September 5, 2008

Hair Color Whisperer - Release of Secret #104

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For all of you that read my Blog . . .
None of what I write............ do I ever claim is 100% MY words...............I learn a lot from a lot of people and can never say where things may have stemmed from.

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In the past couple years I have gone on an oil-finding mission, comparing properties, comparing numbers and comparing real live human results. Not oil for your car, although I would love to solve that one as well! No this is oil for your skin and hair...once I learned that lipids which come from (real-natural) oils are what the skin, scalp & hair strands need for true health, I embarked on a mission to find the best ones for the proper application. Once again, I wanted to share what the wealthy, the brilliant, the cosmetics chemists of the world all are privileged to know -- with you and I hope you will all use it. No longer do I buy $100.00 face creams and the like, there simply is no need to. Studying over 25 oils quite intensively - I have favorites for face, for body and for hair. Its all technical and based on each ones properties, the last thing I want to do is bore you, Id rather cut-to-the-chase. Let me tell you about my newest find and guess what, it is the most exciting yet and it is for the hair (and skin) !
Your skin is the largest organ on your body and I think many of you disregard & disrespect its importance. Your skin and scalp absorb through its pores at very high percentages. That is one reason the medical industry is turning to "patches" to deliver their pharmacological ingredients. You are able to receive a slow-release of the medicine and avoid a trip to the hospital to use an I V. Don't you consider that remarkable and important? Don't forget how important that largest organ you have, on that precious body of yours -- IS - - -treat it with kindness.

Researching this oil -- to do some testing, I discovered it was so remarkably high in vitamin E and had these very interesting phyto-sterols, which are good for scar tissue and so many other things” — including, that hard-to-define problem of lackluster skin. It is certainly the richest oil I have felt ever - the weirdest part of that? It dries out completely on the skin, 'dry'! Its a DRY OIL! What a dream! My first thought was how I could turn this into a styling oil or add it to THRIVEN, or anything ... I was so excited - guess what the hold-up would end up being? The price. Its quite expensive - but I came up with Plan B. Thank the Lord for Plan B. This has been a thought of mine for years, I just never went to the effort of 18moro_6putting it together.
Meanwhile, more Western cosmetic companies are now starting to distribute this “liquid gold,” as it is often called. Liz Earle a European skin care queen developed a line based on the Liquid Gold that she is now selling on HSN. She has decided to mix it with other oils which is a brilliant idea but still she sells a night complex in a roller-ball container that holds 1/3 of an ounce of product for $33.00 - here's the link
but to me that is too much $$ for not enough of the actual product. I just sold one FULL ounce of ARGAN OIL to one of our members for $20.00. so that would be quite the deal.
Prior to finding this wonder-oil I had drawn up a plan to begin adding a combo of oils I have developed into 1 powerhouse. I have Avocado oil + Wheat Germ oil + Sesame Oil + Rose Hips Oil, with a tad bit of essential oil combo I made up. The Oil is called : GLEAM : 4 ounces of that... should last you a year. The plan ? At every hair coloring you can use 1 of 257042034 methods:
#1.) Apply approx. 1 Tablespoon (depends on hair length, thickness, density & porosity) to entire hair lengths, massaging in & combing thru. Proceed to color hair - which would get the oil INSIDE the hair shaft.
#2) Add 1 Teaspoon of oil to the hair color AFTER it has been mixed up. It can be added to Bleach, High-lift Blondes, all of it. Apply color as normal. Again the oil will be deposited INSDE the hair strands - - exactly where it needs to be and the one and only way it will ever get there --when the cuticle is open.
Both excellent methods, simply a matter of choice. . . over the months I have tried both on any number of clients I don't see a lot of difference in each of the applications - - but I see a HUGE difference in the results. The hair is soooooooooo much softer and more luxurious - it is incredible, I will never color without using Argan oil again. . . that's how great the results are.
I have about 2 dozen remaining secrets I have not given away - this is one of them. Imagine using ARGAN oil on your hair in these 2 methods . . . simply delicious!
13 comments on "Hair Color Whisperer - Release of Secret #104"
  1. Wow - is GREAT info! I have dry hair and dry skin... this is definitely something I want to try soon. THANKS!

  2. I WANT, I WANT, I WANT!!! :D Still working on my THRIVEN review, but will post soon. If you do add the "liquid gold" to THRIVEN, let us know. :D I would definately LOVE to have my hands on your GLEAM when you have that ready.

    Hope all has been well with you!

    -Vang :D

  3. Vang, so nice to see you back . . . !!

    Where ya been ? ?
    Hows your hair ? ?
    Sorry for the slight disruption on this post. . .I finally fought back. My readers have always been so kind, thought I'd take the stick one time myself. Sorry for the "uglies".

    How are you?
    Yes, Argan Oil is has the most bizarre texture... you would think it was man-made the way it reacts...Its a DRY-oil... and WONDERFUL for the skin and hair!

    Missed you and your posts


  4. OLA KC. So are you going to make up some GLEAM with Argan oil in it? I'd like to try some...Oh how's the book coming?

  5. i want the gleam!! i want everything you are FABULOUS!!

  6. Mad Scientist . . . where have you all been ? ? All my old buddies, welcome back...Hey Girl - - how are you ? ? Whats' up ?

    yes, I have some Gleam, and yes its yummy...
    Would you like an ounce to test it?


  7. GG,
    The gleam is here and ready to go . . .

    just LET ME KNOW . . .

  8. Doing fine KC, and hope you are too. That oil on the hair or in the mixed formula idea...very creative. Would I like to test the gleam? Of course I would looove to test the gleam - any self respecting product junkie would! Here's a brief update on some of the products I've ordered from you, and have used: Vanish color Corrector - easy, fast & amazing; works like butta
    Renbow & Colorissimo - Great quality - I'll be ordering more -
    Color Touch - excellent shine & color.
    Color Block - love that too
    Don't give away all your secrets D. - same some for the book!

  9. MS,
    Unfortunately my health has not turned around breathing has become so very very difficult..

    ...there won't be time nor health for a book from me.
    This is all she wrote... so I decided to lay it all out here....what the Hell . . . KC

  10. I'm choosing to remain stubbornly optimistic...Thank you for bringing this hair stuff down to our level and sharing your gems. Slowly but surely this stuff is even sinking in to my thick skull...I know I speak for others and myself as well, when I say You're our hero...Luv Ya lots

  11. MS,
    thank you. . . . .
    i need every last bit . . .

  12. KC, SERISOULY i love reading your blogs so much i urge you to write a book.

    It would be soo great because you are so detailed and informed it would take me a long time to finish the book =) and then id want to read it again thats how i feel about your blog.

    The info on here is killer.

    omgomg i cannot wait until i can get a job, im ordering so much stuff off here!

  13. i know this is an older post, but i've just been reading the whole site. How funny, i was in morocco in '07, visited some chemist/natural/organic store, where they sold me some argan oil (argane in french). It's been sitting in my bathroom closet since then, i had no idea what to use it for. I hadn't bothered to use it because there's no fragrance...:)

    Thanks for the insight!!


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