October 8, 2008

Two of Life's Greatest Pleasures . . 'Men' and 'Hair' . . .

...which brings me to our newest Killer Strands category
Men's Hair
we will begin exploring men's
  • hair color
  • healthy hair &
  • hair products
- so if you like be sure to speak up in the COMMENTS sections - The best place to make positive suggestions

1 comment on "Two of Life's Greatest Pleasures . . 'Men' and 'Hair' . . ."
  1. Awesome. I would love to hear about mens color. I just started on the floor at and Aveda school and I NEVER see any men getting color. I feel like a lot of them don't understand that it can be subtle and really take their hair the extra mile. Or else they don't really care much. Haha. Big fan of your blog, keep em coming!


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