September 19, 2008

Terms Your Hair Stylist May Use

I have noticed over the years that clients get terms we use as Stylists mixed up, which is not the clients fault at all. Nor is it the Stylists fault.

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Instead of argue about who should know what - when - and "why" . . . how about I throw this very cool list out to you about Hair "cutting" terms - - - although I find it is missing the most misunderstood term of all.


Most clients think that when you cut the hair surrounding the face as in this photo, that it is called "layers" least that is what I get here on the WEST COAST of the USA. See how her hair is tapered around the shape of her face ?
Its called "tapering".

Layers are when you cut into the entire head of hair giving you multi-lengths - instead of one length. This model also has Layers - as well as Tapering.

I've often felt that layers were developed for clients that have long hair and they don't want to cut it, but they want a change.
I find most clients find "layers" a lot more work, than one length hair.
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  1. I have always found that layers are way more work than a one length cut. I could never let my hair dry natural in layers but with one length I could do anything !!! Why is that?

    Layers do give a very flattering look when hair is curly, wavy and even straight. You just have to actually fix your hair.

    Do most people have layers these days or is everyone going for one length? Just curious!!

    I am over seeing so many layers in my hair so am trying to do the one length till I get it grown out again!


  2. A cut is such a crucial part of your look, it definetly something I do not feel qualified to recommend over the internet. For a cut - I take it as a serious "sculpture" . . the thickness, the density, the porosity, the texture, the length. . . every single thing matters up to and including most importantly the touch and feel of the hair. Its why I recommend to all of you to find the absolute BEST hair cutter you can afford. Just try it once, see if you agree with me. A superb cut, can make all the diffference in the world.... but you need an artist - a sculpture and someone who adores cutting hair. There are fanatic cutters in every city, your best bet is to find someone with a Sassoon diploma - - you can call Salons and ask for that. I kept mine framed - FRONT and CENTER at my station.
    Even though I found that I had to explain it to most !!!
    if you have problem with thin hair the very best advice anyone with knowledge of how hair lays... is to tell you to grow it one-length.
    The more hairs you have reaching one length - the thicker the appearance will be. Its common sense really.
    When all else fails - go back to common sense - - its always worked out well for me. . . .

    For you Shaeden I would think one length would be the best suggestion for you while you work on the condition, health and length of your hair.

    Good job - keep it up

  3. RAZORING question: Can it damage the hair? Is it the most healthy way to cut hair or the least? Thank YOU :)

  4. Anonymous,
    EXCELLENT question . . .

    Razors are the worst thing ever . .

    if you were here and /or the quality was better I would show you through my microscope the difference. The tear that a razor makes on the end of the hair compared to the clean crisp cut of scissors. Razors are nothing more than the beginning of zillions of split ends...PERIOD.

    Scissors are the hardest Tool to work with, everything else is simply cheating the art of sculpture. Meaning, most don't understand the art of the cut. Its geometry, you are dealing with a round head and mainly square shaped there is a lot of geometry that MUST be understood to accomplish a proper hair cut.

    Razors are a way of "sliding" through the process. They are handy on very very coarse thick hair, at times and for very specific reasons. But never EVER on normal / thin hair and unless the Stylist is a master cutter I would always ask > they never EVER use them on your hair.

    They are just brought around every so often to throw something different into the mix, and for the lazy . .
    don't be fooled.
    Glad you asked

  5. While I don't love the color I got here i Korea I absolutely LOVE my cut. There's lots of layers and she does point cutting. She also uses the scissors with lots of teeth (thinning shears I think). She blends everything and has given me great side fringe. I want to keep the cut I have when I get back to the US and had planned on having it cut here the day before I leave and then going to my stylist friend at home to let her see and feel the cut. Is this a practical solution to me actually getting the same haircut again?


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