September 6, 2008

There's No Crying In Hair Coloring

Just beautiful color and a beautiful style
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  1. What level of color is that hair ? It is perfect.Not too light and not too dark blond..It has tons of light and yet it has mysterious shadows.Is this an all-over color?
    Also , can you please post some tuts again for going darker from platinum hair? I 've seen the other tutorial but , going down so much (it was too dark) seems easier than going from platinum white to 8 for example.What is this "filling" color all about ?



  2. I would love to know, if this is mainly one color, what color touch toner/color would you compare this to? Also the similar blond on the right! This is exactly what I would like to come close to achieving. I can bleach great, just figuring out what this toner/semi permanent color to order! Thanks, killer chemist!

  3. anonimty,
    This would be a level 9 N - I would ballpark. So much of what a color - IS, depends on 'where it came from'! In other words, this girl had a gorgeous color to start with, I will bet it was a Level 7 or 8 and they merely had to use an ASH Highlift Blonde such as RENBOW's 100A.
    There is no better highlift blond than that color. If any of you plan on trying a dynamite highlift blond...I would highly suggest using this one. It is simply the most gorgeous blond on the planet EARTH!
    I keep trying to find something that comes even a little close. There isn't anything.

    So she is lucky she started with a nice lighter level . . so there was too much work for the color itself. That's how it works, unfortunately. We help and we assist . . . but those that are are born onto beauty, usually have many--many other problems as well - - so I wouldn't be too jealous.

    Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder

    Much of the beauty of the photo also comes from the excellent lighting and printing of the photo...I know that may be hard to understand...I will try to find some way to display this to you in the coming days...

    thank you

  4. Anonymous,

    This would be about a level 8-9
    Yes, its one color. . . .
    depends on what the hair "was" before either tinting or bleaching...
    there are just so many "ifs"...
    That's part of the problem I have discovered in trying to do this online. Everyone wants "one" answer.
    ONE ANSWER DOES NOT EXIST IN HAIR COLORING, there are way too many variables.

    I would use a Level 8 on top.

  5. I love the colors and styling of both the blonds. The one on the right is from the Valentino fashion show if i'm not mistaken (gorgeous retro inspired clothes too). The 1940s and 1950s style is so beautiful. I always loved it - the clothes, the hair... Look at Dita Von Teese, the woman has it all. The clothes are to die for and the hair is simply perfect. I've tryed a few times to achieve those smooth glossy cascading waves (Veronika lake style) with a brush and drier but it didn't work well. How do they do it?

  6. Anonymous,
    I am so thrilled to see this type of styling come back in and actually STICK. They try to bring things like this back and no one goes for it, this time they are.
    Its called finger waving and I would love to do a DEMO showing how its done. . .Its most likely nothing you have even seen before. Coming up real soon. . . I will do a DEMO with photos. Stay tuned ...

  7. Is it acceptable to go all the way up to level 12 (which is the level at which i can really get rid of any remaining pigments) and then instead of just Tone to use a darker Tint in order to reach levels like seven and 8 ?I know it sounds weird but i think i can get a better control on the color and tone i want to achieve when there is no underlying pigment.
    Would our hair be destroyed? What would happen when you where about to refresh the roots (possible overlaping)?

  8. god i love her hair! She is so lucky to be naturally blonde. Im a level 4! =..(
    I hope when i decide to take the plunge i'll be skilled enough to do it right and for it to look good too! thats the problem i guess how do you know it will suit you?

    I love this hair so much the colour the waves are to die for!!

  9. I'm looking foward for that finger waving demo (i think it kinda of acentuates the hair shine). :,P By the way, congratulations on your blog. It's so informative and yet simple and useful knowledge.

  10. Sash,
    She is not a natural blonde.
    Well, there is a GREAT rule of thumb that Colorists use, (which you aren't going to like)-- that says a good way to know if a color suits a person is to not change a person more than 2-3 Levels either way from their VIRGIN hair Color. So if you are a level 4, the lightest this theory suggests going is a Level 7.
    Unless of course, you are going the GWEN STEFANI route and using bleach and going for that KA-POW look !! ! !
    If you are a level 4 you will have to use bleach to get to a decent and light enough blonde. The girl in this photo I will bet big money that her VIRGIN LEVEL is a LEVEL 7 . That is why it looks so spectacular. That would be the difference in the way some people look blonde compared to others.
    It depends on what you
    B E G I N with!
    The contributing pigment factor ( what you begin with is so very very important).

  11. anonymous,
    THANK YOU . . . that is very kind of you to say that. It means a LOT to me, there are a zillion and 1 Blogs out there...I appreciate your compliment, Yes, I need to do the finger wave Demo...I've got the Girl, its coming up here very soon.

  12. thanks kc i was wondering whether it was 2 level so 4 levels you could deviate, from your natural colour and you just answered for me =)


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