post here:

    Have you joined the group yet?

    g'day meowkoshka! we missed you! what happened to your hair? did you end up coloring your hair? I remember you said you wanted hair like in the Redken metallic color ad?


  7. Thank you so much !!!
    Great blog, great posts !!!

  8. I have a question about the "brushing" part... I have really, really curly (and very THICK and flyaway-prone) hair, and brushing... oy. brushing doesn't work. It hurts, and it frizzes up my hair beyond belief. I just use a detangling comb or pick after I shower. so... how to get around that step?

  9. Where can I buy Malibu 2000 shampoo: UN DOO GOO?

  10. VICHOPS:

    RIGHT here . . .

    We have an underground store that you get access to if you join our group . . .

    then you can purchase all of our products . .

    its run a little different than anyone else - I send you an invoice through PAY PAL and you pay through them.

    All I need is your email address and you are on your way to one of the best shampoos on the market !

    Thank You,
    Killer Chemist

  11. Hi KC,

    I would like to know what do you think about Kerastase? I had to stop using their products my hair was falling out a lot and plus my scalp was itching so much, I thought I was gonna go crazy...

    Thanks a lot,


  12. Kerastase is a very fancy and tricky name for L'Oreal. 10 years ago when it came onto the scene we all tried it out here... it was the worst group of products ANY OF US had tried. . . Its sucks..... I have never tried one L'Oreal product that has been decent. Usually every line has one product you can use, they have nothing...its almost bizarre that is the can they be that bad?
    Who buys that crap?

    They need all new Chemists, and to re-formulate their products....

    because right now they suck and people always complain about losing their hair with KERASTASE, kind of terrible when you are paying $45-$50.00 for a Conditioner ... don't you think? All that money and they are ruining people's hair.
    Sorry, but I have needed to say that- - for a very long time..

    Get it together L'Oreal - please - think of your customers.



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